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JOHN BURNS (1712) - PA

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A Scot to Remember: David Burnes, Washington's Obstinate Scot

On the present site of the White House, the U.S. Treasury, the Office of American States, a part of the Mall, the Ellipse and Pennsylvania Avenue, there originally was a farm owned by an astute Scot, David Burnes. In a letter addressed to Thomas Jefferson on March 31, 1791, George Washington called him "the obstinate Mr. Burns." This characteristic phrase was based on the landowner's refusal to sell his property to the government, defying the planners of the brand-new capital.

In July 1790 Congress agreed that the location of the federal city should be "on the River Potomac." Under the supervision of three commissioners, the project included the construction of public buildings, streets and parks. But acquiring the land was not an easy task. At the time, the small area of the future Washington, D.C. consisted largely of farmlands owned by 19 families holding patents dating back to the early 1700s. For decades, these properties had been changing hands through marriage, inheritance or sale, usually within the same small circle of people, several of them Scots or Scottish Americans. David Burnes was the most important and outspoken of the pugnacious proprietors. He possessed some 600 acres where he and his ancestry had lived for three generations, and would not be easily persuaded from his property, even for the "national good." By all accounts, Burnes was a respected citizen who served as magistrate and justice of the peace, managed his farmlands and enjoyed his family life. He had been a second lieutenant during the Revolutionary War. In the years 1790-91, numerous efforts to persuade Burnes to sell had failed. He even built fences around some of his property to protect his crops and hinder the construction of streets. But following the untimely death of his son John and in failing health himself and (some say) because he was approached in the "right manner by President Washington" Burnes agreed to sell his acreage. He is said to have received the highest price per acre paid by the government to any of the landowners.

The deed conveying his property to the commissioners was the first on record in the new capital. Besides granting Burnes and his children a large fortune, the document provided that the streets of the federal city would be laid out in a pattern not to interfere with his home. Burnes died a wealthy man in 1799 seven months before the death of George Washington. His house was preserved by his daughter and stood until 1894. At the time, it was the oldest existing building in Washington. An attempt to save Burnes' home from destruction was one of the first popular efforts at historic preservation in the nation's capital. Only a plaque on a tree at the former site of the Burnes' home remains as a reminder of one of the city's great Scots.

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Subject: BURNS Family


JAMES BURNES was the only son of DAVID BURNES and ANN FLEMING of Prince Georges Co., MD according to his will. She had a son JOHN FLEMING by her first marriage. JAMES W BURNES, b. 1777, in MD, was probably born in Frederick Co. where JOHN W., b. 1749, had been a JP before moving to Wilkes Co., GA where he died in 1802. JAMES W BURNES' daughter ELIZABETH H BURNES married her second cousin THOMAS SCHULTZ BURNES, son of FREDERICK A BURNES, son of JAMES BURNES & JEMIMA BROWN.

I know that JAMES BURNS, born about 1776, married MARY SNYDER and their child JOHN BURNS was born in Baltimore, Maryland about 1800.

JOHN BURNS married ANN BARKER in 1821.

I love your web site. I'm going in for more!!

Thanks, MARSHA

RALPH BURNS sent me a document dated 12/9/1772 where JOHN W BURNES who ended up in Wilkes Co GA is suing the estate of his father JAMES BURNESS for a year's pay. He was a JP in Frederick Co MD at the time.

From: Ralph Burns
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I feel like DAVID BURNES I is related to the poet`s family. They both spelled it "BURNES" originally and the most common names in DAVID'S family are the same as those on ROBERT BURNS' family`s site: DAVID BURNES; JOHN BURNES; JAMES BURNES; THOMAS BURNES; WILLIAM BURNES; etc. The women`s names also run the same. ROBERT, the poet had black hair just like most all my family. ROBERT'S father, WILLIAM BURNES, was born 8 days before DAVID BURNES bought his first parcel of land called "ELINOR". DAVID and WILLIAM'S cottages even looked similar. There is a DAVID BURNES on ROBERT'S tree that is not definitely accounted for.

Subject: BURNS Family
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 19:17:12 -0400

I have a dimple in my chin which is rare for women. When I was in Scotland I found a picture of the poet with a dimple. Besides that he looked just like my cousin DON BURNS. Also, in Kincardinshire there were a lot of women/girls with dimples in their chins.


Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 11:05 AM
Subject: BURNS Family

Thank you, NORMA. I don`t have any reservations about you using my name on the posting. I don`t brag about anything, but I don`t try to hide anything either. I accept consequences without complaint.

I saw your picture on the Angelfire site and you really look like you are related to my family.


The Burns wills are near the bottom. They are 3 generations in a row.
1. Patrick Burne, 1737
2. Dennis Burns (1) 1750, wife Martha
3. Dennis Burns (II) 1771, wife Mary
I think Patrick is in the right time frame to be a brother of David Burnes I of PG County. Patrick has a son named James. I think Patrick and David may be sons of the James and Mary Burne who came over in 1677. It was somewhat customary to name the firstborn son after the paternal grandfather. Ralph

St. Mary's Families To 2 grandsons Denis and John Burne and their hrs., “Hurry James;” they dying
... To sons Michael, Patrick and Matheas and grandson James Joans, personalty. ...

St. Mary's Families ... “Hurry James;” they dying without issue To son Dennis and James Burn, ... residue of estate To Patrick, Mathias and Michael Burne at discretion of ex. ... dawsonm/genealogy/wills/wills_b.htm


The progenitor of our BURNES family is DAVID BURNES, hereafter named DAVID BURNES I, so that he will not be confused with his grandson, DAVID BURNES II.

The exact date of his arrival in America from Scotland is not known, but we do know that he bought a parcel of land in Prince George’s County, Maryland on November 3, 1721. The tract was called "ELINOR" and it was purchased from JOHN ALLISON. It was part of Calverton Manor and was named for JOHN ALLISON'S wife, ELINOR. The deed was recorded March 28, 1722.

JOHN ALLISON first purchased "ELINOR" on March 25, 1719. The extreme Western part of "ELINOR" includes the ground on which part of the White House now stands, and also all of it’s Southern grounds, what is now the corner of 17th Street and Constitution Avenue. The old State, War and Navy Building and most of the Treasury Building are also on this tract.

