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I hope that the BURNS FAMILY DNA PROJECT will help solve some of your genealogy questions. It will definitely tell you if you're "barking up the wrong tree".

The 12 marker test is simple - just swab the inside of your cheek. The cost is $99. This test will tell you within 14 generations whether you are related to someone. There are more definitive tests but for our initial purposes the 12 marker test is all we need. If you want to upgrade later you can.

We need males with the BURNS last name for this study. Please ask your male BURNS relatives to join our study. Click on the BURNS DNA link above to join our study or write

From: "BristolNW" To: "Norma" Date: Wednesday, 10 March 2010 08:25:39 -0800
Norma, Was searching the internet for family information on the Burns side of our family. Samuel Burns: born abt 1815 Died abt.1868 married to Nancy A Lantz Born abt 1820 Died abt.1887. One son so far born October 1,1848 in Ohio Died: May 1936 Married to Catherine Ann Yoder. They had 7 children one who is my husband's mother.Can send more info if you are a link or know of a link to the above Burns. Lots of Photos most with no names. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time Linda Hoobler

From Dale Burns
My father was Herman Ray Burns b. 06 Nov 1910, Corydon, Wayne, Iowa, d. 08 Jun 1971, Springfield, Greene, Missouri. And William Flanders Burns was my great grandfather.

I have everything well documented up to Samuel Burns my 2nd great grandfather. Samuel Burns born in Ohio between 1818 and 1825, most records agree with 1818 d. 1847 -- Samuel Burns, (Barnes) the name is spelled both ways in the record, marriesd Isabella Wolford in Guernsey, Ohio.

On the next line of the marriage record Isabella's Sister Levina Wolford marries Levi Reynolds.

- 1850 Census, July 22, Moorefield, Harrison, Ohio
Name Age Occupation Place of Birth
Samuel Burns *25 Farmer Ohio * born 1825
Isabelle 19 Ohio
Mary J. 1 Ohio
Amantha 1mo. Ohio
Mary E. Hufford 7 Ohio

Isabella had a sister Sarah who married Henry Hufford. This is probably Sarah's daughter helping with the newborn and the one year old.

- 1850 U.S Federal census, Trinity, California, Shows Saml Burns age 30, birth place Ohio, living at a boarding house with severl other men all listed ocupation as miner. This would go along with Isabell's death notice about Samuels trip to California by way of South America to work in the gold rush.

- 1/ 2/1855--3/28/1855 -- Samuel Burns, County of Guernsey, Ohio, purchase land from The Morrison family Samuel Morrison, Mize, Ohio Thomas Morrison, Taylor, Virginia John R. Morrison, Noble, Ohio George Morrison, " Agnes Morrison, " Rosann Morrison, " Isabella I. Morrison, "

- The June 4, 1860 Census, Sharon Township, Noble , Ohio lists:
Name Age Occupation Place of Birth
Samuel Burns *35 Farmer Ohio *born 1825
Isabel 29 Domestic Ohio
David (Cliford?) 18 Farm Hand Ohio
Meary Burns 11 Ohio
William 8 Ohio
Evaline 4 Ohio
Josaphine 2 Ohio
* If Samuel was born in 1818 he would have been 42 not 35

- 9/13/1863 - Samuel and Isabella Burns, Noble County Ohio, sold the same acreage to Joseph Dunlap.

- The Wayne Co. Old Settlers Association lists Samuel Burns as coming to Wayne Co. Iowa in 1864 from Ohio.
- The June 3, 1870, Census, Wright Township, Wayne Co., Iowa, page 8, lists:
Name Age Occupation Place of Birth
Samuel Burns *52 Farmer/Coaler Ohio
Isabel 39 Housekeeper Ohio
Mare J. 19 At Home Ohio
William 18 farm work Ohio
Evaline 14 At Home Ohio
Josephine 12 At Home Ohio
Elizabeth 9 At Home Ohio
Benjamin F. 7 At Home Ohio
Sarah I. 2 At Home Iowa
* This age matches with the tombstone born 1818

- July 6, 1880 Census, Wright Township, Wayne Co., Iowa, Page 15, Line 26, Household 124
Name Age Occupation Place of Birth
Samuel Burns 60 Farmer Ohio
Bell 48 Keeping house Ohio
Benjamin 16 Ohio
Bell 12 Iowa

- July 6, 1880 Census, Wright Township, Wayne Co., Iowa, Page 15, Line 2, Household 123, Living next door to his Father, Samuel
Name Age Occupation Place of Birth
William Burns 27 (not shown) Ohio -
- lists his father's birth place as Virginia
Sirilda 26 Missouri
Rosa 8 Iowa
Berta 3 Iowa

- His tombstone states that he died November 11, 1889 at the age of 71 years 8 months and 27 days.

