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PATH TO THE BELOVED Personal Coaching 415 289 2213 Teresa's Path to the Beloved - Coaching Program
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THE PATH TO THE BELOVED Coaching Program offers men and women support on their journey into relationship as a spiritual practice. As women learn to relax in to their sacred feminine, and men embrace their noble masculine, the result is pure rapture. Not that life doesn't offer our karmic challenges, but we learn to better recognize the divine in ourselves, and hence one another, serving each other and ourselves to our highest good.

Do you want to go deeper?
Do you want more conscious relationships in your life?
Are you devoted to your heart's true love?
Are you looking for your soulmate?
Do you feel as if you are in "the advanced class" and are trying to keep your head afloat?
Do you know what love is?
Do you want support as you venture into the most profound love of your life?

Using wisdom from a variety of teachers in the field, THE PATH TO THE BELOVED paves the way for a new paradigm of loving relationships. Dare to delve into your heart's love. Beyond mere romance, find the sacred union that awakens you to the miracle that your life is! Sharing life with your true beloved, cultivating the meaning of soulmate, you will transform your obstacles into opportunities for enlightenment!

Creating sacred relationships leads to brighter radiance and deeper awareness which is ultimately more satisfying for both partners. With a variety of activities and events, this growing community of people are discovering the benefits of personal growth and spiritual development.

Coaching is done by phone, usually brief weekly appointments, or more intensive monthly sessions.

RATES: Call for introductory session and rate schedule.

Call today for your free introduction:

415 289 2213

Teresa Ann Foxworthy has been helping men and women on the Path to the Beloved for more than 20 years. Her sensitivity and insight are valued by hundreds of clients through the years. Both spiritual singles and devoted couples will enjoy her joyful heart and her penetrating intelligence, her ancient wisdom and her myriad of resources and techniques for questing on the Path. Read more in her biography.

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Thank you for your interest in The PATH to the BELOVED.

Much love to your precious hearts, always,

Sincerely, Teresa Ann Foxworthy

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c 1992-2009 Teresa Ann Foxworthy/ All rights reserved.

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