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From: Pat Peltz
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2005 7:11 PM
Subject: Burns Family, Clifford PA
Hi... I live within a mile of where Jonathan Burns first settled in 1802, and we are writing a book about Clifford Township because it is celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2006. I found the photo of the 1903-4 Burns reunion and was wondering if you had been able to identify any other people in the photo.

I remember Juliette McPherson Burns (Mrs. Fred). She lived into her 90s. She had children Reed and Harold. They are probably in the photo, but too young for me to identify. Next generation was Tracy and Wallie. Wallie's daughter Benita is about my age. There are still Burns family living in the area. I'm not sure they are interested in genealogy, but can put you in touch if you like.

Would love to know if you have any other pictures of Burns family members that we can put in our book for the Bicentennial.
Thanks much,
Pat Peltz RR 2 Box 3382 Union Dale PA 18470 570-679-2870 -----------

Hello Norma,

My gggrandfather was JAMES L. BURNS b. Oct 11, 1829, who married RACHEL E. MILLER in Tippah County, MS on October 26, 1853. Their oldest child, WILLIAM A. BURNS (my ggrandfather) was born in Tippah County, MS in 1855. JAMES L. and Rachel are in 1960 census for Tippah County where JAMES is listed as a school teacher, born in TN as was his father.

I find a JAMES L BURNS in Yalabusha County, MS census for 1850 age 21, working as a farm laborer and living in a houshold that included an ANNIS Burns. I believe that this is my JAMES L BURNS.

It appears that JAMES L and RACHEL BURNS went to AR after 1860 before going on to Indian Territory and Texas.

I would love to find out the parents of JAMES L BURNS. Any help greatly appreciated.


I am interested in your BURNS family from Pennsylvania but do not have any Dixons that I know of. My gr-grandfather was JOSHUA JOHN BURNS, b. about 1838, in Penn. but parentage is unknown. (His mother might have been named ANN, and might have married a 2nd time after being widowed, to a LADLEY, but Grandpa was very closed about giving me any info. so that is only supposition. I did find a marriage record for an ANN to a DAVISSON, or DAVIDSON, I believe, and do not know if that is his mother or not.)

In one census he states his parents were both born in Pennsylvania and in another he states his parents were both born in Virginia, so it might have been in the area of Pennsylvania which was once part of Virginia, but I do not know.

He married first a MARTHA J. (maiden name unknown) and had 1 son, WILLIAM. She passed away about 1861-2 and I do not know who raised WILLIAM, or what happened to him (from the military records).

After that he enlisted in the Civil war from Illnois under the name of JOSHUA JOHN LADLEY and served for a time. He later married a NANCY ELLEN GRAY (about 1864) and lived in Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and Colorado.

They had 8 children: CHARLES FRANKLIN, FRANCIS LAVINA, VIOLA R.(possibly RUBY), ANN ELIZA, THEIDOSA L., and HARRISON HENRY(the youngest, my grandfather). Two children were MATTIE and WILLIAM who both were born and died about age 2 before HARRISON was born and I am not sure whether MATTIE was a MATTHEW or a MATILDA. In Nebraska birth and death records were not kept and they were buried on a side hill of the family homestead so there is no records other than Grandpa's being told of them.

If you have anything you can give me on the parentage or even possible parentage of JOSHUA JOHN I would beg of you to send it! I have searched for 30+ years for his parentage and am getting quite frustrated! Or if you know of others who might know, please send me their names, addresses, e-mail addresses, or whatever! Thanks for anything you can do to help me in this.

For a time he (JOSHUA JOHN) followed the farming trade and for a time was a miner in Colorado. Do any of the names they used seem like family names you have in your data base indicating he might have named them after aunts or grandparents? I find them in census records most of the time under BURNS, but anything connected with his military service, pension, burial, etc. was under LADLEY. No known or proven reason for this difference in name except that he might have entered the civil war with half-brothers of that name and did so to avoid confusion.

