In Search of Tabitha

Well, not really a "search". Tabitha... She's a person online who has come and gone mysteriously. One day she appeared seemingly out of nowhere; signing the Little Artemis guestbook and stating that she had created a Little Artemis fanclub. This club was the first fanclub for Little Artemis. Tabitha submitted two fanfics to the Little Artemis fan page. She still has yet to finish her second fanfic. Through club messages and e-mails Tabitha mentioned that she would be gone for a while due to a family tragedy. Since then Tabitha appeared in the club less and less. Eventually the club was some how deleted. Tabitha was no where to be found.

Many people had theories about the whole "Tabitha business". Some believed that "Tabitha" was really a friend or acquaintance of the author. Some believed that "Tabitha" was a sibling of one of the friends of the author. Others believed that "Tabitha" was the author herself. There was a theory that "Tabitha" could either be working alone or with an accomplice. The idea that "Tabitha" was an alias covering someone who knew the author came from clues that some people picked out of messages that Tabitha had left.

Nearly all of the suspected "Tabithas" were confronted and accused. Even I was accused of being "Tabitha". I am not this "Tabitha" that they spoke of. I, for one, believe that Tabitha actually exists as a real person. Where she is now, I do not know. But perhaps she will return. For Tabitha showed to me proof of the glory of Little Artemis. So Tabitha, where ever you are, thank you.

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