Hades by Twilight

Now dedicated to Jenni, the 162nd entry in my guestbook

surrounds my soul and rapes me from the inside out.
Unending cold...
My mind goes numb as my teeth chatter and I huddle close
to the stranger at my side.
Is this what isolation feels like?
I avoid their eyes at all costs
those burning cold gray eyes that examine me up and down, inside and out.
No, I will not think of food, for 'tis a trap in this land of Utter Despair.
Oh why didn't someone save me from myself?
I curl into the fetal position on the cold black marble floor,
rocking back and forth, singing to myself
maybe i'll disappear
maybe i'll disappear
She waltzes towards me, black eyes laughing at my pain.
Here. She offers me a pomegranate. Eat.
NO! nononononononono
but I feel my hand reach out and grasp the fruit
only one only one only one
But I look down and I have eaten six seeds.
My scream echoes through this underground abyss
The bad man is coming
The bad man is coming
I try to think of anything... Springtime? when he reaches for me.
Don't feel him he doesn't exist he's just a phantom
But I know he's there. I know he's real.
I cry and rage and rant and scream
The Bad Man Is Coming!
Oh Gods Help Me Your Child!
I feel ice cold fingers touch my thighs and I shudder in revulsion...
Oh no not Him he's not here oh gods no---
Help me, Mother.
The bad man is here.

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