This is from, “The Land Records of Prince George’s County Maryland 1717 to 1726” by ELSIE GREENUP JOHNSON Johnson:
Folio 237 Indenture, 3 Nov 1721; enrolled 28 Mar 1722 From: JOHN ALLISON, planter of Prince George’s County To: DAVID BURN, planter of Prince George’s County For 17/17/0 [pounds sterling] a tract of land called "ELINOR" in Prince George’s County; bounded by JOHN BARRETT; containing 70 acres in Calverton Manor /s/ JOHN ALLISON (seal)
Acknowledge by ELINOR ALLISON, wife of JOHN

The fact that DAVID BURNES was able to purchase land helps to approximate his date of birth, as a person had to be 21 years of age in order to purchase land in the colonial period. DAVID BURNES was also taxed in 1733 in Rock Creek Hundred and, again, he would have had to have been at least 21 years of age in order to have been taxed at that time. So we can estimate that DAVID BURNES was born around 1700.

I did find reference to a DAVID BURNS in an Inventory for NICHOLAS ROADS on 2 Feb 1712 as being owed payment from MR. ROADS estate. It’s possible that this is our DAVID BURNS, but not proven. If this is our DAVID BURNES, then we can estimate his date of birth at around 1690.

DAVID BURNES married the widow, ANN FLEMING, around 1720. The first time that ANN BURNES appears in Prince George’s County records is on December 5, 1741 when JOHN FLEMING, her son from a previous marriage, purchased part of a tract of land called "HENSLY" for 10 pounds sterling. The record indicates that JOHN FLEMING was born prior to 1720, as he had to be 21 years of age to purchase the land, and the deed was signed by DAVID BURNES and acknowledged by ANN BURNES.

During the colonial period, the wife was required to acknowledge that she had willingly transferred the title of land because she was entitled to 1/3 of her husband’s estate by the widow’s dower rights, the law of the land at the time.

DAVID & ANN BURNES built a cottage on their land, what would now be the corner of 17th Street and Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC, the site of the present Pan American Union Building. They lived there with their son, JAMES BURNES, born around 1720, and ANN'S son, JOHN FLEMING. The cottage was still standing, in it’s original location, until May 23, 1894, when it was demolished to make way for the Columbia Athletic Club. Supposedly, an attempt to preserve it as an historical landmark was attempted, but failed due to lack of support from the public. Even though the house appeared very dilapidated, it is recorded that:
“it required the most forcible handling to demolish and seemed to defy the wreckers down to its brick foundation, even as the former owner, DAVY had defied the local government in standing up for what he considered his rights.”

On October 12, 1867 a description of the cottage appeared in the National Intelligencer, Washington, DC:
“It is a wooden structure about 18 feet wide [deep] and perhaps 55 feet long [in width]. It has three rooms below with a spacious hall running through it widthwise [in depth] and three rooms above, in each of which is a dormer window looking out upon the river. The shingles, 34 inches in length, are worn very thin but otherwise as good as when laid upon the roof. The large brass locks upon the doors indicate that in its day it was rather an aristocratic residence. That old cottage [the wrong word] still standing on Mansion Square in good preservation cannot be less than a hundred and twenty-five years old.”

In 1867, the house was unoccupied, but appears to need little in the way of making it inhabitable once again. One piece of the house does still exist, the mantle that was in the dining room. A member of the Columbia Athletic Club, JAMES HOOD, took the mantle from the cottage prior to it’s destruction and housed it for many years in his attic before giving it to the Washington Historical Society, where it now sits in the basement!

If only that cottage could speak, as many notable men, and women, visited during the building of the Federal City: GEORGE WASHINGTON came to negotiate with DAVID BURNES II over the sale of his land to the Federal Government, THOMAS JEFFERSON, HENRY LEE, ALEXANDER HAMILTON, the CARROLLS, the DUDDINGTONS and AARON BURR all visited. The poet, THOMAS MORE, is said to have visited the cottage and written the following poem there:
“In fancy now beneath the twilight gloom, Come let me lead thee o’er the second Rome, Where tribunes rule, where dusky Davi bow, And what was Goose Creek once is Tiber now.

“This fam’d metropolis, where fancy sees Squares in morasses, obelisks in trees; Which second sighted seers e’er now adorn With shrines unbuilt and heroes yet unborn.”

DAVID BURNES I also purchased the following tracts of land in Prince George’s County, Maryland:
July 11, 1730 from TORANCE DOWNING, 100 acres, part of BEALL'S Levels
August 7, 1732 from TORANCE DOWNING, 100 acres, part of BEALL'S Levels

DAVID BURNES I will was was dated October 5, 1737 and it was probated October 28, 1762, and reads as follows:
“To son-in-law JOHN FLEMING, tract called "HENSLEY", lying in this county, purchased by me of JOHN BANKS, to be divided between him and my son, JAMES BURNES, he to have his choice of which 100 A. he thinks proper, there being 200 A. in tract.

To wife ANN BURNES, plantation where on I now reside. Executors: Son JAMES and wife, ANN.
Widow renounces the Will and says that her years are too great and the task too great.”

The Will of ANN BURNES, dated March 31, 1764 and probated July 2, 1764 is as follows:
In the Name of God Amen, I, ANNE BURNE of Prince Georges County in the Province of Maryland being sick of Body but of perfect Mind and memory make and Ordain this my last Will and Testament in a Manner and form following: I Give and Bequeath to my loving Son JOHN FLEMING twenty shillings Current Money, I give and Bequeath to my loving Son JAMES BURNES one Negro Man named HERCULES, one Negro Woman named DIANA together with all the Goods and Chattels of which I am possessed and I make and Ordain this my last Will and Testament Revoking and Disanulling all former Wills and Testaments by me made or declared in Testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and Seal this thirty first Day of March one Thousand Seven hundred and sixty four.
ANN ( + ) BURNES seal
(her mark)

Maryland Prince Georges County for the 2nd Day of July 1764 Came WM PEARCE and RACHEL PIERCE and made Oath on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God that they did see ANNE BURNS late of County Widow Sign Seal the above Instrument of Writing and Publish the same as her last Will and Testament and that at the time of her so doing she was to the best of their apprehension of sound Memory of a disposing Mind and that in her Presence and at her request they both Signed the same as Witnesses
Sworn before me day and year aforesaid GSCOTT D. County Pr. Geo.

The son of DAVID and ANN BURNES, JAMES BURNES, was born around 1720 in Prince George’s County, Maryland in the cottage built by his father. He married JEMIMA BROWN around 1744.

JEMIMA BROWN was born ca. 1732 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, the daughter of SAMUEL BROWN and LYDIA FISH. We will talk later of these families as they had lived in America from the early 1600’s.