However, Grandpa did not give any more clues than he had to, and died at 99 years of age and took the secret to his grave! And I can't tell whether he hid other facts and made up a story which would throw me off track! He was very tight-lipped about it! So there may be lots more about that!

One family story was that CHARLES FRANKLIN BURNS (FRANK) was convicted of countefeiting and served time, from Nebraska. But that is not proven or disproven. HARRISON HENRY BURNS lived under the name of LADLEY and Burns at different times while growing up but his bride, ORA MAE BURR would not marry him unless he would use his "right name" so he went by the name of BURNS all their married life which was over 70 years.

Let me know if you have anything! PATSY PUTNAM, 11150 Brownstone Drive, Parker, Colorado 80138 303 841-7874

Thanks. Patsy

From: "Rob Burns" To: Sent: Friday, July 6, 2012 12:05:08 PM Subject: I found new information on my Burns
Norma, I found an 1850 Muskingum County, Ohio census that confirms that Ann Ladley had a son named William Ladley Nov. 1859, and then three children Joshua DAWSON, Anne E DAWSON, and B.F.T. DAWSON Joshua was 11, Anne was 7 and BFT was 6. This corresponds to the Vermilion Co, Illinois census of 1860 Where they are all listed as LADLEY's and Joshua enters the Civil War as a LADLEY. Joshua and BFT aka Benjamin enlist in the same company out of Quincy, IL 1862. Joshua becomes disabled and Benjamin deserts two weeks later, William is no where to be found. Joshua has married a Martha ? and has a son 8 mos old named William. By 1870 Joshua lists his name as BURNS, and uses the first name John. This information belongs next to Patsy Putnam's Burns family. We are cousins., Thanks Rob Burns wrote: ROBERT B. FOSTER, 20 East Del Norte Street, Colorado Springs, 80907-7411 Phone: (719) 473-2483


JULIA BELLE BURNS (b. 4/3/1875 Montezuma, Parke, IN d. 11/19/1956 Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado.

JULIA (she preferred BELLE) was small in stature but she had a big heart. She grew up in a large family. She graduated from Lawrence High school in 1894. The ceremonies were held 24 and 25 May. Before her marriage to HENRY FOSTER, she worked for the "Lawrence Journal World". After her husband died, she moved to Colorado Springs where she lived with her brother BERT at 1604 North Franklin Street, just North of her son EDWARD KUHN. Her sister NELLE BURNS also lived some of the later years of her life in Colorado Springs, at 1510 north Franklin, a few doors south. She always had an immaculately clean house. JULIA died of cancer. BORN: Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO (Registrar number 589, District number 69, 19 November 1956. BURIED: 21 NOV 1956, Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO (Registrar number 589, District number 69, 19 November 1956)

ENOS NEWTON KUHN (JULIA) - ENOS was a private in Company G of the 133rd Indiana Infantry. While in the military he was employed in railroad guard duty until General Sherman's march to the sea was completed. He was a member of the Unitarian Church. ENOS KUHN'S home of record was Annapolis, Indiana until 1865 when he moved to Montezuma. Later (1876) he relocated to Lawrence where he lived the rest of his life. He was skilled as an all-around mechanic, carpenter, cabinet maker, and painter. He and two of his sons operated a construction firm. To quote from his obituary which was written by a professor W. C. STEVENS, he was "simple, friendly, kindly, skillful, intelligent, loving, and lovable". He was tall and erect in stature and photographs of him with his wife were striking because she was quite short.

ENOS was born 20 APR 1842 (From death certificate), Annapolis, Parke, IN. He died 8 APR 1930 in Lawrence, Douglas, KS. He was BURIED on 11 APR 1930 in the Oak Hill Cemetery, Douglas, KS.

