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The webmaster of this site is Norma Burns Farmilo now at

I hope that the BURNS FAMILY DNA PROJECT will help solve some of your genealogy questions. It will definitely tell you if you're "barking up the wrong tree".

The 12 marker test is simple - just swab the inside of your cheek. The cost is $99. This test will tell you within 14 generations whether you are related to someone. There are more definitive tests but for our initial purposes the 12 marker test is all we need. If you want to upgrade later you can.

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There is some information about these people on my Indiana site.

WASHINGTON BURNS SR. (JAMES ESQ.,JOHN,JOHN, JOHN B, JOHN) was born 1788 in Lewistown, Mifflin Co., Pennsylvania. He is the son of JAMES BURNS, ESQ. and ELIZABETH MCGILL. He has a son WASHINGTON ALEXANDER BURNS (JR.?) as well as a nephew named WASHINGTON.

WASHINGTON BURNS married ELLEN TURNER b. 12/6/1784 Lewistown PA, the daughter of JAMES H. TURNER b. abt 1765 and MARY BEATTY b. abt 1760 & the granddaughter of JOHN TURNER b. 1739. WASHINGTON BURNS died in Lewistown, Mifflin Co., PA in 1831. He had young children at that time.


1) WASHINGTON ALEXANDER BURNS b. 3/25/1820 in Mifflin Co PA d. 3/12/1895 in White Co Indiana, m. MARTHA J DELONG 3/28/1847 in Montgomery Co Ohio.

2) FRANCES MARION BURNS, minor (under age 14) in 1833. Orphan's Court papers.

3) WILLIAM TURNER BURNS (my ancestor) b. 1819 in Lewistown, Mifflin Co Pennsylvania. Married in Lewistown on 11/12/1840 to ANNA MARY (RUSHTON?) COOPER(click on the link).

4) MARTHA BURNS (Mifflin Co PA's Orphan's Ct 8/18/1831).

5) MARY BURNS (Mifflin Co PA's Orphan's Ct 4/8/1833).

6) MARGARET BURNS (Mifflin Co PA's Orphan's Ct 4/8/1833).


b. Mifflin Co PA. June 5th, 1810 d. 3/29/1879 Monticello, White, Indiana.

From: "Mark Lussky" , Subject: Liberty Burns, Date: Wednesday, 19 October 2011 12:07:45 -0400
Dear Norma:
While reviewing the old newspapers at the Jefferson County History Center in Brookville, Pennsylvania I came across the name Liberty Burns in the New Era for Feb. 24, 1864. I note a different Liberty Burns, Maj. Liberty M. Burns, on your Burns family website. I thought you might be interested in the arrest and jail expense records I attach hereto. I also attach some other matter I have turned up. I have not analyzed these records yet; I suppose they were father and son Liberty Burnses in two different units in the civil war and that they were cousins of the Major. But I donít know (yet) which one was in jail. I wanted to get this off to you while the idea to do so was fresh in my mind. I know you can turn up this info on the web as I did, but Iím sure no one else has access to the old newspapers here but those of us at the Jefferson County History Center.
Very truly yours, MARK LUSSKY

Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2003 2:40 PM


29 Mar 1879 - The Monticello Herald Journal in White Co IN.

"MAJOR LIBERTY M BURNS is dead. Not only has a family been stricken with grief and dear friends called to sorrow over the ravages of death, but the entire community has suffered a serious loss and is stirred with sincerest regrets. When of last Thursday, March 27th, 1879, just after midday, it was softly said along our streets and wherever two or three were together, LIBERTY BURNS has just died, just passed away, though sad, was not unexpected news. For months the worst has been looked for. Since last August his health had rapidly failed. For three months past his sufferings were severe. Disease had laid a strong and unrelenting hand upon vital parts of the body, and slowly but surely did its work. MAJOR B.(Burns) was born in Mifflin Co PA. June 5th, 1810. Would have been 69 years of age next June. In November 12, 1837, he was married to MISS AMANDA GRIGGS who survives him. He leaves but one child, MRS. BERKHIMER, of Missouri. His son SAMUEL, died in 1867. In 1830 he came to White Co IN. For about 40 years, Monticello or the immediate vicinity has been his home. In 1848 after the discovery of gold on the Pacific coast, he went to California making the trip across the plains.

His father's family consisted of 10 children, four sons and six daughters, but one brother, WASHINGTON A BURNS of this county, survives and three sisters, MRS. MCELHOES, near Monticello, one in PA and one in Dayton OH.

He became a member of the Presbyterian church of Monticello. He is buried in Old Monticello Cemetery on Main St".

2)SARAH BURNS is probably his sister. Again, where is the proof?

There is a SARAH BURNS WEST who d. 2/5/1896 age 84 years.

