Character Profiles

Here are descriptions of the characters of Little Artemis. They will be labeled by their role in the comic. Such as: villian, hero, good, evil, and minor. They are in order of appearance.

APHRODITE: Aphrodite is the main villain of "Little Artemis". She is bent on ruling the universe and is trying to conquer Earth. Aphrodite uses her powers to manipulate people's feelings and emotions to her advantage. In Greek mythology (as well as the comic), she is the goddess of love and beauty. The comic takes place in the present (didn't see THAT one comin'), roughly 1950 years after people stopped worshiping her. I imagine that not being worshipped would...err...agitate her. So she did the only thing she could; she tried to take over Earth.

HATHOR: Hathor is evil, but only because she is under Aphrodite's control. You could say that Hathor is a prisoner who has no other choice, but to obey to the power of evil. Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of love and beauty. There is a reason she works under Aphrodite; she has no choice. When Aphrodite lost Ares, she needed an "assistant" of sorts. Hathor was perfect for the job, but she wanted nothing to do with Aphrodite. Aphrodite would not take "no" for an answer, so she willed for Hathor to fall in love with Eros. Aphrodite "promised" Hathor that if she worked for Aphrodite for "X" amount of years, Eros was hers. Hathor tried to resist, but found it impossible.

EROS: Eros is Aphrodite's son. He is an accomplice to his mother's evil plans and does whatever his mother tells him to. He is constantly by her side.

GIRL: She is just a girl who often (practically everyday) pushes Tabby down in the hallway at school.

TABBY: Tabby is the Lunarian, defender of the Earth. She is 4 feet and 8 inches tall; and loves Monkey Girl comics. In the beginning Tabby hates the fact that being a super hero takes time away from her friends, but as time goes on she becomes more mature and stronger. Things get easier when the Lunarian receives a partner to help her fight evil. Her powers were given to her by Artemis. She has the Artemis Medallion to transform, and the Sword of Orion with which to fight.

MARY: Mary is one of Tabby's friends. She's the one that is the easiest to talk to and has a good heart. Mary is the first of Tabby's friends we meet. She can be a little bossy, co-dependant, and scary; but her heart is usually in the right place and she's great to talk to. She's a dreamer. Here's her Destiny Hint: She always does what Cherry and Miranda do.

CHAD: Chad is Tabby's best friend. He is also her partner or sidekick, Solar. Chad is 5 feet and 7 inches tall; and just like Tabby, he loves "Monkey Girl"; his favorite character is Zippy. According to Apollo, he's Tabby's PARTNER; and according to Artemis, he's Tabby's SIDEKICK. I'll let you be the judge. ^_^ He has a really big ax, called the Really Big Ax.

CLARKE: Mr. Clarke is the old guy who works at the comic store. 300 hundred years ago he use to have Chad's powers, and for his duties he received immortality a gift he no longer wants. Although he no longer battles, Mr. Clarke still works for Artemis and Apollo. In fact, he was the one to suggest Tabby as the Lunarian; even though the oracle chose her.

ALISON: Alison is Tabby's younger sister. She is 12 years old.

MARCUS: Marcus is Tabby's little brother. He is a scientific genius and has a laboratory in the basement that he is always in, experimenting.

ARTEMIS: Artemis is the one who is in charge of Tabby. She seems to be the head of the Great Caves, and is often seen playing a challenging game of dominoes. Artemis is the Greek goddess of unmarried girls, the hunt, and (in some myths) the Moon. She is technically Tabby's boss, but Oi-ya seems to have the most influence.

SOCRATES: Socrates basically "hangs out" at the Great Caves, and occasionally he gets to stalk people. He also can become a raven. Socrates is very intelligent, but hardly ever gets the credit for his ideas. He is wise, yet somewhat of an airhead.

MOM: Tabby's mother, the washed-up super model. She bakes a lot on her days off, to make up for having to work.

MILO: Milometeus or Milo as he is called; is Tabby's guardian. He's old and can also become a turtle. Milo is almost always nagging Tabby to focus more of her training, but realizes that he should be easier on her. He is technically Tabby's guardian, but sticks his nose into other people's business.

WOMAN: Woman at the Monkey Girl Festival in Brentwood in the park going frantic.

MIRANDA: Miranda is one of Tabby's friends. She is sarcastic and has a good sense of humor. Miranda Smythe is one of those boring characters who gets used way more than she should (this is because... hee hee hee... She is the author's version of herself). She feels that she is being ignored even when she knows she isn't. Many people (especially Eliott... ESPECIALLY Eliott) find her annoying. But she tries her best to be helpful. She is extremely competitive towards her grades, especially with Eliott. And her obsession with doing better than him will eventually lead to her downfall...

CHERRY: Cherry is one of Tabby's friends. She is very nice and has a great talent for art; in fact she is Tabby's artistic rival. You would have to be the most vile person in the world to hate Cherry Graph. It's hard to get her angry, but when you do... you don't wanna know. Cherry is super-smart and insanely nice. And in the end, she and Mary are the only ones who can save Miranda from herself...

APOLLO: Apollo is Artemis's brother. Apollo is the one in charge of Chad. He is in charge of the oracle and loves a challenging game of dominoes. Apollo is the Greek god of prophecy, agriculture, light and truth. He is also (in some myths) associated with the sun. His oracle at Delphi had to be moved due to the development of the modern world. This makes him angry.

