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THOMAS BURNS FAMILY 1761 - pg. 2/2



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44. SALLY (SARAH) ANN MYERS born Sept 30, 1823, died Jan 25, 1866/67. SALLY ANN was a child of HENRY MYERS JR. and NANCY BURNS. She was married to JOSEPH (JOSIAH) WEAVER, son of ANDREW WEAVER and SCHREFFLER CATHERINE) on Sept 30, 1838.

JOSEPH (JOSIAH)WEAVER born Jun 16, 1812, died Jun 27, 1885. SALLY (SARAH) ANN) MYERS and JOSEPH (JOSIAH) WEAVER had the following children: +67 i. ANDREW JACKSON WEAVER
+69 iii. ELLA WEAVER
72 vi. METQ WEAVER born after 1838, died after 1850 at age 12.
+74 viii. GEORGE AGUSTA WEAVER. 75 ix. NANCY ELLEN WEAVER born about 1845, died before 1945.
76 x. MAGDALENE WEAVER born about 1840 died before 1940.
78 xii. MARGARET WEAVER born about 1842, died before 1942.
79 xiii. SARAH A. WEAVER

46. JACOB HOWARD MYERS born Mar 8, 1828, died on Monday, Mar 13,, He was a child of HENRY MYERS JR.and NANCY BURNS. JACOB H. Myers was listed as one of the customers of King & Heeter General Store in Monroe, PA in 1855-1858. He was married to LOVINA (LAVINIA) BERLIN(E) (daughter of PAUL BERLIN(E) and NANCY UNKNOWN) on Dec 12 1850. JACOB H MYERS married LOVINAH (or LOVENAH) BERLINE on Dec. 12, 1850 or Sept. 18, 1850. They had no children.

LOVINA (LAVINIA) BERLIN(E) born Apr 3, 1832, died before 1932.

47. SOLOMON MYERS born Monday night, Mar 2, 1830 in PA (Family Bible) died in 1909 in Cedar Rapids, IA. Solomon Myers was alive and 30 years old during the 1860 census, and thus must have died only after that date. SOLOMON MYERS was a child of HENRY MYERS JR. and NANCY A BURNS. SOLOMON MYERS was listed as one of the customers of King & Heeter General Store in Monroe, PA in 1855-1858. (Source: "A History of Wentlings Corners, Blairs Corners, Monroe," compiled by TERRY L. JOHNSON-COONEY, 1981, p. 193, a copy of which was in possession of SCOTT THEODORE APEL in 1995.) SOLOMON MYERS is listed as age 30, a carpenter, born in PA, with wife, REUBA, age 24, and son, JOHN MYERS, age 2. (Source: 1860 U.S. Census Records, Clarion County, Beaver Township, PA, Schedule 1, p. 25, dated June 23, 1860, Microfilm p. 45.) An S.J. MYERS is listed as a merchant among the businesses of Triangle and Pickwick, PA, in the 1870s and 1880s. (Source: "A History of Wentlings Corners, Blairs Corners, Monroe," compiled by TERRY L JOHNSON-COONEY, 1981, p. 188, a copy of which was in possession of SCOTT THEODORE APEL in 1995.) SOLOMON (age 24) married REUBA (RUBY) JOHNSON (b. 1836 d. 1858)on Feb 2, 1856.

SOLOMON MYERS and REUBA (RUBY) JOHNSON had the following children:

81 i. JOHN MYERS born about 1858 in PA. JOHN was two years old during the taking of the 1860 census. He died after 1860.

48. NANCY JANE MYERS born Apr 20/30, 1832. "NANCY MYERS was born on Monday night at 10 o'clock 30th day of April 1832, & died on Jan 8, 1896. NANCY JANE MYERS died Jan. 8, 1895/6. She was a child of HENRY MYERS JR & NANCY A BURNS. She was married to URIAH BERLIN(E) Dec 5, 1850. URIAH BERLIN(E)was born before 1840.

82 i. MARY BERLIN(E) born about 1852, died before 1952.
83 ii. JACOB BERLIN(E)born about 1854, died before 1954.
84 iii. OLIVER BERLIN(E)born about 1857, died before 1957.
85 iv. LAVINIA BERLIN(E) born in 1860, died before 1960.

