Chase of the Beasts By Garry Morse
Crocus crocodile Queen bathing in the Nile
washing away purple dreams
flickers eyes assaulting her own maiden pyre
burning beneath armoured purity
on altars defiled
apples sucked whole
from the forbidden tree
in roaring jaws brought
to one waiting mane
from ice Atlanta
slender sailing scarlet deer
tearing the hind
down darkened corridors
from Lycaon wolves
in worlds of Hellenic heat
searing the bitch
smearing submission
around midnight
as plucky little hens
are sport for bigger birds
beneath beating wings
darkling dreams
more subtle are swans
gliding toward the dance
sliding along the waterside
furling wings in combative rhythm
with Leda's cries
fluttering airborne
as flies away Hippodamia
on the backs of uncontrolled centaurs
lapping liquor troughs
wildly trotting into the forest
where lives a cuckoo
crawling quietly over Juno
with beautiful Aquila colours
suddenly rutting forth
an unfed creature of Crete
brother of grim Hades
stroking a sieve
reaping thorn to peach pomegranite
stealing the spoils
bartered Briseus
felt the heat of war
wedged between her pride one night
yet never told tales
of a King
all this
yet shies away my frail iris
afraid of blooming open beneath a burning Sun
hovers a heliotrope underneath soft starry moonlight
of genteel love.
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