********* Purchase of land in Noble Co, Ohio*********
VOL 4 PG 313 Samuel Morrison & others to Samuel Burns

Know all men by these presents that We Samuel Morrison of the County of Meigs Ohio and Thomas Morrison of the County of Taylor State of Virginia and John R Morrison George Morrison Agness Mor- rison Rosann Morrison and Isabella J Morrison of the County of Noble State of Ohio in consideration of the sum of Two Thousand Dollars in hand paid by Samuel Burns of the County of Guernsey State of Ohio have bargained and sold and do hereby grant bargain sell and Convey unto the said Samuel Burns his heirs and assigns forever The following premises situated in the County of Noble in the State of Ohio and described as follows, it being North East Quarter of the North West Quarter of section thirty two in Township six of range nine. Also the North West Quarter of the North East Quarter of the Section Township and Range Aforesaid. Also the South West Quarter of the south East Quarter of Section twenty nine in township six of Range nine in the District of lands sold at Zanesville Ohio. To have and to hold said premises with the appurtenances unto the said Samuel Burns his heirs and assignees forever and the said Samuel Morrison, Thomas Morrison. John R Morrison. George Morrison, Agnes Morrison. Rosann Morrison. and Isabella J Morrison for themselves and heirs doth hereby Covenant with said Samuel Burns his heirs and Assigns that they are lawfully seized of the premises Aforesaid that the premises are free and clear from all incumbrances Whatever, and that they will forever Warrant and defend the same with the Appurtenances unto the said Samuel Burns his heirs and Assign Against the law- ful claims of all persons Whomsoever. In testimony Where of the said Samuel Morrison Thomas Morrison. John R. Morrison. George Morrison. Agnes Morrison. Rosann Mor- rison. and Isabella J Morrison have ----- to set our hand and seals this second day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty four Executed in presence of } Samuel Morrison SEAL G Downing } Mary Ann Morrison SEAL Charles Beull } John R Morrison SEAL Agness Morrison SEAL Executed in presence of } George Morrison SEAL John Morrison } Isabella J Morrison SEAL her Nathan P Rams...(double-click to see full note)

The 1895 Iowa Census taken on April 5 lists Isabella Burns age 63, as living in Wright Township of Wayne Co. In the 1900 census she was living with her daughter Evaline and her son-in-law Sanford Guthrie in South Fork Township, Wayne , Iowa. The Co. death record of her daughter Evaline listed Isabella's last name as Wolford. The marriage record for Sarah Isabel "Bell" lists her mother as Isabel Walford, so the last name is either Wolford or Walford. The 1893 Plat Book of Wright Township lists Isabel Burns as owning the SE quarter of the SW quarter of section 23; it is shown as having a coal mine on the farm. Her son Benjamin owned the joining quarter in the SW quarter of the SW quarter in the same section. The 1897 Plat Book shows Isabel still owning the quarter section she possessed in 1893. Her son Benjamin owned the SE quarter of the NE quarter of section 22; this quarter section also had a coal mine on it. Benjamin owned the NW quarter of this same NE quarter of section 22.

The booklet "Mines In Wayne , Iowa", written by Ortha Green, gives a short history of mining in Wayne Co. This booklet mentions the Burns Mine in Wright Township. as one of the early mines in Wayne Co.

Isabella settled in Hiwassee, Benton Co. Arkansas, close to Bella Vista, Arkansas.

Obituary of Isabel Burns:
"BURNS, Isabel Wolford, - Isabel Wolford was born in Salesville, Ohio March 29, 1831 and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Chas. Adcock, near Hiwassee, April 2, 1915 at the age of 84 years and 5 days. She >was married Dec. 8, 1848 to Samuel Burns, who in the following year made the long trip via South America to California, attracted by the gold rush. During the Civil war they moved with their family from Ohio to Iowa and settled in Wayne Co. There they lived and their family grew up and she saw the pioneer life of the new home give way to prosperity and comfort. She had made her home in Arkansas most of the time the past thirteen years and had been a widow 26 years. Never strong nor robust, her health had gradually failed and she was confined to her bed for nearly two years before her death. Her long pilgrimage on earth is ended and her passing away at a ripe old age seemed natural and as intended but we shall miss her and her pleasant smile and her kindly greeting lingers in the memory of those who loved her. She was a Christian. The surviving members of her family in the state are her daughter, Mrs. Adcock, and grandchildren, R. W. and Miss Maude Adcock of Hiwassee and Mrs. Jas. Banks and Miss Letha Adcock of Gravette G.B.
Gravette News Herald 4-9-1915"