PAUL FRANCIS BURNS, JR joined the New Castle PA Chapter and the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution with the following line through WASHINGTON ALEXANDER BURNS:

1) PAUL FRANCIS BURNS, JR (Paul Francis Sr.; Washington Alexander; Francis Marion; Washington Jr.; Washington Sr.; James, Esq.; John, John, John (B); John) b. 12/3/1927 born at 65 Stewart Ave, Greenville, Mercer Co, PA

2) PAUL FRANCIS BURNS, SR. b. 6/4/1904 White City, Indiana d. 3/10/1956 West Palm Beach FL m. to ETHEL IRENE UBER b. 12/15/1906 Armstrong City PA d. 2/25/1987 Greenville PA

3) WASHINGTON ALEXANDER BURNS b. 10/16/1883 Guernesy, Indiana d. 11/4/1948 Lafayette, Indiana m. URA HANAWAY b. 10/11/1883 Jasper City, Indiana d. 1942 Indiana

4) FRANCIS MARION BURNS, only son of WASHINGTON BURNS b. 10/18/1853 Guernsey, Indiana d. 3/14/1902 Union Twp near Guernsey, Indiana m. 10/29/1879 White Co Indiana to EMMA L. MOORE b. 1862 d. 12/10/1933 Guernsey, Indiana. Survived by his widow and two children: WASHINGTON A BURNS AND MARGARET O BURNS and an only sister, MRS JAMES V VINSON (History of White County [Indiana] p. 442)

5) WASHINGTON BURNS, JR b. 3/25/1820 Mifflin Co PA d. 3/12/1895 White Co, Indiana m. 3/28/1847 Troy, Ohio to MARTHA DELONG b. 2/10/1828 Montgomery Co, Ohio d. 7/27/1899 White Co, Indiana

6) WASHINGTON BURNS b. 1788 Lewistown PA d. 1831 Lewistown PA m. ELLEN TURNER b. Lewistown PA d. Lewistown PA

7) JAMES BURNS ESQ. d. 10/23/1814 Lewistown PA m. 12/26/1766 ELIZABETH MCGILL d. 12/1/1825 Lewistown PA

PAUL BURNS' proofs for his lineage on his application are as follows: generation
1) Birth cert., marriage licence, army discharge
2) Birth certificate., marriage licence, death certificate.
3) Obituary 11/5/1948 Herald Journal, Monticello, Indiana, death cert.
4) Entry from History of White Co, Indiana pg. 442, marriage licence, death cert.
5) Marriage licence, pension application, entry from White Co Indiana pg. 443
6) Orphan's court affidavit (1 and 2) on file Mifflin Courthouse in Lewistown PA
7) Military accounts records P.S.A., Rev. War Payment Record P.S.A. Entry from Venango Co PA Pioneers and People (J.H. Beers) Vol 2 pg 892
8) Marriage Licence, from PA Vital Records entry from minutes of Supreme Council 646 & 647, entry from History of Mifflin Co PA, pg. 176 & 177, Last will & testimony, entry from History of Mifflin Co PA P.S.A. pg 146 & 147, Assessment of Derry Twp for 1790.


WASHINGTON ALEXANDER BURNS 65 years old, better known as "PETE", a well known resident of the Guernsey community passed away Thursday night at 11:45 o'clock at the St Elizabeth Hospital at Lafayette where he had been in failing health the past eight months. Death was due to a heart attack.

Mr. BURNS was born October 16, 1883, a half mile south of Guernsey, the same place where he resided at the time of his death. He had spent most of his life in the Guernsey community. He was the son of MARION FRANCIS & EMMA L. (MOORE) BURNS. His parents and two sisters preceded him in death.

Mr BURNS was retired by the Monon Railroad last June 4, 1948 after 37 years continuous service with that route. At the time of his retirement he was a freight conductor.

Mr. BURNS was first married to URA HANAWAY who preceded him in death. To this union were born one daughter, MARGARET LOUISE BURNS who died several years ago and two sons who survive, PAUL FRANCIS BURNS of Lorraine, Ohio and ROBERT MAX BURNS of Frankfort; also six grandchildren.

Later Mr BURNS was married to ALMA B HARLAN the marriage occurring on September 25, 1936. The widow survives, also three children born to this union, HELLEN RUTH BURNS, MABEL JOAN BURNS AND MORRIS EUGENE BURNS, all at home. A number of cousins also survive.

Mr. BURNS was a member of the Order of Railroad Conductors, Purdue Lodge No 287.

Herald Journal 11/5/1948


MRS WASHINGTON BURNS mother of MARION BURNS and MRS JAMES V VINSON died at her home near Guernsey last Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. She had been ill some eighteen months and had often expressed a desire that she might die and be at rest. At the time of her death she was aged ??years,??months and 11 days having been born in Montgomery Co Ohio 2/10/1828. Her maiden name was MARTHA JANE DELONG. She was married to WASHINGTON BURNS 3/28/1847. The next year, 1848, they moved to White County Indiana where they have resided ever after, known and respected by all who knew them as one of the pioneer families of the county. Her husband died March 12, 1895 leaving his aged widow to the care of her two children, Mrs. J.V. VINSON and her son MARION VINSON. Two other children born to her had died a number of years ago.