JAMES BURNES & JEMIMA BROWN probably lived in the cottage once occupied by his parents. This house was the birthplace of all of their children, their births were recorded in Prince George’s Parish, also known as Rock Creek. Prince George’s Parish was a Protestant Episcopal Parish and was created from the northern part of Piscataway Parish in Prince George’s County by the General Assembly on July 25, 1726. The first rector was REV. GEORGE MURDOCK and he was commissioned by CHARLES CALVERT, Governor of Maryland, on December 29, 1726.

From the “Prince George’s County, Maryland Index to Register of Prince George’s Parish, 1711-1798,” by the Prince George’s County Historical Society, we see that the Parish’s boundaries included all of what is now the District of Columbia, Montgomery, Frederick, Washington, Garrett, Allegany and part of Carroll Counties. Rock Creek Church is now in St. Paul’s Parish, Washington, DC and it was the parish church of Prince George’s Parish from 1726 to 1830. In 1728, two acres of land was given to Prince George’s Parish by THOMAS WILLIAMS, on which to build a chapel. The chapel, known as The Chapel of Ease, was the first place of worship in Rockville.

The following entries apply to our BURNES Family:
BURNES, DAVID, born 14 February 1745/6 son of JAMES & JEMIMA BROWN
BURNES, THOMAS, born 27 August 1747 [parents not named]
BURNES, JOHN, born 24 August 1749 [parents not named]
BURNES, JAMES, born 19 August 1751 [parents not named]
BURNS, ANNE, born 23 May 1753 [parents not named]
BURNS, BARTON, born August 12, 1757
BURNES, MARGRETT, born 20 November 1759 daughter of JAMES & JEMIMA BURNES
BURNES, ELISABETH, born 3 August 1761 daughter of JAMES & JEMIMA BURNES
BURNES, FREDERICK, born 3 September 1763 son of JAMES & JEMIMA BURNES
**Note: The above BARTON may be BURGESS, named in JEMIMA'S Will.

From, “Maryland Records Colonial, Revolutionary, County and Church from Original Sources,” by GAIUS BRUMBAUGH, we find that JAMES BURNES I signed an Oath of Fidelity And Support on WILLIAM BERRY'S return to the Prince George’s County Court. Per PATRICIA SHAWKER at the Prince George’s County Genealogical Society, who has contributed much information on our BURNES Family, this particular return was not dated, but they were generally signed and returned in March of 1778.

WILLIAM BERRY was a Captain of one of the Prince George’s County Militia during the Revolutionary War. The militias and returns were in different geographical sections of the county and WM. BERRY lived in the portion that became Anacostia, or South East Washington, DC. She states that there is no indication that JAMES BURNES served as a soldier during the Revolutionary War, but was considered a Patriot because he renounced his fidelity to the British Crown and pledged his allegiance to the State of Maryland, which would probably satisfy the requirements for admission into the DAR, if so desired. In the Probate records of NICHOLAS ROADS that were mentioned earlier, there is also a record of WILLIAM BERRY being owed money, along with DAVID BURNS.

JAMES BURNES purchased several tracts of land in Prince George’s County, Maryland, but before looking at them, let’s take into account how the county was formed and the fact that your ancestor could have lived on the same piece of land for their lifetime, but the county boundaries changed, so they may have ended up “living” in three or four different counties! Prince George’s County was formed in 1696 from portions of Calvert and Charles Counties. Frederick County was formed from Prince George’s County in 1748, Montgomery and Washington Counties were formed from Frederick County in 1776.

JAMES BURNES purchased the following tracts of land in Prince George’s County:
27 May 1754, “Gleanings” from LUKE and JOHN GARDINER, 100 acres
**This tract of land adjoined “ELINOR” at its northwest corner at about 6th & G Streets

25 April 1761, “BURNES Discovery,” 88 ½ acres

1 June 1764, “Part of Vineyard, from JOHN FLINT, 29 acres

8 January 1771, Part of BEALL'S Levels, 67 ¾ acres—joined the boundary lines of BEALL'S Levels, BURNES Discovery and Vineyard

JAMES BURNES I probably intended to divide his land between all of his children, giving them each acreage and a home to live in, which was the custom of the day. Unfortunately, he died unexpectedly in July, 1772, with no will. As the eldest son, DAVID BURNES II, under the English law of primogeniture, inherited all of his father’s estate, subject to his mother’s dower interest. His inventory was recorded on 23 March 1773 in Book GS 2, page 240 and the administrator was his son, THOMAS BURNES. An account administration was probated on 10 May 1774 and the administratrix was his wife, JEMIMA BURNES. The account was recorded in Book JD 1, page 160.

JEMIMA BURNES' Will was written on 10 February, 1779 and was probated in Prince George’s County on 20 December 1783 and signed with her name.

“In the Name of God Amen, I, JAMIMA BURNES of Prince Georges County and State of Maryland, Widow being thru the abundant mercy and goodness of God, tho weak in Body yet of a sound and perfect understanding and memory blessed be almighty God yet knowing the uncertainty of all things in this life and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs before I die and to dispose of what it has pleased God of his goodness to bestow upon me do make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner and form following hereby revoking all other Wills contrary hereunto by me made First and principally I commend in the most Submissive manner my Soul unto almighty God who gave it, hoping the merits and mediations of my ever Blessed Saviour, JESUS CHRIST to inherit everlasting life and my body I commit to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor hereafter named.

Now to my worldly affairs it is my will that every just and honest Debt which I may owe at the time of my Decease be paid and Discharged. Item I give unto my Eldest Son DAVID BURNES ten shillings. Item I give unto my Son THOMAS BURNES ten shillings. Item I give unto ALEXANDER TRUEMAN ten shillings. Item I give unto ANN TRUMAN wife of ALEXANDER TRUEMAN ten shillings.

Item I give unto my Son JOHN BURNS fifty pounds. Item I give unto my Son JAMES BURNES fifty Pounds all the remaining part of my Personal Estate not herein Willed and bequeathed it is my mind and will Debts and funeral Charges are paid that the same be equally divided among my four children viz: MARGRET BURNES, ELIZABETH BURNES, FREDERICK BURNES & BURGESS BURNES share and share alike.

Lastly I constitute and appoint my Son THOMAS BURNES whole and Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament in Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seale this tenth Day of February Anno Domini 1779.
Signed Sealed Published and declared On the back of which Will was thus By the Testator to be her last written Prince Georges County Will and Testament after the December 20, 1783.
Then came Words of my Son being underlined GEORGE PEARCE one of the three subscribing In the presence of us witnesses to the within last will and Testament ANTHONY HOLMEAD of JAMIMA BURNES late of Prince Georges County deceased and THOMAS (+) PEARCE made Oath of the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that he did (his mark) see the Testator therein named sign and seal this will and that GEORGE PEARCE he heard her publish pronounce and declare the same to be her last Will and Testament that at the time of her so doing she was to be best of his Apprehension of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding and that he together with ANTHONY HOLMEAD and THOMAS PEARSE the other two Subscribing witnesses respectively Subscribed their names as witnesses to this will in the presence and at the request of the Testator and in the presence of each other Sworn to before

**Will of JEMIMA BURNES, PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY COURT (Register of Wills), MSA CM 816-3, Will Book T 1, p. 183, Microfilm CR 34,681-2, Maryland State Archives, Annapolis, MD.