From: Norma Farmilo []
Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2009 11:43 AM
To: Dale Burns
Subject: RE: dna37/1

Hi Dale,
After looking at your gedcom I am still confused. So, assuming that we are either 3rd or 4th cousins I proposed this scenario for your ancestors since you haven't proven anything later than Samuel 1818. By the way, have you tried to get his death certificate?

The closest I could come was 6 generations back to James Burns, Esq. b. 1740 in Cumberland Co d.1814 in Mifflin Co PA.
At best we are 6th cousins.

Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003 2:19 AM
Subject: Decendants of SAMUEL BURNS - BURNES

I have two SAMUEL BURNS' for which I would like to find proof. Samuel Burns the first was living near Fish Kill, NY at the time of the Revolution in the US. That is of New York & just east of the Hudson River. He remained a Loyalist and had his business and lands confiscated. His family stayed in NY until they were provided passage to what is to-day St. John in New Brunswick. SAMUEL BURNS had gone overland and helped the English Survey NB and establish plots for Grants of Land to the Loyalists. He had married at a Dutch Colony near Sleepy Hollow and I have some records from there. He lived long and died in NB. I have located 2 Burials and graves North of the St John River.

DAVID BURNS was born there. I have good records on land Ownership, marriage, & Church records etc. We have an old Bible with family Notes prior to 1800. I can not, however, locate how SAMUEL I got to New York.

I have been to New York & Scotland twice and New Hampshire once. The trail leads from Aberdeenshire to the Highlands and into Northern Ireland for a short time during the post Cromwell re-populating period.

Family stories and Tales handed down & in notes, reference ARCHIBALD BURNESS originating near linmuir Glenbervie, Kincardine, Scotland. Why & how he traveled from the British Isles to the Hudson River Valley escapes us. They were strong Loyalists - DAVID BURNS went on to Ontario, Canada for a few years. In the 1860's DAVID came to Minnesota, running a trading post and a stage stop. Some of children went back to Canada in about 1900.

The first names, SAMUEL, DAVID and ROBERT repeat so often it gets confusing. If we have any ties or can assist each other let me know. Even though we haven't confirmed any ties to "ROBBY," the Poet - we still celebrate BURNS Night.

ROBERT J "BOB" JOHNSON, 519 S Bench St, Galena IL 61036, Tel Voice #815 777-3450

Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 09:12:55 EST
I'm just starting to review my old mail and make an attempt to catch up on all the correspondence I haven't kept up with since before the holidays. I'm not seeing your mixup with the SAMUEL'S, but will point out some of the SAMUEL BURNS' that I have.

Again, this is information from PAUL F BURNS, Jr. in PA. The JOHN BURNS b. 1712 did have a son named SAMUEL BURNS. I do not have any more information on him. He is listed with three brothers: ROBERT BURNS, JOHN BURNS, and JAMES BURNS, ESQ. b. 1740 who married ELIZABETH MCGILL.

Then JAMES BURNS ESQ. (1740) had a son, SAMUEL E BURNS b. 1774. This is supposed to be my SAMUEL E BURNS that married MARY ANN EVANS.

There are other SAMUEL'S and it is difficult to keep them straight, especially when trying to research. There is a SAMUEL E BURNS (HUGH, JAMES, ESQ) b. 10 Aug 1811 in Lewistown PA. This SAMUEL E BURNS m. 8/30/1838 to NANCY TURNER.

Then this SAMUEL E BURNS had a son SAMUEL W BURNS (SAMUEL E, HUGH, JAMES ESQ, JOHN 1712, JOHN 1681/2) b. 25 Aug 1854 in Monticello, Indiana. And his brother, JAMES T (probably Turner) BURNS, had a son named SAMUEL E BURNS (JAMES T, SAMUEL E, HUGH, JAMES ESQ, JOHN 1712, JOHN 1681/2) b. 7 Oct 1865.

Then the group sheet of LIBERTY BURNS and AMANDA GRIGGS lists a SAMUEL BURNS (LIBERTY) b. 1838 in Preble Co., OH.