CHARLES L. KUHN - On page 1759 of "Kansas and Kansans". Obituary indicates Charles died in a Topeka hospital. He was Mayor of Lecompton for two terms. It further stated that he was manager of the Southwestern Bell Telephone office in Lecompton. CHARLES had a daughter whose married name was Mrs. E. S. SCHROYER and she lived in Ira, Iowa. Oak Hill Cemetery document for section 13 lot 81 gives date of death. BIRTH: 4 FEB 1869 Montezuma, Parke, IN DEATH: 14 OCT 1925 Topeka, Shawnee, KS BURIED: AFT 14 OCT 1925 Oak Hill Cemetery, Douglas, KS

LEW WALLACE KUHN - Oak Hill cemetery document for section 13 lot 81 gives date of death. BIRTH: 8 DEC 1872 Montezuma, Parke, IN DEATH: 29 MAR 1953 Lawrence, Douglas, KS BURIED: AFT 29 MAR 1953 Oak Hill Cemetery, Douglas, KS.

BERT WORTH KUHN - BIRTH: 2 JAN 1879 Lawrence, Douglas, KS DEATH: (certificate) 5 OCT 1978 Tucson, Pima BURIED: 11 OCT 1978 Ft. Bliss, El Paso, TX >br>
NELLE KUHN - BIRTH: 21 FEB 1882 Lawrence, Douglas, KS DEATH: 12 DEC 1982 Florence, Fremont, CO BURIED: 15 DEC 1982 Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO Nelle was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs. 1 MAY 1998.

ALICE "PUSS" KUHN - BIRTH: 26 OCT 1884 Lawrence, Douglas, KS DEATH: 14 JUL 1986 Tucson, Pima, AZ BURIED: 28 JUL 1998

VIOLA KUHN - BIRTH: 1 DEC 1890 Lawrence, Douglas, KS DEATH: DATE 8 SEP 1975 Denver, Denver, CO BURIED: Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO Viola was buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

FREDDIE KUHN - Oak Hill cemetery document for section 13 lot 81 gives date of death. BIRTH: OCT 1889 Lawrence, Douglas, KS DEATH: 1 JUL 1890 Lawrence, Douglas, KS BURIED: Oak Hill Cemetery, Douglas, KS


CAROLINE BURNS lost her mother within days after her birth. Although it has not been verified, it has been passed down that Caroline was taken by her grandmother to the Hamilton plantation in Kentucky immediately after her mother died. Reportedly, she was nursed by a slave. About a year after her birth, she appeared in the 1850 Parke County, Indiana census in the household of MARY VANLANDINGHAM (MARY HAMILTON, her grandmother). Her father appears in the same census in another household with CAROLINE'S aunt, PAMELIA, who had already become her step mother. It has also been passed down through the generations that CAROLINE was educated in a convent, "St. Mary's in the woods" in Terre Haute. Reportedly, she was there in 1865 when President Lincoln was assassinated. She appears in the 1860 Parke County census with her father and her second of three step mothers, MARY MILLIKIN. BIRTH: 14 MAR 1849, Montezuma, Parke, IN; DEATH: 19 MAY 1937 Lawrence, Douglas, KS BURIED: 21 MAY 1937 Oak Hill Cemetery, Douglas, KS


JOSEPH BURNS - JOSEPH BURNS' early years were spent on a farm, probably in the southern part of Pickaway County, Ohio. In 1828 JOSEPH BURNS' father JAMES BURNS moved the family to Parke County, Indiana. One write-up about JOSEPH passed down through the generations states that he was reared by his uncle, CAPTAIN WOLFE. At the age of 18, JOSEPH BURNS decided to quit farming and began business for himself, initially working on flatboats on the Mississippi. In 1849 he managed a rented ferry which he later bought (in 1851). He continued in this business until 1892 when a bridge was built over the Wabash River. In 1872, he established the Montezuma Fire Brick Company (located one mile north of Hillsdale in Vermillion County). The company originally employed 10 men, but eventually the organization grew to between 40 and 50. Products of the firm were sold in twelve states around Indiana. He initially was one-fourth owner of the brick company. Later, JOSEPH BURNS became full owner. Some details about the brick plant can be found on page 250 of the Vermillion County source.

JOSEPH BURNS also owned 600 acres of land in Vermillion County. JOSEPH was a Whig and later a Republican.

