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This is a section for all the fans of Little Artemis. Here all the fan works will be placed. Such as fanfics, fanart, and anything else the fans can think of.

  • Fanfics: Here's some suggestions for a Little Artemis fanfic. You can use one of these or come up with your own ideas. The fanfic does not have to be written in script form.

  • Characters from Little Artemis are stranded on an island (deserted or not).

  • Spinoffs with the characters in different situations.

  • A fanfic entirely from the point of view of Old Man #1 and Old Man #2.

  • Crossovers with other shows and animes.

  • An Irish theme, so that the title will be "Wee Artemis".

    Future Beheld

    View from the Fishbowl

    A, uh, umm, Fanfic?

    An Attempt To Give Everyone At Least One Line

  • Fanart: We would appreciate fanart!

    Fan Art Gallery!

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