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Lia Nolan

So you want to contact me? Silly you. But, if you are intent on this bizarre quest, here's some potentially helpful information...

Name: Lia Nolan

Also: Niniane, Persephone, Mahkara, Margawse, and derivations of the above


ICQ: 1848064

AOL Instant Messanger: mahkara

These are the *good* ways to get in touch with me. If you're bizarre and really want to leave me messages that I may never get back to, by all means, leave me a message in a guestbook, particularly an obscure one on a page that I designed four years ago. I'm sorry, it's just that the guestbooks have grown and I really don't check them all that often anymore, so...e-mail or ICQ is best, and AOL IM isn't bad, either.

Also, if you're terminally shy and yet *still* want to hear from me, I moderate writer for, and periodically belong to other listservs which I either participate in or lurk, depending on my mood.

Earlier contact information:

None of this is valid anymore. I include it merely because I feel that some people may have known me under a different handle, name, etc. and may be curious "is this the same person". Don't try to find me under any of this, because, really, they no longer exsist...

Old e-mail: Do NOT try to contact me here. This is currently my parent's e-mail address, and not only will they most likely look through anything sent here, they may very well delete it and I may never see it...Also, I used to use which I still own, technically, but they may close it at anytime, and I really don't check it very often.

WBS: I used to hang out a lot at WBS chat, particularly in the Star Wars room. I used Niniane as my primary handle and also used Persephone Aides, Dr. Qwi Xux, Mahkara, Margawse, etc.

Web pages: Lake of Dreams used to be Writings From Within: My Shadow Self, and before that Lia's Neo-Romantic Poetry. It used to be located at It no longer is. Don't bother checking for it. House of Hades used to be located at and the Niniane page used to be located at

Just in case you're curious about contacting me...I am *very* fast at answering e-mail. (Unless I'm on vacation, I usually check it daily and write right back.) I'm on ICQ a lot, and AOL instant messanger a bit less. (I prefer ICQ) I always love helpful critiques and compliments, so feel free to send me either. I am always available to chat about my obsessions, namely Arthurian legend, Greek mythology, and my favorite book, TV, and movie characters. Because I'm a stressed student, I will be less helpful when I have a lot of work in answering e-mail asking for help with school, stories to be written for the author, critiques (which I do well, but am *very* vicious about...) in stories, etc. I never write reports for people, even if they are on my favorite things such as Arthurian legend or Greek mythology, so please don't ask. If I didn't mention something, it's probably fine to write to me. ; )

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