49. CATYANN (CATHY ANN) (CATHERINE) MYERS born Aug 14 1834 in MYERS Mills, PA. CATHY ANN Myers was the first person born in the MYERS homestead, which is near Blairs Corners, PA. & died on Jan 9, 1912. CATHY ANN was a child of HENRY MYERS JR. & NANCY A. BURNS. She was married to ELI BERLIN Jan 1, 1854.

ELI BERLIN born 1838 died Jul 1, 1863 in Gettysburg, PA. ELI BERLIN was killed on July 1, 1863, in the Battle of Gettysburg. His grandson, OREN CLARK BERLIN was killed July 1, 1918, in France during World War I. ELI BERLIN was killed in at the Civil War battle of Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA, on July 2, 1863. He was buried after Jul 1, 1863 in Gettysburg, PA, National Cemetery. Buried in National Cemetery, Gettysburg, PA.

CATYANN (CATHY ANN) (CATHERINE) MYERS and Eli BERLIN had the following children:

86 i. CLEMENT ELI BERLIN born 1859, died in 1918.
87 ii. OREN BERLIN born after 1859, died before 1959.
88 iii. JOHN BERLIN born after 1859, died before 1959.
89 iv. LEANDER BERLIN born after 1859, died before 1959.
90 v. ORLANDO BERLIN born after 1859, died before 1959.

She was married to WILLIAM MCQUOWN on Dec 12, 1876. They resided in Franklin, PA.

50. MARY ELEANOR MYERS born Mar 20/30, 1836 in PA. MARY ELEANOR MYERS was born on March 30, 1836 on Sunday morning at six o'clock & died on Jul 29, 1895. MARY ELEANOR MYERS was a child of HENRY MYERS JR. and NANCY A BURNS. She married GEORGE WASHINGTON CRUM Apr 2, 1854 (b. 5/1/1832 d. 6/15/1902). They had the following children:

+92 ii. MILES C. CRUM.
93 iii. ALFRED RUSSELL CRUM born Nov 4, 1859, died on Feb 18, 1915.
94 iv. IRA W. (WASHINGTON?) CRUM born after 1859, died Jan 20, 1934. Never married.

51. MARGARET EMILY MYERS born Saturday Apr 17, 1838 in Clarion County, PA. "MARGARET EMILY MYERS was born on Saturday the seventh day of April 1838, died Aug 1 1909 in Coon Rapids, IA & buried Aug 3, 1909 in Coon Rapids, IA. MARGARET married OLIVER SHEFFER. They had a son who was killed in West Virginia on a burning oil rig in 1912 (BURNS History). When she died she was recognized as one of the oldest settlers in the area. -- 1909 newspaper.

MARGARET EMILY MYERS married JOSIAH KNAPPENBERGER Feb 14, 1856. They moved to Gidden, Iowa, in 1867. -- Newspaper. JOSIAH KNAPPENBERGER born about 1823 in PA., died 1868 in Coon Rapids, IA when his oldest son, JAMES B KNAPPENBERGER was 14 years old. -- Newspaper. He was buried in Coon Rapids, IA.


96 i. JAMES B. KNAPPENBERGER born about 1857, died after 1909. JAMES was pastor of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Syracuse, NY, in 1909.
97 ii. CATHERINE KNAPPENBERGER born about 1858, died before 1958.
100 v. WESLEY H. KNAPPENBERGER died after 1909. Wesley was alive when his mother died in August 1909. WESLEY was living in Coon Rapids, IA, as of August 1909.
102 vii. Unknown KNAPPENBERGER died before 1909. One child of JOSIAH KNAPPENBERGER and MARGARET MYERS died before 1909.

MARGARET EMILY MYERS married, first, OLIVER SHEFFER before Feb 14 1856.

52. ALFRED JACKSON MYERS born Sep 20, 1840, died 1880. ALFRED JACKSON MYERS was a child of HENRY MYERS JR and NANCY A BURNS. He was married to OLIVE GILGER Feb 2, 1865. OLIVE GILVER born before 1855, died after 1865.