In JAMIMA'S Will she gives money to each of the five oldest children and she says to the four remaining children: “all the remaining part of my personal Estate not herein Willed and bequeathed it is my mind and Will……..the same be equally divided among my four Children Viz. MARGRET BURNES, ELIZABETH BURNES, FREDERICK BURNES and BURGESS BURNES.”

Remember that JAMIMA would have inherited 1/3 of the property that her husband, JAMES BURNES, owned upon his death and her oldest son, DAVID BURNES II, would have inherited the other two-thirds. Does this mean that her youngest four children inherited her part of the land? Their ages at the time of her death were as follows: MARGRET—24; ELIZABETH—22; FREDERICK—20 and BURGESS (BARTON?)—26.

We now know that MARGRET was married by the time her mother’s will was probated, she married JOHN LANE on 21 February 1781, FREDERICK BURNES did not marry BARBARA HARDY until 1793. We do not know of BURGESS BURNES (BARTON BURNES) and it’s possible that ELIZABETH BURNES married either THOMAS WALKER in 1787 or, more likely, JOSIAH WILSON on 1 April 1789. I say more likely JOSIAH WILSON as many descendants of our BURNES Family carried the middle name of WILSON, but we’ve yet to prove it. Our BURNES Family does have a tradition of naming their children after families they have close ties with, i.e. TRUMAN.

The relationship between DAVID BURNES II and the remaining children could not have been a good one, as he had inherited most of the land purchased by his father. It appears that his relationship with THOMAS BURNES was good, though, as DAVID sold his boyhood home, "Gleanings", to THOMAS for the sum of five shillings on 13 February 1773, “and in consideration of the Brotherly Love that he beareth his brother THOMAS BURNES.”

It is quite likely that DAVID did not feel as kindly towards his brother JAMES, nor did JAMES toward DAVID, for JAMES, who was then living in the old house of his grandfather, stated in a letter addressed to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, dated 11 March 1793, “I am not like those that hold land. I am obliged to pay rent and have a large family to support.” He was referring to the non-receipt of $20.00 claimed by him for the damage done to his crops of wheat, corn and rye, when his fences were removed to lay out the Federal City.

JAMES BURNES went about the business of making a living for his family, but it must have been very hard because on 9 November 1787, he gave a conditional bill of sale to MOSES ORME, his brother-in-law, for all of his slaves, house furnishings, cattle and horses. Probably the long years of fighting in the Revolutionary War had taken it’s toll on JAMES' finances. The bill of sale was for 3 female slaves: VENUS, RACHEL and EASTER, 2 male slaves: ROSETT and BENJAMIN, one gray and one black horse, a black mare and black colt, one red and white cow and calf, one oak table, two beds and furniture, six flag bottom chairs, two iron potts, one frying pan and one Dutch oven. Ten years later, on 19 February 1797, MOSES ORME sold these items back to JAMES for the same amount of money, 220 pounds, with no interest.

The selling of all of his possessions shows the nature of the relationship between DAVID BURNES and JAMES BURNES. JAMES must have been very upset at the fact that he was barred from inheriting any of his father’s estate, and, too, he was forced to pay rent to live in his grandfather’s house, to DAVID. It was obvious that he would not ask for financial help from his brother, DAVID. It was also obvious that DAVID gave no financial support to his siblings, as it appears that none of them owned anything of what was once their grandfather’s and father’s land.

We do know that after JAMES' death around 1805, DAVID BURNES' daughter, MARCIA BURNES VAN NESS, took in his daughter, REBECCAH BURNES, and her wedding to WILLIAM RADCLIFFE was held at MARCIA'S home on 5 Oct 1816.

In 1780, DAVID BURNES bought "Gleanings" back from his brother, THOMAS BURNES, for 1500 shillings, even though he had originally purchased it for 5 shillings. THOMAS BURNES was living in Loudon Co., Virginia at this time. THOMAS was living in Cameron Parish, Loudon Co., Virginia. He’s listed in the tithtables for the years 1775-1779 and then from 1781-1783. Cameron Parish is just east of Goose Creek, and was established in 1749 divided from Truro Parish. In the 1787 Personal Property Tax List, THOMAS is shown as follows:
THOMAS BURNS self charged with tax 0, 2 blacks above 16, 6 blacks under 16, 10 horses, 8 cattle

In the 1788 Personal Property Tax List THOMAS is shown as follows:
THOMAS BURNS self as head of household 3 white males 16-21; 1 black above 16; 8 blacks under 16
**Other BURNS on the same page are: TERRENCE and JOHN **Who are the 3 white males, ages 16-21, living with THOMAS?

I have not been able to find any land records for THOMAS BURNS, even though we know that he owned land there. It is probable that our FREDERICK BURNES was living with THOMAS in Loudon Co., as he and his wife, BARBARA HARDY, were married there on 21 January 1793.

BARBARA HARDY was the daughter of SAMUEL HARDY and FIELDER DOWDEN, and is descended from families that arrived in America in the early 1600’s, living in Massachusetts. FREDERICK and BARBARA BURNES' first child, PHILDERA BURNES, was born in 1795 probably in Loudon Co. PHILDERA was named after her grandmother, FIELDER, and the name has passed down thru the generations with just a few twists to it, i.e. FILLDARY, FILLDAY.

Their second daughter, JEMIMA BURNES, was born in 1799 in Mason Co., Kentucky. It’s possible that FREDERICK BURNES had received a land grant from the Federal government for his Revolutionary War service in lieu of money, which the government did not have at the time.

I found this reference to FREDERICK BURNES and, possibly, his brothers in “Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds, Chapter V, Military Warrants 1782-1793:”

BURNS, FREDERICK 100Acres Warrant#258 3yrs Soldier State Line April 3, 1783
BURNS, JOHN 100Acres Warrant #2822 3yrs Soldier Virginia Line March 26, 1784
BURNS, THOMAS 200 Acres Warrant #3771 During War Soldier VA Line March 3, 1785

I also found the following reference to the BURNES':
THOMAS BURN, MD Application #S40787
JOHN BURN Application #S34672
JOHN LANE, VA MARGARET Application #W27146

The above JOHN LANE is the husband of MARGRET BURNES, sister to FREDERICK and THOMAS. JOHN LANE and THOMAS BURNES served in the same company during the Revolutionary War, stated by MARGRET in her application for his pension in 1843, which is above. She also states that “…he served in the company with her brother THOMAS BURNS the first time she saw him.”