JOSEPH BURNS' first wife, CAROLINE VANLANDINGHAM, died soon after the birth of their daughter, who was also named CAROLINE. His second wife was PERMELIA VANLANDINGHAM, sister of CAROLINE. Death again robbed JOSEPH of his wife and he married MARY MILLIKEN of Vermillion county as his third. Six children were the product of this marriage. His fourth wife, ELIZABETH, had been previously married to the brother of Speaker CANNON of Danville, Illinois. His wife listed on his death certificate was ANNA BURY, while his obituary identifies her as ELIZABETH (DONALDSON) CANNON.

I believe that the death certificate is incorrect on this point. JOSEPH BURNS' death certificate gives his father's name as JAMES BURNS, born in Pennsylvania. The death certificate gives his mother's birth location as Ohio but does not name her.

Joseph's obituary is quoted as follows. "The subject of this sketch was an enterprising citizen, a man of broad views and noble disposition, a kind husband and an indulgent parent. He was a self made man who earned the love and esteem of all with whom he came in contact by his sterling worth and good qualities of mind and heart, and he was an honest man - the noblest work of God." A large oil portrait of JOSEPH, which was painted by his daughter MARY L. (BURNS) HANCOCK, is in the possession of the Montezuma, Indiana Public Library.


JOSEPH BURNS's assets in the 1860 census were $2000 real estate and $2000 personal estate. The reply to a letter sent by me to the Pickaway County Historical and Genealogical Library indicates that JOSEPH was reared by his uncle, CAPTAIN WOLFE, indicating MARY, his mother had a brother. The only Ohio CAPTAIN WOLFE I have found was GEORGE WOLFE who volunteered in Pickaway county in August of 1812. The fact that he volunteered in Pickaway county has to be more than coincidence, since JAMES BURNS and MARY WOLFE lived there. I, therefore, am of the opinion that MARY WOLFE'S brother was GEORGE WOLFE who was a private in CAPTAIN MCNEAL'S company and later was a Captain in the 3rd Ohio Militia.

JOSEPH BURNS' assets in the 1860 census were $2000 real estate and $2000 personal estate. BIRTH: 17 MAR 1822 Pickaway, Ohio JOSEPH'S death certificate gives his birth location as Kentucky and his age at death as 81 years. His obituary gives his birth location as Pickaway County, Ohio. The 1850 census gives his birth location as Ohio. The death certificate is probably incorrect on this point. DEATH: 17 DEC 1903 Montezuma, Parke, IN BURIED: 30 DEC 1903 Montezuma, Parke, IN Oakland Cemetery


CAROLINE died about sixteen days after giving birth to her first child, who was also given the name CAROLINE (BURNS). BIRTH: 24 JAN 1828 prob. , , IN

Based on the census, CAROLINE'S older sister LAURA, and younger brother JOHN VANLANDINGHAM were both born in Indiana. This leads to the probability that CAROLINE was born there as well. The source gives age at death as 21 years, 2 months, and 6 days. This leads to a birth date of 24 January 1828. DEATH: 30 MAR 1849 Montezuma, Parke, IN

PERMELI VANLANDINGHAM - 1850 Parke County Indiana census shows "PAMELIA" living with JOSEPH BURNS and his father JAMES BURNS. CAROLINE, JOSEPH BURNS' daughter by his first wife (PERMELI'S sister), was living with MARY VANLANDINGHAM, her grandmother in a separate household. It has been passed down that PERMELI, like her sister, died in childbirth. If this is so, the child must also have died since we have no record of a child by the marriage between PERMELI and JOSEPH BURNS BIRTH: ABT 1822 , , KY birth location as Kentucky and age in 1850 as 28 years DEATH: BEF 1857

MARY F.MILLIKIN - BIRTH: ABT 1836 , , OH 1860 Census shows Mary, age 24. 1880 CENSUS SHOWS HER, AGE 45. DEATH: ABT 1882

EDWARD H.BURNS - Middle initial shown as "E." in 1880 census. BIRTH: 23 SEP 1861 Montezuma, Parke, IN DEATH: 2 JUN 1921 Chicago, Cook, IL BURIED: Rose Hill, Chicago, Cook, IL

JOSEPH H. BURNS - BIRTH: 14 MAR 1877 , , In 1880 Census shows JOSEPH BURNS age 3. DEATH: 28 APR 1962 JOSEPH had correspondence with a pension office concerning his grandfather JAMES BURNS. We have a copy of the 27 December 1933 Reply, indicating JOSEPH was still alive at that time.