Again, these are as listed by PAUL FRANCIS BURNS. I have not had the opportunity to confirm these myself.

Enough SAMUELS??

When I was in Ohio in November I spent time at the Historical Archives, but most of it on my husband's families. I did try to search out some BURNS families.

In the 1850 Ohio index there were:
BURNS, SAMUEL Wayne Co., Wooster Town
BURNS, SAMUEL E. Miami Co., Washington Twp.
BURNS, SAMUEL E. Wood Co., Perry Twp.

The one in Miami Co. was my ancestor and I checked it out to see that it agreed with the information that I had. I did not get a chance to check out the other two.

Also, in Montgomery Co. OH, Washington Twp 1850 I found a JOHN BURNS with wife MARGARET and son SAMUEL BURNS, then 8. They had two daughters also, MARY BURNS, 4 and ELLEN BURNS, 2.

From Miami Co. OH Marriage Records I found: SAMUEL W BURNS & SUSANNAH THOMPSON m. 8/4/1864.

I think this may be my EVELINE BURNS' brother, but have no proof yet. (See the letter below from Mike Short).

From a DAR Marriage Book for Miami Co. Ohio also:


Seems the more I research the more confused I get.

I will dig out my information on the Susquehana Co. BURNS' tonight and fill you in on what I found there.


SAMUEL D BURNS of Philadelphia Co., PA was one of the few African Americans who were operators of the Underground Railroad -

SAMUEL RUEBEN BURNS & SAMUEL C BURNS are both in the link for WILLIAM A BURNS above.

SAMUEL RUEBEN BURNS b. 6/24/1861 in GA d. 2/13/1936 in Shelby Co., Texas. His father is HENRY HAYNES BURNS. The father also had a brother SAMUEL BURNS. HENRY, his brother SAMUEL and their parents moved to Arkansas from Georgia after the Civil War.

SAMUEL C BURNS, perhaps HENRY'S brother, b. 5/23/1841 in Georgia d. 2/26/1910 in Patmos, Hempstead Co., Arkansas. (See link for WILLIAM A BURNS).

SAMUEL BURNS JR b. 5/22/1840 Elkhart Co., IN d. 7/21/1906 Marshall Co., IN m. 7/27/1865 Marshall Co., IN to BARBARA APPLEMAN (dau. JOHN APPLEMAN and PHOEBE of Germany) b. 5/21/1844 Tuscawaras Co., OH d. 10/31/1910.Marshall Co., IN


3) EFFIE E BURNS b. abt 1878
4) ELMER S BURNS b. 4/5/1881 d. 4/1976 Plymouth IN Indiana

Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 12:08 PM

Norma - Hello again! It's been a few years since I've sent you anything.

I must tell you that you seem to indicate that EVELINE M BURNS is a sister to MARGARET, daughter of JAMES DIXON BURNS. She is not - she was the daughter of SAMUEL BURNS, and a sister to JAMES EVANS BURNS, who married MARGARET. It's very confusing (too many cousins involved) but EVELINE belongs with the SAMUEL BURNS who was a son of JAMES BURNS, ESQ., not with the descendants of JAMES DIXON BURNS.

MIKE SHORT, Des Moines, IA

Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2004 11:07 AM
Subject: SAMUEL BURNS born 3-15-1818 in Ohio

I am looking for the parents of SAMUEL BURNS b. 3/15/1818 in Ohio d. 11/11/1889 bur. Confidence Cemetery Wayne Co. Iowa. He is reported in the Wayne Co. Old Settlers Association as coming to Wayne Co. Iowa in 1864 from Ohio. He married ISABEL "BELL" Wolford.


Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 8:10 PM
Subject: SAMUEL BURNS who married NANCY LANTZ
I found a little more on SAMUEL BURNS who married NANCY LANTZ. According to NANCY she was married as NANCY LANCE (sic) on 25 January 1836 in Mithland (sic) Co., Pennsylvania.

Sent: Sunday, May 09, 2004 2:58 PM

These three entities were in the " land development business" in Perryopolis, Fayette Co., PA in 1814-1820 with NATHANIEL TOMLINSON, JAMES LLOYD, WILLIAM LLOYD, THOMAS & NATHAN HERSEY & BURTON LEWIS according to a Land Patent. Can you shed any additional light on these individuals ?

From: ENID
To: Allan
Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 4:07 PM

Sorry, ALLAN, I am not familiar with those BURNS names at all. I am not familiar with any from Fayette Co., PA. So many BURNS names, including so many SAMUEL'S & THOMAS'!