FREDERICK BURNES has also been found on the 1800 Tax List for Mason Co., Kentucky:

FREDERICK and BARBARA BURNES moved their family to Tennessee by 1807, as that is where their son, THOMAS BURNES, was born in 1807. Below are the children of FREDERICK and BARBARA BURNES:

1. PHILDERA BURNES b. 1795 in Va?, poss. Loudon Co.
2. JEMIMA BURNES b. April 4, 1799 Mason Co., KY
4. THOMAS SCHULTZ BURNES b. 1807 Henderson Co., TN
5. ALFRED BURNES b. 1809 Henderson Co., TN
6. TRUMAN BURNES b. 1810 Henderson Co., TN
9. JAMES WILKERSON BURNES b. 1820 Henderson Co., TN
**Spouses and descendants will be listed in the Outline Descendancy Chart at the end of this chapter.

The BURNES Family lived in Reagan in Henderson Co., Lincoln Co., and Madison Co., TN. Lincoln County is on the southern border of Alabama and Tennessee, so we find FREDERICK BURNES in Madison Co., TN in the 1830 Census, which became Madison Co., AL. Several of FREDERICK and BARBARA'S children lived in Madison Co., AL, others lived in Henderson Co., TN and Hardin Co., TN.

It is uncertain as to when FREDERICK and BARBARA BURNES died or where they are buried. We do know that their sons, TRUMAN and ALFRED, were involved in a very lengthy court case and this was probably the reason several members of the BURNES family moved to Arkansas in 1837.

TRUMAN and ALFRED had been accused of assaulting a man by the name of SAMPSON CARPER on June 6, 1834. ALFRED was accused of “snapping and flashing a pistol at him (CARPER) in a short distance on or about the 5 day of June last, shot at him in a killing distance, and made many threats of violence against the peace and dignity of this State…”. The charges were filed in Hardeman Co., Tennessee in August and they were jailed on August 22, 1834 to be held for trial.

On August 29, 1834 their father, FREDERICK BURNES, and their brother-in-law, SILAS COWAN posted bail of $1000.00 each, which was a considerable amount of money at that time. Just the fact that they were able to pay it is remarkable.

Their trial takes place in November, 1834 and TRUMAN pleads not guilty and throws himself to the mercy of the Court. The jury finds him guilty on December 3, 1834 and sentences him to 3 years of labor in the State Penitentiary. Of note, he has the sad distinction of being the first person sentenced to the State Penitentiary in Tennessee. On December 5, 1834, the Court threw out his case and he was set free!

ALFRED'S trial takes place on December 2, 1834. He pleaded not guilty and was found not guilty by the jury.

The court case at least proves that FREDERICK BURNES was still alive as late as 1834, which would make him at least 71 years old. As far as BARBARA goes, she gave birth to their youngest son, JAMES W BURNES, in 1820, which would make her around 47 years old at the time and it’s very possible that she died during the birth of this child, although not proven. There is no indication that either one of them went with their children to Arkansas either.

In 1837, PHILDERA BURNES, her husband, SILAS COWAN, and their children, along with ALFRED BURNES and his family, moved to Marion Co., Arkansas, where we find them on the 1840 Census for Marion Co. PHILDERA COWAN lived to a ripe old age, as she is listed with her daughter, NANCY DUNLAP, in the 1880 Census for Marion Co., Arkansas, as being 98 years old, which is not quite accurate, but she was at least 85 years old at that time.

ALFRED'S hot temper followed him to Marion County, as he was involved in a dispute in Marion County, called the TUTT-EVERETT-KING War. There are several versions and accounts of this “war” between the TUTT, KING, and EVERETT Families, mentioning ALFRED "ALF" BURNES, his brother, SAM BURNS, and his brother-in-law, SILAS COWAN. ALFRED is the only one involved in any type of violence in this dispute, but it is curious that SAM BURNS, a son of FREDERICK and BARBARA'S that we have very little information on, was mentioned in one account of this War.

SAM BURNES supposedly went to California to mine for gold and some family members say that he was killed in the San Francisco earthquake in 1906. ALFRED BURNES was involved in many fights and supposedly killed a man. There is no record of ALFRED BURNES in Marion County after 1854.

The BURNES Family is well documented in Marion Co., Arkansas, thanks to MARIAN BURNES. Her information has been published in: “Pioneer Life and Times,” by EARL BERRY; “The History of Marion County,” by EARL BERRY and “Genealogies of Marion County Families” and numerous other publications.

Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 1:09 AM
Subject: BURNS DNA Project

I'm the BURNS from the Ark, Miss, Ala, GA, MD line that recently sent in his DNA. My line may be related to yours, but if so, it will probably be back in the old country or maybe early in this country's history.

My BURNS' came from Scotland, not sure where yet, but DAVID BURNS was born in Scotland in 1690 and came to America probably around 1720. He bought land in 1721 in Maryland, owning the original site the White House now occupies. It was sold to the government by Mr. BURNS' son after the Revolution for the capital building project that the newly formed American Government was undertaking. Mr. BURNS knew GEORGE WASHINGTON and other important names of that time. We even have access to a letter from him to GEORGE WASHINGTON.

GEORGE WASHINGTON had a unique way of referring to Mr. BURNS indicating Mr. BURNS was a tough trader.

One of DAVID BURNS' son's married JEMIMA BROWN, the G-granddaughter of some of the original 1620 Plymouth Mayflower Colony people, the BROWNE'S and the COOKE'S.

Another of my direct line, my G-G Grandfather, GEORGE W BURNS, who was a sergeant in a Confederate Cavalry unit from Arkansas, married a LUCY WILLIAMS. LUCY WILLIAMS' line goes back prior to the Revolution in Virginia. It is through this line that we can trace our ancestry back through the Plantagenet line with at least four Kings of England, including WILLIAM the CONQUERER, and on to CHARLEMAGNE.

The DNA results may give us something to work with concerning the BURNS line. Hope so.
RICH BURNS, Pocahontas, AR

Just noticed lots of BURNS in Silverton, Co. while I was there. This could be some BURNS from about 1876. Noticed a BURNS Road and several businesses owned by BURNS. Might be something for Ralph to search while I am vacationing. Ha! Thanks for the new information. Jana

From: Ralph Burns
Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 4:30 PM

GEORGE VALENTINE was a godfather to CATHERINE BURNES born in St. Anne`s Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD, 3 Feb. 1707/8, daughter of DAVID BURNES.

