Various Quotes

"Ivry time he dhrops a dollar, it makes a noise like a waither fallin' downstairs with a tray iv dishes." ~Mr. Dooley's comments on Carnegie
"I'm Hawaiin. I live here. Let me in." -The Author, getting into a Pacific Islander dorm.
"Can it be any physical activity?" -The Author, on a P.E. paper
"'Thunder makes me sound kewler.'" -N.K., on Booker T. Washington (his middle name was Thunder.)
"We have gained a leader, but lost a member." -N.K., on something that happened in P.E.
"Yay, we suck!" -Our reaction to graffiti on the locker.
"How many people use that locker?" -Some guy with the locker above us.
"The burrito has lepropsy. It's numful." -Chise, on a burrito.
"I am a communist monkey." -Patience, on herself.