53. GEORGE WASHINGTON (L.) MYERS born Jan 20/22, 1843 in PA, died on Feb 8 1919 in Oil City, PA. GEORGE WASHINGTON MYERS died Feb. 8, 1919, in Oil City of uremic poisoning. He was buried in Wentlings Corners, PA, Union Cemetery. GEORGE WASHINGTON MYERS is buried in the Reformed Church Cemetery between Blairs Corners and Knox, PA. He was a child of HENRY MYERS JR & NANCY BURNS. He served in the Civil War with the 56th Penna. Regiment, and was wounded in action. After the war, he worked in the west. He married in Kansas and returned to Clarion County, PA on Nov. 26, 1876, and spent remainder of his life on the MYERS homestead at Blairs Corners. For a number of years, he carried the mail between Blairs Corners Post Office and the railroad station. Active member of St. Paul's Reformed Church [near Wentlings Corners, PA]. Directory of Clarion County, Clarion Jacksonian Print, Clarion, Pa, 1887, lists a G.L. [not G.W.] MYERS as a resident of Blairs Corners, Beaver Township, PA, whose occupation was a farmer. -- History of Wentlings Corners GEORGE WASHINGTON MYERS is the grandfather of THEODORE HENRY MYERS. He is called GEORGE W or GEORGE WASHINGTON MYERS several times in the family Bible, although his daughter, JENNIE MYERS, wrote her father many postcards addressed to "G.L. MYERS." GEORGE L. MYERS was father of WARREN HENRY MYERS. GEORGE W (L) MYERS was married to ANNA LOUISE WATERMAN (daughter of Unknown WATERMAN and DELINDA CHURCH) on May 10, 1874 in Chanute, KS. They moved to Clarion County, PA on Nov. 26, 18766. ANNA LOUISE WATERMAN born Oct 29, 1846 in Colon, MI, died on Oct 13, 1924 in Oil City, PA following a surgical operation for appendicitis. She is buried in Stone Church Cemetery." Family Bible) a Wentlings Corners, PA, Union Cemetery. GEORGE WASHINGTON MYERS first married EMMA DUTCHER, and later ANNA LEWELLEN WATTERMAN.

ANNA LOUISE WATERMAN was an herbal doctor, according to her daughter, JENNY. She attended the sick. ANNA WATERMAN came to PA from KS on Nov. 26, 1876 [two years after her marriage]. GEORGE WASHINGTON (L.) MYERS and ANNA LOUISE WATERMAN had the following children:

He was married to Emma DUTCHER before 1874 (probably WARREN).



ARCHIBALD MYERS had the following children:
59. ELIZABETH (MARGARET) MYERS born 1844 in PA died on Jan 6, 1891 in Monroe, PA, Clarion Co. January 6, 1891, the community was startled by the news of the sudden death of Mrs. A.J. DEAROLPH. She was called to rest after several hours of great suffering from the fatal grasp of apoplexy. Her kind disposition and cordial greeting made every visitor feel welcome at her home. She was a faithful, consistent member of the Reformed Church at Monroe. That she was held in high esteem by the community was witnessed by MARGARET married A.J. DEAROLPH. A.J. DEAROLPH was born about 1843. He died in 1895. A.J.'s wife died in 1891 and he survived. Thus, he died later. There is an ADAM DEAROLPH in the Union Cemetery, near Wentlings Corners, PA, who died in 1895. He was buried in 1895 in Wentlings Corners, PA, Union Cemetery. In 1880 Monroe(ville), PA, has several businesses, including a general merchandise store owned by A.J. DEAROLPH, who may be ADAM DEAROLPH. A.J. DEAROLPH was listed as one of the men who belonged to the Knights of the Macabees Lodge in Monroe, PA, from 1893 to 1898, as taken from the lodge books that were found in the Monroe Community Club building, which was once used as the lodge. DEAROLPH joined at age 51.

60. NANCY (EMILY) MYERS born 1846 in PA died before 1946. She was married to JOHN D. BLACK. JOHN BLACK was EMILY'S husband. -- History of Wentlings Corners 106 i. CLARA BLACK born after 1830
107 ii. ELIZABETH BLACK born after 1830
108 iii. MIRIAM BLACK born after 1830
109 iv. BURT BLACK born after 1830
110 v. JACOB BLACK born after 1830
111 vi. CHARLES BLACK born after 1830
112 vii. IRA BLACK born after 1830
113 viii. EARL BLACK born after 1830


MARY BUSHEY born before 1838, died after 1838.>br>
68. JOSEPH H. WEAVER born after 1838.

69. ELLA WEAVER born after 1838.

MONTGOMERY CRISWELL born after 1788, First married ELLA WEAVER, and then, after Ella died married NAOMI WEAVER, her sister.