ROBERT BURNS - A copy of a 1938 letter written by Robert was sent to me by the Pickaway County Historical and Genealogical Library. It stated that JOSEPH BURNS' grandfather, CAPTAIN WOLFE, was crippled. This could have been due to an injury received in the war of 1812. DEATH: aft 1938

MARY LOUISE BURNS - 1880 census gives her given name as "Louise M." BIRTH: abt 1859 , , IN 1860 Census shows MARY, age one, living with JOSEPH, MARY, and her half sister CAROLINE. 1880 Census shows MARY, AGE 21. Dwelling No. 413, Family No. 408 DEATH: AFT 1921

BELLE BURNS - BIRTH: ABT 1866 , , IN 1880 Census shows Belle, age 14. DEATH: AFT 1921




JAMES BURNS - JAMES BURNS volunteered for the War of 1812 at Jefferson, Ohio (three miles South of Circleville) on 27 April 1812. He served as 4th Sergeant in CAPTAIN FRYATT's company of the Ohio Militia. In an engagement at Aux Canards river, he was wounded in the leg by a musket ball, and captured by the Indians. He was later purchased by a British officer from the Indians "at the paltry sum of a gallon of rum" and remained his captive until the surrender of Detroit by GENERAL HULL. After the surrender, he was released on parole, and was discharged 7 may 1813. He was allowed bounty of 160 acres of land and a $4.00 per month pension as a result of his service.

After the war, he returned to his Ohio home and followed his trade as a tanner and shoemaker. He was a "staunch advocate of the Whig party and a HENRY CLAY man". (History of Parker County, 1893) On 23 October 1828 he arrived at Armiesburg, Parke County, Indiana and stayed in that county until his death. Nothing is known about JAMES' father except that he died as a result of being thrown from a horse in Pennsylvania. JAMES BURNS appeared in the 1850 Parke County census with his son JOSEPH BURNS, 85th District Parke County, household 1060. JAMES' first child by his second wife was born 17 December 1825, indicating a marriage about 1824. JAMES BURNS was identified as JOSEPH BURNS' father in JOSEPH'S death certificate. BIRTH: 23 JAN 1790 , Mifflin, PA. The cemetery record of JAMES BURNS' death gives his age as 63 years, 11 months and 3 days on 26 December 1853. The 1850 census gives his age as 59 years and the birth location as Pennsylvania. DEATH: 26 DEC 1853 Montezuma, Parke, IN. BURIED: Montezuma, Parke, IN

MARY WOLFE (WOLF)- MARY WOLFE had a brother (and apparently also a father) who was a CAPTAIN in the War of 1812. The record for her apparent brother, GEORGE WOLFE, has been found. No other Officer with the surname WOLFE or WOLF has been located. BIRTH: 1781 Bedford Twp., Bedford, PA. MARY'S son JOSEPH'S death certificate gives her birth location as Ohio instead of Pennsylvania. DEATH: 24 APR 1824 prob. , Pickaway, OH. It is believed that MARY died before James relocated to Parke County Indiana. However, a document sent by a ROBERT BURNS to a BETTY STAIR > of Lafayette, Indiana, indicates that she died in 1831, three years after JAMES made the move. (sent to me by the Pickaway County Historical Society). A cemetery record held by the Rockville Public Library shows a MARY who died either 1831 or 1834 (probably due to difficulty in reading the stone). The MARY identified by ROBERT BURNS' letter as well as the cemetery record probably was MARY THOMPSON, JAMES' second wife.


