Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the questions that have been frequently asked:

  • Q) Can I steal your idea, and market it as my own?
  • A) The answer to that would Because the author would chase after you, and kick you in the shins.

  • Q) In Issue #6, are you mocking the Spice Girls?
  • A) Yes, yes we are. Blantly too.

  • Q) What does "Lemon Tree" have to do with issue #1?
  • A) A friend of the author named it, it's not supposed to mean anything.

  • Q) Does the Lunarian or Solar get any new or advanced weapons in the comic?
  • A) The Lunarian gets a bow and arrows from Hathor during her brief stint as a heroine, and the Lunarian and Solar's weapons just look progressively kewler.

  • Q) Are there pictures to this comic?
  • A) Yes. The scannerator went to go scan them, but the pictures showed up too light. So, the illustrator had to go and outline them all, so that they would show up. That's why it took so long for the pictures to be put up, but they're up now.

  • Q) When is "Little Artemis" going to be released?
  • A) Well, that's a very good question. The author is currently working on another series of hers, and that one will most likely be published first. The author also plans on revising this series, so the release may be delayed.

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