Lia Nolan's Biography
Lia Nolan

Lia Nolan was born in 1980 and has just completed the lengthy process of becoming a demigoddess. A practicing sorceress, she has just found a suitable demigod to torment for eternity in Elysium. Unfortunately he has been dead for over 3000 years, but our author remarks that this fact is "trivial and petty".

When asked about how she comes up with her writings, Lia said, "Well, I'm just sitting there, innocently minding my own business, when something comes up behind me and grabs me by the throat. I black out, and the next thing I know, I am waking up in a strange place with a poem beside me." Ms. Nolan has previously edited Shadows of the Mind for masochistic reasons and Poetic Illusions for sadistic reasons. "I love doing poetry page reviews," she said, showing long white canines. You can find more of her poems and short stories either at her writing page Lake of Dreams or at her main page, The Ivory Tower as well as pictures of our demigoddess, poetry page reviews, and ordering information for more of her...uh...stuff. You can also find myth information for aspiring demigods at The Ivory Tower and at her myth pages, The House of Hades, Brocelaide, and The Achilles Shrine showing that our author still hasn't lost the juvenille practice of falling in love with imaginary characters. Or, for a more personal touch, you can e-mail her at

First published in Forgotten Magic, 1998.

The scary thing, you know, is that this is more or less true...

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