"folio 119b, Indenture, 26 Jun 1704. From: NINIAN BEALL of Prince Georges Co, gent. To: NICHOLAS RHODES late of Anne Arundel Co....372 acre plantation called "BEALL'S Pasture; bounded by Cattail Marsh. Witnessed by CLEMENT DAVIS and EDWARD WILLETT."
Estate of NICHOLAS ROADS was owing DAVID BURNES money in 1712 in Prince Georges Co.
"Early Settlers of MD" by SKORDAS: JAMES and MARY BURNE, transported by 1677.
I think DAVID BURNES had been around Annapolis and Anne Arundel Co. before he was in Prince Georges Co.
Were JAMES & MARY BURNE the parents of DAVID BURNES I?

Hugh KINSEY & Margaret JOHNS? 88, 25 Sep 1704, GEORGE VALENTINE, merchant, of Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, to JOHN GELL, carpenter, of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, ...
On 22 January 1705, he purchased from GEORGE VALENTINE VALENTINE'S Lot on ...

The card index to Anne Arundel County judgments contains a card saying that in ... bulldog/bull00/bull14-20/html/bull14-20.html -

He, ROBERT KIRKLAND, planter of Anne Arundel Co., sold to AARON RAWLINGS, ...
RICHARD KIRKLAND, late of Baltimore Co., sold land to GEORGE VALENTINE, ... ~madgenealogist/KirklandFamily.html

STEPHEN GILL of Severn River died by 1687
... was bound out to GEORGE VALENTINE, also of Anne Arundel County. By 1704, JOHN was of legal age when he bought land from GEORGE VALENTINE of Port Annapolis. ...

Another conspirator, Sam Arnold, had a separate plan to kidnap PRESIDENT LINCOLN at night between the War Department and the White House. The President was not guarded well and often went alone.

The captive would be whisked through the garden at the White House to an old VAN NESS house on 17th Street near the juncture of Tyber and Potomac Rivers. The Van Ness house was built near the old homestead of a Scotchman, DAVID BURNS, who owned about one-third of Washington City as a plantation. He later sold parcels of land.

In 1820, a GENERAL VAN NESS built a house, which was brick and had two and one half stories. The house had partitioned walls that went as deep as the cellar walls. The cellars were dug out. One celler had a trap door via the floor and had been used for wine. Another cellar was designed as a slave prison and another as an ice house.

The house was sold at one time to GREENE. GREENE'S sons were in the rebel army. This house was used by the conspirators. Part of ARNOLD'S plan was to spirit LINCOLN across the Potomac and hand him over to MOSEBY. The president was to be held at the VAN NESS home now belonging to MR. GREENE.

From: "Richard Burns"

Subject: Re: Burns/Byrne
Well, actually I didn't think any of my Burns bunch had many ties to Ireland, but it seems that now they may. I'll run down my line for you:
David Burnes (1690) b.Scotland and Anne Widow Fleming(1695)
James W. Burnes b. Rock Creek, MD(1720) and Jemima Browne b. Branstable (Plymouth Colony), Mass, (1731).
John W. Burnes b. Rock Creek, MD(1749) and Susannah (1750) unknown
James W. Burnes b. Wilkes Co. GA(1777) and Charlotte Barbara (1787) Holtzclaw
John W. Burns b. Fayetteville, Lincoln Co. TN(1813) and Mary McCoy (1816)
George W. Burns b. Jeff. Co, AL(1843) and Lucy Yancy Williams (1845)
Lewis W. Burns b. Franklin, AR (1870) and Mary Ann Schales Hansen b. Evening Shade, AR (1873)
Albert L. Burns b. Black Rock, AR (1900) and Amey Anis Rice b. Plummerville, AR (1899)
Ernest H. Burns Alicia, AR (1925) and Audine Miller b. Poukeepsie, AR (1929)
Richard H. Burns Springfield, MO (1948) and Elizabeth Gayle Goodwin b. Aberdeen, MS (1953)
William Alexander H. Burns b. Ft Rucker, Coffee Co., AL (1983)
David Burnes was for sure from Scotland because thats what he told people and it was recorded in Maryland history. But we've got a lot more digging to do to find out where in Scotland...just may have to go over there one of these days and hunt up old records in Scotland. There was a lot of going back and forth of Celt/Dane/Norway heritage Irishmen and Scotsmen between Ireland and Scotland. I know one Scotsman, about my age, who I was stationed with in Heidelberg, Germany, named Davie Burns, back in 1970, who was with Her Magisties Armed Forces Liaison Office with the US Army Headquarters where I worked. At least I'd know someone there!

But I just bet that some of the O'Byrne people left Ireland and went to Scotland when they ended up on the losing side of a military campaign (Tudor clearances), and their name was Anglisized to Burns once they lived in Scotland for a little while. Same thing happened to me in Germany when I lived there during one three year stint in Hanau...the Germans changed my Burns name to Bruns in their phone book and in official government correspondence (Bruns is the Germanized spelling of Burns). And interesting enough, Hanau was just next door (7 Mi) to the town that Lewis Burns' wife's people, the Schales, were from and some of them still lived there. Some of them have the best Apple Wine making business in central Germany right there out of Hochstadt by Hanau.

My 12/12 DNA matches show a Zorrilla, Exford, Collins in the Netherlands, Ham in England, Costa in Portugal, Herzog in USA, 5 Beatty's from Ireland, Valley from France, Sellers, and Dixon in US, Huiet with German roots, Fitzgibbons from Ireland, Millican from Australia (Irish). But at an 11/12 match I show 5 variations of Burns/Byrne with Irish roots. One of them, Anthony Byrne, is the closest match. His family left Ireland, went to New Zealand, and ended up in Washington, D.C.

I'll get the upgrade to 25 and then 37 for better accuracy and see how many fall out of my list. Will let you know when something turns up.
Rich Burns in Pocahontas, AR

Invite that lady to Smithereens. John and Margaret Lane settled around Mt. Sterling, KY and a descendant, Terrie Pau, used to be on Smithereens, and we have the article on the tunnels. I feel like David Burnes`family is related to Robert Burns because practically every one of James` childrens`` names are just repeats of names in Walter Burness` family. John Burness claims nobody in his family has taken a DNA test. Ralph

From: Daniel Burns
Subject: Received an answer from "SBK".
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 01:08:01 -0700 (PDT)
I don't suppose she would mind my giving you the copied text:
Hello Daniel, its great to hear from you, actually I am helping my dad and step-mom (step only in that she didn't give birth to me, in all other ways she is my real mother, hence my interest in her genealogy as well) and she is descended from David Burnes through his son James b 1720. James' daughter Margaret b. 20 Nov 1759 married John Lane 21 Feb 1758.