70. EMILY WEAVER born after 1838.

71. CATHERINE ANN WEAVER born about 1847, died before 1947. CATHERINE ANN WEAVER and SHIRLEY KINGSLEY had the following children:


73. NAOMI WEAVER born after 1838, married MONTGOMERY CRISWELL after death of ELLA WEAVER, to whom CRISWELL was previously married. MONTGOMERY CRISWELL was born after 1788. First married ELLA WEAVER, and then NAOMI WEAVER, her sister, after ELLA died.

74. GEORGE AGUSTA WEAVER born on Jul 19 1854, died on Jul 10 1919. He was married to MARY J. KLINE on Feb 8 1880. MARY J KLINE born on Jun 30 1861, died on May 27 1932. GEORGE AGUSTA WEAVER and MARY J. KLINE had the following children:


91. CLARA MAY CRUM was born on Oct 17, 1854, died on Jul 21 1894. She was married to RUSSELL VANBUREN GILBERT born on Apr 9, 1876. MILES C. CRUM born in 1856, died on Apr 13, 1929. ALICE UNKNOWN born before 1929, died on Sept 8, 1938. 95. JOHN HENRY (HARRY) (Harry) CRUM born after 1859, died on Feb 15 1941. MARY ALENE (MOLLIE) UNKNOWN born before 1931, died on Mar 16, 1946. Date. 98. RITA KNAPPENBERGERdied after 1909. RITA lived in Enid, OK, as of August 6, 1909. RITA lived in Enid, OK, as of August 6, 1909. She was married to Unknown ALLEN before 1909. RITA's last name in 1909 was ALLEN.

99. CLARA KNAPPENBERGER died after 1909. CLARA's last name in 1909 was PRETTYMAN.

101. MINNIE KNAPPENBERGER died after 1909. MINNIE was living in Cashion, OK, in August 1909. MINNIE was living in Cashion, OK, in August 1909. She was married to Unknown SMITH before 1909.96 Minnie was living in Cashion, OK, in August 1909.

103. WARREN HENRY MYERS born Aug 25, 1879 in Myers Mills, PA, died (age 71) on Dec 30, 1950 in Oil City, PA, Oil City Hospital. He was buried after Jan 2, 1951 in Oil City, PA, Grove Hill Cemetery. WARREN HENRY MYERS was born on the MYERS homestead in Clarion County, PA. He graduated from St. Petersburg H.S. in PA in 1899, then attended Clarion State Teachers' College. He taught school for one year at Wentlings Corners, PA. He spent entire married life in Oil City, PA, where he worked as electrician for Penna. Railroad. He was member of Grace Methodist Church, and was active in the Odd Fellows and Masonic Lodge No. 363. Died of sugar diabetes. Buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Oil City, with his wife. He attended Blair's Corners School in 1893 with sister, JENNIE (picture). -- Went to Clarion Normal School and taught school thereafter. Picture of WARREN MYERS on May 5, 1912, wearing his collar from the Odd Fellow Lodge in Blair's Corners. -- History of Wentlings Corners, p. 126. WARREN MYERS married GRACE REBECCA ASHBAUGH in 1901 and died on December 30, 1950. Following his retirement from the Penna. RR, he was engaged in the printing business in Oil City on Riverside Drive. He was a member of Grace Methodist Church, and a member of the Petrolia Lodge 363, F.&A.M., the Venango Lodge of Perfection, Pennsylvania Consistory of Pittsburgh, and Oil City Lodge, 589 I.O.O.F. -- Obituary of W.H. Myers. He was married to GRACE REBECCA ASHBAUGH Sunday evening, November 10, 1901, in Methodist Church in St. Petersburg, Clarion County, PA. -- Note on back of wedding picture in possession of Win Apel, 1997. As of Nov. 15, 1901, just days after their marriage, WARREN HENRY MYERS and GRACE REBECCA ASHBAUGH lived at 108 West Front St., South Oil City, PA, according to an envelope to Mrs. W.H. MYERS with the handwriting in the upper left in pencil: "First letter from my dear mother after my marriage." GRACE REBECCA ASHBAUGH born on Sep 12, 1879 in Pilgraheim, PA. Born September 12, 1879, in Clarion County, died on Jun 29, 1966 in Vancouver, WA.309,317 Died Wednesday in the Emerald Terrace Convalescent Home in Vancouver, WA and was buried after Jun 29, 1966 in Oil City, PA, Grove Hill Cemetery with her husband, who preceeded her in death.

