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EMERGING GODDESS | GODDESS | GODDESS AWAKENING | GODDESS COACHING Teresa Ann Foxworthy's "The Emerging Goddess Journey - Expanding the Divine Feminine"

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The journey into the sacred feminine is a path that nurtures every woman's heart. Breathing the light of love into her being, each woman can embrace the rose that she is, blossoming into the divine expression that she holds deep within her soul. Sharing this experience with other women can lift up an emerging goddess to her higher ground. Making choices in her life that align her with her highest good, the emerging goddess is a gift to the world. Her heart's love is the nectar, the fragrance that she shares with others.

It is her gift to the world.

In collaboration with Club Shangri-La, THE EMERGING GODDESS program is an adventure into divine femininity. Helping women to deepen their core essence, we provide a variety of services for this journey. As you walk the road toward your fulfillment and personal ecstasy, you will enjoy having the support of others who are also on this path.

With so many ways to help women reclaim their passion and power, Teresa offers books, coaching, events, retreats, workshops, and much more.


- Teresa has a number of titles for the Emerging Goddess to accompany and inspire her on her journey to the Divine Feminine.


- Choose from classes, retreats, soirees, and other delightful events around the world. Learn about our Goddess Weekend Retreats with other goddesses.


- Goddess Coaching is a specially-designed coaching program for women to help them reclaim their lives and make this world a better place in the process.


- Create the most auspicious environment for your home and work with the ancient Chinese wisdom of feng shui. Teresa has been a professional consultant for over 15 years doing both residential and commercial projects.


Let's see if we'd like to work together...




West Coast: 415.289.2213
East Coast: 410.347.1493

... Namaste!

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