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PATH TO THE BELOVED: Relationship as Spiritual Practice - Coaching, Workshops, Retreats, Parties, Singles, Couples, Men, Women, 415.289.2213
Teresa Ann Foxworthy's Path to the Beloved
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LOVE in the 21st CENTURY &
DAKINI LOVE, Int'l. present…

Relationship as
Spiritual Practice

"Love is the Ultimate Journey to Enlightenment!"

To be your own Spiritual Super Hero may not always feel the way you want it to...but ultimately you will arrive at your desired destination! Welcome to PATH TO THE BELOVED coaching programs & social events. Enroll in one of our coaching programs or attend any of our social or educational events to pave the road to your happy heart! Attract & Keep the LOVE of Your Life by going deeper into your personal & spiritual evolution as a man or woman in today's world. Learn from ancient texts on the love between men & women which inspires & transcends so much of the mundane drama. Recognize the Divine in You & others to become a Love Magnet, channeling more compassion, light, & leadership into your family, relationships & community.


October 16-18, 2009, we'll be in San Diego where Teresa will lead a weekend workshop. This event will include one of our Rapture Soirees which are fabulous environments where you can practice expressing your radiance & presence in a wholesome environment. To register:

In October of 2009, we'll also begin our 8-month group coaching for singles & couples who want to take their Love Life to the next level. Imagine having a core group of people to support your relationship goals as you endeavor, either alone as a single man or woman or in your marriage with your spouse. This program will offer four weekend retreats with galas & dance parties (San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Baltimore/ Washington DC, & Hawaii), as well as weekly & monthly coaching sessions by phone. To register:


To help you with your voyage into sacred unions & fulfilling love relationships, we've interviewed an intriguing line-up of relationship experts to launch a 90-minute, online radio show every Thursday night @ 7pm Pacific Time & 10pm Eastern Time. The call-in number is in NY: (718) 508-9969 We now have over two dozen podcasts! We're SO excited... Click the following link for Conscious Dating & Relationship Online Programs . You can listen live or to our archived podcasts.

Artwork of LOVERS courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman at

* P A T H * t o * t h e * B E L O V E D


When romance evolves our own divinity, we achieve a form of spiritual ascension. Spiritual growth may actually nurture our predominant gender essence, whether feminine or masculine. The dance of duality gives birth to new realizations on our journey of Self-Realization. The more we evolve, the more we may participate more fully & joyfully in our love relationships. Interestingly enough this also assists in our collective Ascension as well!

Using wisdom from ancient texts, as well as a variety of contemporary teachers in the field, including David Deida & other prominent ones, THE PATH TO THE BELOVED paves the way for a new paradigm of loving relationships. In both small and large groups, each person has time to express their thinking and discover their feelings as they relax into their next step in their own evolution.

Creating sacred relationships in our personal lives leads to profound shifts in our awareness which is ultimately more satisfying for both partners & beneficial to everyone involved. With a variety of activities and events, this growing community of people is discovering the benefits of personal growth and spiritual development for healthy romantic relationships.

Together, we make it a lot easier to progress on this journey. Just as we needed time and practice and support to walk and talk, to read and learn, we find similar benefits as we endeavor with topics which were neglected at home or school in our upbringing & socialization process. Men & women can not only be friends & allies, but ecstatic lovers who make significant contributions to their communities, making this world a much better place, if not Heaven on Earth!


Path to the Beloved
Feng Shui Your Heart
Holistic Well-Being
Throne of Power
Ride the Tiger
Concentric Circles
Waking Up as a Spiritual Being
Feng Shui for Romance
Astrology for Lovers
Awakening the Magical Child
Voice Work & Sound Healing
Chakra Balancing
Radiance & Presence
Law of Attraction
Art of Allowing
Surrendering to Love
Authentic Self-Expression
Values Clarification
Mediation Practices

Rapture Soirees for Singles
Ancient Ways for Modern Dating
Luminous Goddess meets Noble Warrior
Dating for Marriage

Yoga for Couples
Co-Creating for Couples
Rapture Retreats for Couples
Conscious Touch for Couples

Honoring the Masculine
The Emerging Goddess Journey
Goddess Body Work
Reclaiming the Feminine

Noble Warrior Odyssey
Dating Your Wife
Emotional Intelligence
Empowerment for Men


With these programs, you'll learn:

Gender Essences
Holistic Well-Being
Authenticity & Empowerment
Spiritual Development Practices
Intimacy & Interpersonal Skills
Non-Violent Communication Skills
Dating Skills for Singles or Married Couples

Get the support YOU need NOW to get to where you want
to be this time next year! Our coaching programs
have a proven 98% success rate where singles are engaged
or married within a year & couples are renewing their
vows in the same amount of time.