AMI: Tabby's best girl friend is Ami. She's really smart and nice, but she keeps quiet. She isn't a major character until the second series. She gets a MUCH bigger part then...

KAY: Kay is one of Tabby's friends. She "hangs out" with Mary, and they sometimes stalk Tabby when they have nothing better to do. She's really nice.

ELIOTT: Eliott is actually one of Tabby's friends. He lived in Spirit Falls for a while, then moved to Pleasanton. He was going to move back to Spirit Falls, when he spontaneously walked into a wall of red glitter and was transported to Aphrodite's palace on Venus. However, he has been brainwashed by Aphrodite to get inside information on the Lunarian. During the brainwashing, Tabby's name was mentioned by Eros and now Eliott is torn between loyalties.

OI-YA: Oi-ya is Chad's guardian. She can also become a goldfish, a telepathic goldfish. Oi-ya usually interrupts people and gets all the credit for ideas that may save the day. In just about every issue, she either a) annoys everybody or b) saves the day. Usually she does both. She is technically Chad's guardian, but will advise just about everyone. In human form, she's really pretty.

GUY: The guy who works at the pet store.

CUPIDS: Winged babys or super deformed things that work for Aphrodite. They usually attack people in parks and stuff. They're a part of Hathor's army.

KENNY: Kenny is Chad's little brother. He is about Alison's age.

DAD: Actually he is Tabby's step-father, Tabby's real father was eaten by a polar bear; as was Chad's. Her step-father is very concerned about everything being safe.

VOICE: A mysterious voice that keeps leaving messages on Tabby's answering machine.

SUB: Tabby's substitute in science who wears bunny slippers and frolics.

VOICE IN BACKGROUND: The voice that sometimes is heard, especially at the end of an issue, mostly if Eliott is complaining though.

MAN W/ HAT : Tabby's neighbor who catches Kay and Mary stalking Tabby.

OLD GUY #1: Sits in a rocking chair on a porch, and notices strange things that go on.

OLD GUY #2: Comes up with interesting responses to the Old Guy #1's comments.

BENJERMAN: Marcus's friend. Miranda's little brother.

MRS. LEWIS: The mother of Mike and Polly.

MR. LEWIS: The father of Mike and Polly. His first name is Dirk.

POLLY: A spoiled little 5 year old girl, who has unfortunately grown up with "loose" morals, that she has been taught by her dolls.

MIKE: A 9 year old, who is the brother of Polly. He is always seen with his baseball glove on.

BILLY: Mike's friend who likes to play baseball.

MRS. STEWART: The choir teacher at High Street High. Constantly nags her students to bring in tapes.

RYOKO: A pink esquilax that sits upon Eliott's shoulder after Aphrodite discovered that he was a traitor.

OTHER VOICES: Voices that are heard when Eliott is in front of the curtain. They throw bricks at him.

CHARU: One of Tabby's friends. She jumped out of Tabby's locker one day, and joined the group. She's older than the others.

PSYCHE: The one that Eros loves. She was imprisoned in Aphrodite's crystal ball for being more beautiful than her. Eros only gets to see her on the first of the month.

CALLIOPE: The muse of epic poetry.

EUTERPE: The muse of lyric poetry.

CLIO: The muse of history.

ERATO: The muse of love poetry.

SHOEY: Selma Green, one of the 5 girls chosen to be a Sugar Girl.

SIMPLE: Selma Zabouski, one of the 5 girls who are the Sugar Girls.

DITZY: One of the Sugar Girls.

CHEAP: One of the Sugar Girls.

SLUTTY: A Sugar Girl.

URANIA: The muse of astronomy.

POLYHYMNIA: The muse of songs to the gods.

THALIA: The muse of comedy.

MELPOMENE: The muse of tragedy.

TERPSICHORE: The muse of dance.

PRINCIPAL SLEATOR: The Principal of High Street High.

SUGAR GIRLS: 5 girls chosen to be in a singing group. However that group is a part of Aphrodite's evil plans, and the girls are really just singing into dead microphones.

AUDIENCE MEMBER 1: One of the people at the Sugar Girls concert.

AUDIENCE MEMBER 2: One of the people at the Sugar Girls concert.

RIOT STARTER: A member of the Sugar Girls audience that starts a riot.

CHAD'S MOM: Single mother of two boys. Mrs. Twilliger is pretty laid back and happy. Proud that she has taught Chad to answer "yessum".

CHIP: The sadistic cousin of Chad. Described as the "Antichrist" by Chad. Chip's main goal seems to be to find any and every possible way to "hurt" Chad. Chip is bent on ruining Chad's friendship with Tabby so it would be easier for him to be "involved" with her. After a Halloween "incident", he became an advisor of sorts. Note: He's really weird.

AUNT CONNIE: Chip's mother, and Mrs. Twilliger's twin sister. She's oblivious to the trouble Chip causes.

MADELINE: Chip's little sister.

TEACHER: A History teacher at High Street High School.

SOME GUY: Some guy next door. Tells Tabby and friends to get off of the campus.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Voice of the school’s announcement system.

STUDENT: Disillusioned student who believed there was going to be a Picnic Day.

F.P. #1: A football player, he thinks he’s hot.

F.P. #2: Another football player.

F.P. #3: A football player.

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