I did take a look at the Fayette Co., web site, and found it interesting to note a resouce quoted: "The Ten Mile County and Its Pioneer Families: Fayette, Washington, and Green Co., PAS - Early Settlers Petition for a New State.


Of course, I would love to find out where my grandfather's middle name of PERRY originated. I still have to learn the parents of his father, THOMAS FEAR BURNS, and have tried every avenue I could to find that out. So far everything leads back to Mifflin Co., PA to his wife's family, also named BURNS.

From: Colleen To: Sent: Sunday, August 08, 2004 1:47 PM Subject: Samuel Burns buried in Morgan Cemetery Hello Norma, I was viewing your family information on the web and wonder if there is a connection of families.

My husband Bruce Morgan is from Parke County and is of the family’s of the MORGAN Cemetery where your Samuel Burns is buried.

This past summer we walked and verified and photographed the tombstones in this cemetery. I’ve attached photos of Samuel Burns tombstone.

I know that this Samuel lived with the Morgans at one time and feel sure that there is family connection.

The Old Morgan Cemetery is in Parke County In and is very well hidden in the woods and very hard to get to so if you’re interested in any more photos of others buried there let me know.

There are also Wolfe’s buried in this cemetery and I know that William Morgan was married Polly Wolf in 1805 in Ross County Ohio.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Colleen Morgan
Altamonte Springs, FL

From: Sue Moore
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 10:50 AM
Subject: SAMUEL BURNS - Carroll Co GA

I don't know how or if these BURNS' connect to mine, but I found this pension record and copied it. If you want to place it on your website, that is fine with me. Perhaps it will be of use to someone.
State: SC
Series M805, Roll 145, Image 201, File W9757

South Carolina, York District
Before me personally appeared AMOS BURNS and made oath in due form of hand that he has the record of his father SAMUEL BURNS' marriage to his mother MARY LESLEY showing their marriage together along with the births of their children which is written on the inside of the cover of SAMUEL BURNS' Bible and cannot be taken out and that it is in his father SAMUEL BURNS' own hand writing and believed to be correct and has always been in his said father's family a copy of which is hereunto attached in support of said marriage. Sworn to & subscribed before me July 11th 1853 JOHN G ENLOE Magt. Ex. Off. signed AMOS BURNS

SAMUEL BURNS & MARY LESLEY were married July 25th 1781.
SAMUEL BURNS is thirty years of age on Sept 17th 1784.
ZABDIEL OR HABDIEL (?) BURNS was born June 28th 1782 about ten o’clock at night.
WILLIAM WATSON BURNS was born November 2nd 1783 about one o’clock at night.
MARGARET BURNS was born November 22, 1785 between break of day and sunrise.
ANNE (?) BURNS was born 26th March 1788 near an hour before sunset.
GEORGE BURNS was born April 1790 about two hours after dark.
MARTHA BURNS was born Jany. 19th 1792 near 12 o’clock at night.
SAML. BURNS was born January 15th, 1794 almost day.
JOHN BURNS & MARY BURNS born March 29th 1796.
GRACE BURNS borne October 1798.
JOAB ADDI BURNS & CYRUS IDDO BURNS born Sept 29th 1800 two or three hours after.
AMOS BURNS was born October 27th 1802.
JEDIAH BURNS was born July 23rd 1805 2 hours before sundown.
SAML. BURNS Senior was born September 17th 1754.

South Carolina, York District
I, JOHN M ROSS, Judge of the Court of the Ordinary for the District Court aforesaid certify that SAMUEL BURNS, who was a revolutionary pensioner of the United States, departed this life in York District, So. ca. on the first day of September One thousand eight hundred thirty seven leaving his wife MARY, a widow who died in York Dist. So. Ca. on the second day of Feby. one thousand eight hundred & forty eight, having surviving the following Children, viz: SAMUEL BURNS, MARGARET DAVISON or DAWSON (?), GEORGE BURNS, JOHN BURNS, MARY BURNS, CYRUS BURNS, ANNE or ANNA or ANNIS (?)BURNS, who was now his only surviving children & all of Lawful and in testimony whereof I have hereunto offered the seal of my office & subscribed my name, done in open court.


submitted by SUE B. MOORE as part of the Revolutionary War pension application of SAMUEL & MARY BURNS

The webmaster of this site is Norma Burns Farmilo now at