She was a member of the Protestant Methodist Church and had been a firm believer in religion since her youth. By her request Rev H. G. Rice of the Monticello Presbyterian Church conducted the funeral service Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The seventy-first Psalm, a special favorite of the deceased was used in the services. A large number of friends and neighbors gathered to honor her memory.

Another account of WASHINGTON BURNS comes from the History of White County (Indiana). WASHINGTON BURNS was born in Mifflin County PA 3/25/1820. At the age of seventeen (abt 1837) came with his parents to Montgomery Co Ohio and in 1847 married to MARTHA J DELONG. In 1848 he came to White County where he lived until his death on 3/12/1895. He was a soldier in the Civil War, but he was not a member of any church though in 1892 at his request he was baptized in the Methodist Protestant Church. He was a kind and indulgent father and one who never complained in any of his sufferings.

Also in the History of White County Indiana is an article on JOHN BURNS.

JOHN BURNS, one of the most successful of our early farmers was born in Pickaway Co Ohio 1/4/1809 and came to what is now White Co Indiana in 1830 and resided on his farm in what is now Big Creek Township until his death, which occurred on December 23, 1884. Beginning life in a log cabin, by industry and frugality he amassed a fortune and what is far better he left this life with the respect of his neighbors, who knew him as one of our best and most honored citizens.

Another article in the History of White County is on JANE BURNS.

JANE BURNS was the widow of JOHN BURNS, a large land owner and well know resident of the Big Creek Township. Her maiden name was JANE VIRDEN, she being a sister of SILAS, SAMUEL AND DAVID VIRDEN, all well known residents and all of whom died within the three years preceding her death. She also had two brothers who died in California during the gold craze of 1849. She was born in Pickaway County, Ohio 10/17/1825. Died 11/23/1897.

Another Burns article in the History of White County is on WILLIAM BURNS.

This name (WILLIAM BURNS) will be recognized by the oldest resident of Monticello. It carries us back to about 1846. He was born in Armstrong County PA 1/22/1802 but became a resident of White County (Indiana) about sixty-five years ago. He will be remembered as the keeper of the old toll bridge across the Tippecanoe River and later as mail carrier for several years serving faithfully in both capacities. He died after a brief illness, September 5, 1895. He came to White County in 1846, which was ever after his home.

In 1858 he became a member of the United Presbyterian Church in Idaville and remained to the last a consistent member. In 1871 he removed to Idaville and remained to the last a consistent member. In 1871 he removed to Idaville and spent much of his time in reading the Scriptures, in which he was well versed. His wife died about 1863, but one daughter, Mrs. MARY HORINE, is yet living in Idaville.

From: Hazzard Family
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2003 5:52 PM
Subject: Burns family Mifflin County, Pa

Wow, what a wonderful website you have on the BURNS family!! I saw that you show your line as the BURNS family from Mifflin County, Pa and was hoping you could help me. My ggrandfather was GEORGE BURNS of Mifflin County. According to his daughter who is still living, GEORGE took his mother's maiden name instead of his biological father's name, as his parents were not married. GEORGE'S mother was NANCY BURNS, daughter of GEORGE WASHINGTON BURNS. Can you please help me fit my family in? This has been a most frustrating journey! Here are some dates that you might find helpful:

GEORGE WASHINGTON BURNS 1830-1906 (he was married to MARY A. and is buried in Lewistown, Pa) NANCY J BURNS born 1863, no death date.

GEORGE BOYD BURNS, my ggrandfather, was born 2-9-1893 and died 8-2-1964. There is a lot of proud family history with this gentleman, and I would love to link him to the lines that deserve to claim him.

Thanks, TERRI HARBST HAZZARD 413-323-6880

From Ralph Burns: This is Sarah Burnes Heiner`s line. Bracken Co. was formed in 1797 from parts of Campbell and Mason Counties. Is this family connected to James and Jemima Burnes` family who had members in Mason Co. in 1800 and before? Ralph

1810 Bracken Co., KY
Burns, William 1-1-0-1 2-0-1

1820 Harrison Co., KY, Marysville
Burns, William 3-1-1-1-1 0-1-1-0-1

1830 Shelby Co., IN, Jackson
Burns, Washington 1-0-0-0-1 0-0-0-1

- 1840 Bartholomew Co., IN, Haw Creek
Burns, William 0-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-1 0-0-0-1-0-0-0-1
Burns, Washington 2-2-0-0-0-2 1-1-0-0-1

1850 Bartholomew Co., IN, Haw Creek
Burns, William 74 VA
Sylvania 62 SC
Burns, Washington 43 NY(mistake?, other censuses say KY.)
Sarah 39 IN