MARGARET BURNS - BIRTH: ABT 1818 , , OH. 85th District, dwelling number 1041



MARY ANN BURNS - This is possibly the Mary Ann Burns buried at Boggs cemetery on Ohio State Highway 361 .7 miles east of U.S. highway 23. There was a John Burns also buried there, who died 25 August 1818 age three, but this name has not appeared in other infornation about the Burns people. BIRTH: ABT 1812 DEATH: 5 AUG 1818 , Pickaway, OH

MARY THOMPSON - BIRTH: 24 JAN 1793 DEATH: MAR 1834 Montezuma, Parke, IN

SAMUEL BURNS - Samuel is shown in the 1850 Parke County census, 85th District, family 1058, age 21. His occupation was farmer and he was in a household of Morgans, two households away from his half brother Joseph. BIRTH: 28 DEC 1828 , , OH. Cemetery record for Samuel gives age at death of 25 years, 2 months, 28 days. 85th District, page 337. DEATH: 25 MAR 1854 Montezuma, Parke, IN BURIED: Old Morgan Cem., Parke, IN


ISABELLA BURNS - BIRTH: 17 DEC 1825 The source gives age at death as 24 years, 21 days. DEATH: 7 JAN 1850 Montezuma, Parke, IN


... BURNS - The source states that Joseph Burns' paternal grandfather was killed by being thrown from a horse he was racing in Pennsylvania. This is all we have. We don't even have his given name. DEATH: , , PA

CAPT. PHILIP WOLF - PHILIP is identified as GEORGE'S (and therefore MARY'S) father in an 8 November 1934 letter to the Veteran's Administration from ADELE MISSELHORN of Kendallville, Indiana. BIRTH: 1757 , , PA DEATH: 21 JAN 1822 , Pickaway, OH BURIED: Boggs Cem., Pickaway, OH

CAPT GEORGE W. WOLF - GEORGE WOLFE served as a private in CAPTAIN JOHN MCNEAL'S Company of the 3rd Regiment of the Ohio Militia between 3 July 1812 and 4 October 1812. He later served as a Captain in the 3rd Regiment of the Ohio Militia between 28 July 1813 and 26 August 1813. Based on the 1850 Census, GEORGE was a farmer with an estimated value of real estate of $7000 in 1850. Living in the household next to GEORGE in 1850 was a JAMES WOLF, possibly a brother. BIRTH: 4 APR 1781 Bedford Twp., Bedford, PA Pickaway Township. Page 247 DEATH: 1 SEP 1858 , Pickaway, OH


MARGARET // - BIRTH: 1761 prob. , Bedford, PA DEATH: DATE 28 AUG 1799 BURIED: Boggs Cem. , Pickaway, OH

JOHN WOLF - BIRTH: 1785 Bedford Twp., Bedford, PA DEATH: 13 JUN 1848

REBECCA WOLF - BIRTH: 1785 Bedford Twp., Bedford, PA DEATH: 1871

ELIZABETH WOLF - BIRTH: ABT 1787 Bedford Twp., Bedford, PA

CATHERINE WOLF - BIRTH: ABT 1787 Bedford Twp., Bedford, PA

JOSEPH WOLF - BIRTH: ABT 1789 Bedford Twp., Bedford, PA

Cathy Berger wrote: I have nothing more on my own James Burns. I have file cards on many James Burns (and a few others) who are not related to me, but who were in PA in that time period (before and after 1800). There is a book in Bedford Co, PA Hist Soc Lib on Major James Burns and his Bedford Co family.


Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 16:21:50 EST From:

JACOB BURNS d. 1809 immigrated from Scotland to PA with a wife and 3 children. When he died he left children named Peter, Margaret, Mary & Jacob Jr.


GEORGE W BURNS b. 5 Apr 1830

GEORGE W BURNS settled in Mifflin Co PA m. MARY ANN HACKETT in 1853


I'll let you know when I learn more. Thanks again. Sue Marcus

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