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FENG SHUI for ROMANCE, LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS Consultations 415.289.2213
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Teresa Ann Foxworthy, Feng Shui Life Coach, divides her time between Northern California, Southern California, & the Mid-Atlantic. She is available for private consultations for your home or office to help you attain personal fulfillment in the areas of love, romance and harmonious relationships. Whether you are dating, wanting to marry or trying to clarify your situation, Ms. Foxworthy can help. For over twenty years, studying the flow of harmonic Chi, The Feng Shui Life Coach of Marin has developed a practice called, Holistic Feng Shui, which combines the wisdom of The Compass School, The Black Hat School and The Lo Shu School of traditional Feng Shui. Combining her practice of The Dating Coach with her Feng Shui expertise, Ms. Foxworthy is happy to consult you by phone, email or in-person.

Feng Shui is the ancient "art of placement" primarily used to arrange the interiors of homes and office buildings, as well as design their exteriors. In the compass school of Feng Shui, calculating your "kua number" (using your birthdate) will ascertain your auspicious directions and locations within these dwellings for optimum health, happiness and good fortune. Teresa Foxworthy has been studying the harmonious flow of "chi" for over twenty years and is available to help you create an environment to augment your good fortune in every area of your life. For both single people, as well as couple's, personal compass directions are important to honor for a happy home and love life.

Relationships and dating have their own special application of Feng Shui. Calculation of Love Directions and Locations will determine how you position your bed. Every night for approximately eight hours, you are absorbing through your crown chakra the energies from whichever direction you are pointed. You are advised to position yourself to benefit from your best compass directions. In addition to this, there are "remedies" for design "flaws" that occur in many homes today. Missing corners, poison arrows, inauspicious elements and colors are often overlooked and disrupt the potential harmony of our lives. Our environment indeed has a significant impact upon our lives. Do you know how yours is affecting yours? Or your partner's?

Call Ms. Foxworthy now for your free introductory consultation and attract the Love you desire! Email: t f o x w o r t h y @ h o t m a i l . c o m


Do I have the relationship I want?
If not, why not?
What gets in the way?
Am I having fun in my dating or relationship?
If not, why not?
Am I satisfied with the level of emotional intimacy I experience in my life?
What's missing in my love life?
Am I ready for the love I most desire?
Am I ready to invest the time and energy to create the relationship I want?
Am I ready to have fun every step of the way?
Am I willing to explore the ancient wisdom available to me?

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| dating coach | dating for marriage | feng shui home | women | men | love astrology | feng shui your heart | love ~ 21st C