All of the children of DANIEL ASHBAUGH and AMANDA ALSBACH went to Pilgraheim School [after the family moved there in 1873], then to Salem, then to St. Petersburg in 1890 because it was a better school. Salem was a two-room school called "Academy." They went to Sunday School in Pilgraheim School, next at Salem 1.5 miles. -- RUTH ASHBAUGH. GRACE attended St. Petersburg School in 1892-93 and, while there at the age of 13, wrote the following: "Autobiography of GRACE ASHBAUGH. GRACE ASHBAUGH was born in Pilgraheim, on September 12, 1879, and first attended school in a little school-house near her home. Her first teacher was Miss NETTIE BAKER, second Miss MAE FINLEY, third Mr. SCOBERT, fourth Miss EFFIE FINLEY, fifth Mr. HOCKMAN. When at the age of 10 years she moved to Salem and went to school, to Miss ELLA BLAIR and Mr. SNYDER he was a very good teacher. Then she moved to St. Petersburg and went to school to Miss STERNER one term, and now her teacher is Miss GOUPLES she likes her, and thinks she will learn very much.

GRACE ASHBAUGH has a kind Father and Mother. Her Mother was a school-teacher before she was married, and her Father is a carpenter. She has one brother and two sisters. Grace said she intends to change her name when she is 19 years old. She is going to marry rich and wear a diamond ring and have a party every night and never do a thing." -- Autobiography GRACE REBECCA ASHBAUGH is listed as one of the persons on the front of an old photograph in the possession of SCOTT T APEL, which shows the Lutheran Sunday School in St. Petersburg, PA, in 1895. The writing appears to be that of GRACE REBECCA ASHBAUGH MYERS per WIN APEL. GRACE ASHBAUGH, after her marriage, rarely left her home. Regular attendance at church and occasional quilting bees were the only exceptions. She ordered all her groceries on the phone and had her husband, WARREN, picked them up at the store. She did not even buy her own underwear. -- TWILA CROMER, 8/9/98 Aunt JENNY, JENNIE MYERS, used to tell DOROTHY MYERS, wife of JIM MILLER, when JENNY lived with DOROTHY, that GRACE ASHBAUGH did not like WARREN MYERS, her husband. -- Twila Cromer, 8/9/98 She had several half-brothers and two sisters that preceded her in death. -- Obituary.

After her husband's death in 1950, lived with and was taken care of until her death by her son, GORDY, who never married. -- Win Apel Grace Ashbaugh was living in Shelton, WA, as of Sept. 1962, but was expecting then to be leaving within a month. -- Grace Ashbaugh letter.

WARREN HENRY MYERS and GRACE REBECCA ASHBAUGH had the following children:

116 i. i. DOROTHY IRENE MYERS61 was born on Oct 17 1902 in Oil City, PA on West Front Street.-- back of old photograph She died on Mar 29. 1923 in Oil City, PA. Died of tuberculosis at age 20. She was buried in Oil City, PA, Grove Hill Cemetery. Buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Oil City, PA, where her parents were later buried. She died of tuberculosis. +117 ii. ii. Theodore Henry MYERS. +118 iii. MARY LOUISE (LOU) MYERS
119 iv. CHARLOTTE ANNA MYERS born on Jun 10, 1909 in Oil City, PA.94,320 Charlotte Anna Myers was born June 10, 1909. -- Myers family Bible, Whitling family tree. According to back of an old photograph, Charlotte Anna Myers was born at home at 420 W. 4th Street, Oil City, PA. She died on May 7, 1927 in Oil City, PA. Charlotte Myers died of tuberculosis at age 17. -- Family Bible, T.H. Myers CHARLOTTE ANNA MYERS died May 9, 1927. She died of tuberculosis. CHARLOTTE ANNA MYERS was in the Oil City H.S. Class of 1927, but did not graduate. She died where she was born, at 420 West Fourth Street, Oil City, PA, at 2:30 pm, May 7, 1927. She attended only the first few months of school before "being seized a with the illness, a complication of diseases." She was a brilliant student, but quiet and reserved. She was a member of the Grace Methodist Church, a teacher in its Sunday School, member of the Epworth League, Girl Reserves of the Y.M.C.A. Funeral will be at 4:30, Monday, May 9, 1927, J.H. Clemens of Grace Church officiating, assisted by Rev. K.C. Moore of Knox.
120 v. GEORGE GORDON (GORDY)MYERS born Jun 29 1915 in Oil City, PA, probably. GEORGE GORDON MYERS born June 29, 1915, died on Jul 15, 1979 in Stevenson, WA, of suicide. GORDY MYERS never married. He was active in the Boy Scouts and had an extensive stamp collection. His profession was a linotypist. He lived in Oil City, PA, for some time, and ran a printing shop there. It was this printing shop that Edwin and Marian took over shortly after they were married. In late 1947 GORDY began experiencing times when he could not remember things, and an appointment was made for him with a psychiatrist in Pittsburgh, PA, by his sister, a nurse, MARY LOU MYERS. Then, GORDY killed a man in Oil City in February 1949 by hitting him with an instrument. The man was the grandfather of a boy that was working in Gordy's print shop. He was found shortly after the killing in an unheated attic with only his shorts on. He was then sent away to a prison for the mentally insane near Williamsport, PA. When he was released in spring 1951, a trial took place in Oil City. The judge directed a verdict of not guilty, and he was not permitted to live in Oil City anymore. After the trial he moved to Pittsburgh, PA, and lived with his brother TED and TED's wife CORA for a couple of years. He then moved with his mother, GRACE, to Corry, PA (when he drove a black Packard) where is worked for a newspaper there as a linotypist. They moved there before April 1956, because they came down to Oil City, PA, in April 1956 for the funeral of Mark David Apel. They were living there in the summer of 1958, because Win Apel remembers visiting them in the summer when he was 8 years old. GORDON and his mother then moved to Shelton, WA, sometime before 1962-63, and later to Vancouver, WA, until his mother's death in 1966. GORDY then stayed in Washington until his death in 1979. For some of that time he ran a store, "GEORGE in the Gorge," in Stevenson, WA, which is in the Columbia River Gorge. In July 1979, after his death, Lorrie and Win Apel travelled from Boise, ID, to Stevenson, WA, to take care of his affairs for his four nieces, MARIAN, DOROTHY, FLO and TWILA MYERS. LORRIE and WIN cleaned up his apartment, went through his things, and found that he had been leading two lives--one with a family in the Stevenson area and another with a family in Carson, WA. In the latter, he attended the Methodist church, was an usher there, and was a Boy Scout leader; he went by the name of George. With the other family, he was known as "GORDY", had a room above the bar, and led a completely different kind of life. Win and Lorrie also met with his psychiatrist, who thought he was going to be sued for not watching him better. (Gordy once tried to commit suicide by threatening to jump off a bridge across the Columbia River before he was stopped.)

104. JENNIE LOUISE MYERS born Aug 29 1882 in MYERS Mills, PA. Born in 1892 on the MYERS homestead, died after 1962 in Pittsburgh, PA, Allegheny Hospital. ANNA MARIE MILLER can remember AUNT JENNY in the hospital before she died. JENNY MYERS died before Sept. 1962, as a letter written then refers to her death in the past. -- GRACE ASHBAUGH. She was buried in Lewistown, PA. JENNY attended Blair's Corners School in 1893 with her brother, WARREN HENRY MYERS. She also lived for many years with JAMES MILLER and DOROTHY MYERS Myers (MILLER) at the MYERS Homestead after her husband died. She was married to ENOCH GEORG YOUNG (son of ENOCH GEORGE YOUNG and Martha JONES) on Sep 30, 1913 in Blairs Corners, PA, Clarion Co. JENNIE LOUISE MYERS married ENOCH GEORGE YOUNG on Sept. 30, 1913. -- Bible, Myers family tree Married at Blairs Corners, PA. -- Myers family tree E.G. and JENNIE YOUNG were living in Lewistown, PA, as of January 1951.

277 ENOCH GEORGE YOUNG born Jul 27, 1887 in High Littleton, Somerset, England, the son of ENOCH GEORGE YOUNG and MARTHA JONES. He died of a heart attack before 1960 in Lewistown, PA. He was buried in Lewistown, PA. George Young landed in New York on Feb. 3, 1910, arrived in Oil City, PA, in March 1910, and worked as a clerk in the freight office for the Penna. Railroad. In 1925 he went to work for the Viscose Co. in Lewistown, PA, as a spinner in their rayon silk mill. His family all remained in England. JENNIE LOUISE MYERS and ENOCH GEORGE YOUNG had the following children:


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