PATH to the BELOVED: Relationship as Spiritual Practice offers personal tranformation programs, coaching-by-phone, workshops, and social events for Emerging Goddesses reclaiming their radiance and Evolving Heroes choosing more integrity & ecstatic love lives. Both couples and singles are offered these special programs for their relationship goals.

Catered Retreats in Elegant Venues
One-on-One Coaching with Teresa Ann Foxworthy
Social Events for Men, Women, Singles & Couples
Group Coaching Programs with Teresa & Guest Teachers
& even PATH to the BELOVED Teachers' Trainings


Most programs combine in-person events with teleconferencing.

Retreats are held in the following locations:

Northern California:
Marin County, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz,
Harbin Hot Springs, Esalen, Big Sur

Southern California
San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara

East Coast
New York City, Long Island, NY; Baltimore, MD,
Washington, DC, Alexandria, VA; Florida; Ashville, NC

Sedona, Phoeninx, AZ, Dallas, Austin, TX; Santa Fe,
Taos, NM;

Waikiki, Maui, Big Island; Eleuthera, Bahamas; Virgin Islands;
Seattle WA; Portland, OR; Denver, CO; Boston, MA

Host one near you!


The PATH TO THE BELOVED began as a series of workshops and events exploring male and female essences for the purpose of developing healthier and more fulfilling relationships. These groups provide a safe and sincere space to feel into the truth of our hearts on a more conscious path of awakening through our love relationships. Teresa got on this path when she started teaching yoga workshops when she was 17 years old. These services provide men and women options to develop their communication skills, explore their spiritual development, and chart their vision of love.

Relationship can be a path to conscious evolution, ecstatic living, & profound JOY.

So, remember: What's your purpose? How deeply can you love yourself? Keep breathing...Remember the light!




Dakini Love, Int'l. has a number of "Path" Event Descriptions:

Path to the Beloved - Relationship as a Spiritual Practice

Emerging Goddess - Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine

Awakening Warrior - Reclaiming the Sacred Masculine

Rapture Dance & Soiree Parties

This will give an opportunity to go deeper into this work to allow for emotional breakthroughs and practice awakening our radiant goddess and enlightened warrior selves!


If you would like to sponsor an event in your area, please email us to make inquiries and arrangements. Currently, there are requests for events in Ashville, Atlanta, Sedona, Denver, New York, Miami, Santa Barbara, Cannes, Seattle, Barcelona, Paris, Maui, Los Angeles, London, Baltimore, Bali and Australia...We have been re-grouping with our expansion in several areas and appreciate your interest in hosting these events.



"We had alot of fun. In a beautiful environment, connecting with our sacred self and meeting others who are on the same path to wholeness and awakening, Rapture seemed so easy. Bringing the experience with me, back to my work-a-day world, has helped give me a better frame of reference for 'not sweating the small stuff' as they say. I loved it."
Julia, Lawyer, San Rafael

"Teresa is not licensed, but I feel she's the best therapist I've ever worked with. As a therapist myself, for the past 25 years, I am very impressed with her grasp of human nature and personal transformation techniques. I've reached a new level of self-awareness with her help and recognize a much deeper potential for my life. In one week, she facilitated a huge shift in my thinking, and I saw immediate results."
Mikial, Therapist, San Diego

"Teresa, everyone should know about you. You are absolutely wonderful. You helped me where therapists have failed for the past 8 years. Thanks to you I have a brand new understanding of myself, my life, my mission, and my ex-wife. I was amazed by your work. Thank you... When are you coming back?"
Bill, VP Marketing with Fortune 50, Mountain View



Stay tuned, as Rapture parties & other events are returning to Northern California in conjunction with Spiritual Singles, Conscious Singles, and other social groups.


Personal Transformation Coaching

Dating & Relationship Life Coaching

Feng Shui Consultations

Voice Work - Freeing the Soul through the Voice

Noble Warrior Coaching - Reclaiming the Noble Masculine

Intuitive Development & Angelic Guidance

Meet Teresa

Teresa Ann Foxworthy, founder, teacher, life coach, workshop leader, has developed more than 200 personal growth programs over the last 20+ years. She began studying yoga at age 9 and was teaching it at age 17. Having been a coach and consultant for individuals and organizations, including a dozen or so Fortune 500 companies, both here and abroad, she is most successful working with people who are ready for personal growth & transformation. Currently accepting new clients,
Ms. Foxworthy is also available for retreat facilitation and speaking engagements.




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(c) 1992-2009 Teresa Ann Foxworthy/ All rights reserved.

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