She has also heard the family legend of being related to Robert Burnes the poet. You can email me at I would love to get more info on the Burnes' family for my mother. I have found the GW correspondence from the grandson David Burnes, also found an interesting story about caves on their land that run under what is now DC.
I look forward to hearing from you, Shana

I gave her your e-mail and told her you are the one with the most info, also gave her the Smithereens address. I don't recall that we have any information on the Lane that Margaret married. I also don't recall anything about the caves on the David Burnes property. I bet Barbara Price would love to hear about that.

Richmond County was created from Anson County in 1779. I think the Danus (Darius) Burns who was a surveyor in 1769 is the father or grandfather of William, Davis & Darius Burnes of Richmond Co. 1790. I think the Thomas family mentioned is the family of Ann Thomas who married Thomas Sumrall, Sr. Those three in Richmond Co. and one in Stokes Co. were the only ones in NC who spelled it "Burnes" in 1790 and there were 26 who spelled it "Burns". That sounds like our family.

1796 Petition - Colonial Records
Darass Burns. William Dinkins. Edward Almond. Thomas Baley. Thomas Dinkins. Thomas Mims. Stephen Bush. Marverick Layn. John Stinkberry. Jacob Cockerham ... ~haas/lotsofnames/1769petition.html

NC_Regulator_Petition ... CB.Bond----- William Burns----- Thomas Culpepper ... Leonard Franklyn----- Darass Burns----- William Dinkins ... -

Bryan Leonard, South Carolina Horses ... back toward South Carolina via the PeeDee ... John Hornbeck. Leonard Franklyn----- Darass Burns ... Lyn's Page ... ... bryan-leonard,-south-carolina-horses.html

for Benjamin ... Witnesses were George Mathews, John Mathews, Samuel Covington, and Darrus Burren. No longer having family living nearby, Benjamin removed to Marlboro County ... -

Usser y NC Record ... Hornbeck Leonard Franklyn--------------- Darass Burns------------------- William Dinkins Edward Almond ----------------- Thomas Baley------------------- ...

Indixie Com - American Revolution Newberrys Leonard Franklyn--------Darass Burns-------------William Dinkins Edward Almond-----------Thomas Baley-------------Thomas Dinkins ... datafile/american_revolution_newberrys.

Stephen Thomas Chainers were Danus Burns and Francis Clark (father of Molly Clark that married John Thomas). The land was adjacent to his son, William Thomas. ... ~jvoran/thomas/stephen_thomas.htm

Regulators Petition Leonard Franklyn------------------- Darass Burns------------------- William Dinkins Edward Almond ------------------- Thomas Baley------------------- Thomas ...

black jack hornbeck ... Lewellyn ----- Jeremiah Terrell ----- John Hornbeck Leonard Franklyn----- Darass Burns ... ...

Thanks Ralph for the census, >I am sending it, & Barbara's Rootsweb file to our newest BURNS kin, Shelby BRADY, whose husband is the 2nd great grandson of James Madison BURNS. >JP
Smithereens, Bits & Pieces of Our Family History
Contact: Barbara Price ID: I1059 - Name: John Peter VAN NESS - Sex: M
Birth: 1770 in Kinderhook, New York
Death: 7 MAR 1846 in Washington, DC
Event: Inherited 23 DEC 1804 $40, 000 from his father's will
Event: Correspondence 13 JAN 1811 From Washington Irving to Henry Brevoort regarding his stay with the Van Ness family
Event: Correspondence 17 MAR 1796 From James Dermott to Genl Van Ness regarding David Burnes's land appropriations
Event: Military service 1 1802 Promoted to the rank of Major Event: Military service 2 8 JAN 1805 Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel
Event: Military service 3 1811 Promoted to the rank of Brigadier General
Event: Military service 4 1813 Promoted to the rank of Major General
Event: Military service 5 8 MAY 1813 Promoted to the rank of General
Event: Elected 1 1802 To Congress from New York
Event: Elected 2 11 JAN 1814 President of the Bank of the Metropolis, Washington, DC
Note: Front of Letter: Genl John P Van Ness
Gen Van Ness---
Elgar Artificate.
And Dermott (Surveyor)
His state of D. Burns portion of public grounds---
Copy March 17 1796
Agreeably to a verbal message received by Mr. Munroe I have investigated as far as I was able Mr Burnes pretentions to the public appropriations, and am of opinion it may be safely estimated according to the enclosed bill. I have waited on Mr. Burnes in order to have some idea of his lines. He laid his papers before me, but they were in such complication, and he so unwell, that I could get but little satisfaction from them. In the month of April next his Surveyor Mr. Magill, is to attend; Mr. Burnes is desirous that one of your Surveyors should attend along with him, in order to have the business settled as he is desirous of having it done; he further observes that he is willing to give you a mortgage on a parcel of his lots for the money which you may pay him until the appropriations are fully ascertained. I am Gentlemen you Hbl. Svt.
Signed, James R. Dermott
The enclosed bill, An estimate of public appropriations on David Burnes Land
Presidents Square. . . .60-0-0
Judiciary. . . . . . . . . . .12---3----32
**Note:John Peter Van Ness did not marry Marcia Burnes until 1802 and Marcia was only 14 when this letter was written to him, why was he involved in the land dealings of David Burnes?

1830 VAN NESS J. P. Washington County DC 046 1st Ward Washington Federal Population Schedule DC 1830 Federal Census Index DCS3a1897887
1820 VAN NESS JOHN P. Washington County DC 003 Washington 1st Ward Federal Population Schedule DC
1820 Federal Census Index
Father: Peter VAN NESS b: 30 NOV 1734
Mother: Elbertje HOGABOOM b: 1744
Marriage 1 Marcia BURNES b: 9 MAY 1782 in Washington, DC
Married: 9 MAY 1802 in Washington, DC
Children: Ann Albertina VAN NESS b: 12 JUN 1803 in Washington, DC

1830 Washington, DC, Georgetown, Roll 14
Page 149
Mary Ann (Truman`s widow)
1 male 0-5; 1 male 5-10; 1 female 30-40
Burnes, Henry
(listed, but no info given.)
Page 162
Burns, John
1 male 20-30
Burnes, Michl
1 male 20-30; 1 female 20-30
Page 167
Burns, Jas
1 male 20-30
Page 168
Burnes, David
1 male 40-50
Who is David Burnes? He is too old to be Truman`s son and David Burnes II died in 1799.

