Infernal Repast by William A. Racicot Copyright 1989 to William A. Racicot

Her countenance is dazzling bright,
with teeth, of course, a pearly white;
her eyes are pitch as blackest night,
with hair to match, wild as birds in flight.

And when into my presence -- hark! --
she comes with light to banish dark,
she seems to me a sweet monarch,
Lovely Persephone, Hades' lark.

With Cerb'rus, sweetest little pup,
she comes to me that we may sup,
so I must set forth triple cup
for the dog when I set the table up.

I fear lest Zeus, the king divine,
or brother his, the lord of brine,
be angered that I not decline,
to feed Hell's queen, or Hell's canine.

And so in deepest cave I hide,
to take my meal with Pluto's bride,
for I should not live long if spied
or overheard by holy pride.

But after dinner comes respite
from fear in arms of lady dark,
supervised by headful pup
in cave together we recline,
and Aphrodite's arts are plied.

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