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Little Artemis Greetings! I am the "technical person" from the Little Artemis team. My main job is to bring the wonders of Little Artemis to the world wide web.

  • Little Artemis is an original comic (so far, who knows what the future holds). It is written by Misa, a girl whose genius can be seen through her work. It is illustrated by Chise, definitely the most talented artist in the universe.

    The characters in Little Artemis are very realistic and the story line is extremely interesting and funny. Not only do you get to really know the heros, you also get close to the villians.

    Little Artemis is a story of a girl who is given powers to fight an enemy who many may think it ironic to consider their plans to be evil. This heroine must protect the world from evil while learning to deal with the changes in her life that being a heroine has brought about.

    An evil force has risen up once more. With plans to gain control by misusing "weak" humans to their advantage. Luckily the Lunarian is revived and she battles against the evil Aphrodite and her minions. As the evil forces grow stronger, the Lunarian receives a partner (or sidekick) to help hold off their adversaries. With Solar on the Lunarian's side, good begins to triumph. However, Aphrodite begins to launch more personal attacks along with the general ones. Now the Lunarian must continue to fight and adjust to how these events change her life.

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