1920 Woodruff Co., AR, Augusta
#372 Drewery, A. A. 33 AR MO MO laborer, saw mill
Littie R. 22 AR TN TN wife
Homer P. 4 AR AR AR son
McDavid, Jessie W. 4 AR TX TX step-son
Burns, Wilson 10 AR AR AR step-son

1930 Conway Co., AR, Morrilton #331 Burns, Wilson C. 23 MS MS MS salesman, meat shop
Tunis 23 AR AR AR
Emma L. 1 AR MS AR

Wilson Burns
Last residence: Morrilton, Conway Co., AR
Born: 20 Jan 1908; Died Nov. 1985

Emma L. Petty
Age at death: 74
Born: Apr/6/1929; Died Feb/3/2004
Newspaper title: Petit Jean Co. Headlight
Newspaper location: Morrilton, AR
Locations mentioned: Virginia Beach, VA; Morrilton, Little Rock
Other persons mentioned: Bill Stacks, Christine M. Wood Burns, Fritz Heidenreich, Beth Lear, Charles A. Petty, JR Francis, Bill Brown, James Morrow, Jody Hurst, Delmar L. Petty, WILSON C. BURNS

Fritz Heidenreich is a Missionary Baptist preacher around Morrilton.

Who is Wilson Burns` father??? Is Wilson descended from Wilson A. Burns I, son of James W. and Charlotte, or from his brother, John W. Burns II?

John Peter Van Ness... Marcia Burns Van Ness, Philanthropist, born in Washington, DC, in 1782; died there in September, 1832, was a daughter of David Burns, of Washington, ...

Cultural Tourism DC - Attraction Management ... John Van Ness was a representative from New York in the United States Congress and ... Through his marriage to Marcia Burns, daughter of David Burns, ... dch_tourism_show.htm?doc_id=43479

The White House Historical Association - Classroom ... She supported the work of Marcia Burnes Van Ness, who organized the Washington Female Orphan Asylum. The first lady's participation, ...

[PDF] THE WHITE HOUSE HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION Primary Document Activities File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML ... She supported the work of Marcia Burnes Van Ness, who. organized the Washington Female Orphan Asylum. The first lady's participation, ... 04/subs/images_subs/primary_1812.pdf

CHS Records v.69-70 CHS Records v.69-70 Rhoads, James B. The ...... The heiress of Washington City: Marcia Burnes Van Ness, 1782-1832, p. 80-101. CHS Records, v.69-70, Mitchell, Mary, The Potomac Insurance Company of ...

GORP - Biking the Capitol - Rock Creek Park ... The white-columned memorial that looks like the Temple of Vesta is the mausoleum of Marcia Burns Van Ness, who died in the devastating cholera epidemic ... -

VA_WV_MD_DE ... A chronologic history of the Chapter. 3 photos are pasted in; one is of Marcia Burns Van Ness 1782-1832, another is of Grace Redfield Boynton Logan. ... Booklists/Atlantic%20states.htm

National Gallery of Art | Press Office ... Marcia Burnes Van Ness, 1805 oil on canvas, 74.3 x 70.8 cm (29 1/4 x 27 7/8) Collection of Richard Hampton Jenrette ...

[PDF] Brooke for OSU RAP Apr 27, 2005 File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML ... By this time Van Ness was married to. Marcia Burns, the poised, cultivated, and beautiful daughter of a wealthy local family; the Van ... -

BURNS FAMILIES IN MARYLAND ... RALPH BURNS sent me a document dated 12/9/1772 where JOHN W BURNES who ended ... DAVID BURNES' daughter, MARCIA BURNES VAN NESS, took in his daughter, ...

Burnes Discovery (historical) Local Jurisdiction
County: District of Columbia
State: DC
History: Patented in 1761 by James Burnes for about 88 acres
Geographic Reference Library
American Genealogical Gazetteer
State Listings
District of Columbia

Burnes House (historical) Building
County: District of Columbia
State: DC
History: land purchased by David Burnes, a Scot, in 1721; house constructed in 1750, razed 1894 Geographic Reference Library
American Genealogical Gazetteer
State Listings
District of Columbia

County: District of Columbia
State: DC
Description: Located on H Street between 9th and 10th Streets, NW
History: This square was the location of the Washington City Orphan Asylum from the 1830s to the 1880s after which time it was relocated to 14th and S Streets, NW. The asylum was established in 1815 by Dolly Madison. Mausoleum Square was also the cemetery for the Burnes and later the Van Ness families, both who were prominent in the early history of Wash ington, DC
Geographic Reference Library
American Genealogical Gazetteer
State Listings
District of Columbia

On the 1880 Census (Wilkes Co GA), Adelia E. Smith, widow of Elbert Smith, Jr., and the oldest daughter of Samuel T. Burns, Sr., b. ca.1790, gives his birthplace as MD.

To:, Date: Wednesday, 31 March 2010 20:40:54 -0400 From:

My mother was Mildred M. Burns, born in Perryville, Md. c 1900, her parents were William S. Burns and Katherine D. Spink. William S. was born in Cecil County (Perryville), Md. 1847 according to some records. Katherine Spink Burns was born in New York State and they were married in Ellisburg, N. Y.

My grandfather's, William S. Burns' parents were Mary Lafayette and John Burns. Some of the older family members had mentioned that they were told we were related to the Lafayette who fought in the war of 1812. I read that he loved Havre de Grace, Md. when going through there and said it reminded him of Havre in France. So it was named!

I was told that John Burns parents were Francis P. Burns and Fredericka Pilo. This is confusing to me as Mary Lafayette came from France and John Burns from Ireland. William S.died in Havre de Grace and Katherine died in Perryville, Md.

Also, told William S. Burns parents John Burns and Mary Lafayette had died in Perryville, Md. So were Francis P.Burns and Fredericka Pilo (1892).

My mother's brother said that their grandparents were John Burns and Mary Lafayette. But, a member of our family by marriage and had done some of the research felt that my mother's grandparents were Francis P. Burns and Fredericka Pilo.

Another note, my grandfather, Willim S. Burns was in a seminary studying to be a priest. NOt known whether he met our grandmother while in or after he left the seminary. I am trying to find where the seminary was located. Heard several states, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Orleans. He, also, attended University of Maryland (which was then University of Agriculture and spoke 5 languages.

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who can enlighten me on any of this or especially anyone who knows where the documents are.

Although I now live in California, my siblings and cousins all live in Maryland. Janice Andersen

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