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PATH TO THE BELOVED: Relationship as Spiritual Practice - Coaching, Workshops, Retreats, Parties, Singles, Couples, Men, Women, 415.289.2213
Teresa Ann Foxworthy's Path to the Beloved
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LOVE in the 21st CENTURY &
DAKINI LOVE, Int'l. present…

Relationship as
Spiritual Practice

"Love is the Ultimate Journey to Enlightenment!"

To be your own Spiritual Super Hero may not always feel the way you want it to...but ultimately you will arrive at your desired destination! Welcome to PATH TO THE BELOVED coaching programs & social events. Enroll in one of our coaching programs or attend any of our social or educational events to pave the road to your happy heart! Attract & Keep the LOVE of Your Life by going deeper into your personal & spiritual evolution as a man or woman in today's world. Learn from ancient texts on the love between men & women which inspires & transcends so much of the mundane drama. Recognize the Divine in You & others to become a Love Magnet, channeling more compassion, light, & leadership into your family, relationships & community.


October 16-18, 2009, we'll be in San Diego where Teresa will lead a weekend workshop. This event will include one of our Rapture Soirees which are fabulous environments where you can practice expressing your radiance & presence in a wholesome environment. To register:

In October of 2009, we'll also begin our 8-month group coaching for singles & couples who want to take their Love Life to the next level. Imagine having a core group of people to support your relationship goals as you endeavor, either alone as a single man or woman or in your marriage with your spouse. This program will offer four weekend retreats with galas & dance parties (San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Baltimore/ Washington DC, & Hawaii), as well as weekly & monthly coaching sessions by phone. To register:


To help you with your voyage into sacred unions & fulfilling love relationships, we've interviewed an intriguing line-up of relationship experts to launch a 90-minute, online radio show every Thursday night @ 7pm Pacific Time & 10pm Eastern Time. The call-in number is in NY: (718) 508-9969 We now have over two dozen podcasts! We're SO excited... Click the following link for Conscious Dating & Relationship Online Programs . You can listen live or to our archived podcasts.

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* P A T H * t o * t h e * B E L O V E D


Our mission is to serve men, women, couples, and singles to co-create with their beloved a most fulfilling relationship which serves each of them & their communities to their highest good. We do this through educational programs such as individual and group coaching, healthy social events, healing retreats, books, CDs, et al. We value your feedback to help us stay current with your most pressing requests. Together, we are create a more conscious communities of awakened souls! Using the Luminous Goddess meets Noble Knight paradigm, explore our men and women most want to be honoured & cherished for lasting unions which uplift everyone involved.

David Deida describes it well in his short article:


What is Third Stage Intimacy
by David Deida


What is the ultimate pleasure in intimacy that men and women seek? Where is it to be found, once and for all? As many of us have already discovered it is not finally to be found in any specific person we can "own," acquire, or depend on. Neither is it to be found in a carefully arranged 50/50 Relationship with a "safe" man or woman. Rather, it is to be found in the process of open-hearted surrender, of being overwhelmed in love.

This is the secret that all passionate lovers know: in the moment of true ecstasy, we die to ourselves in love, and this surrender itself is our sweetest pleasure. Surrender of self into love is the basis for Intimate Communion.

To admit this pleasure of sweet surrender is taboo in our culture. For instance, our culture expects us to be strong and independent; "surrendering" to love is considered an act of weakness by many people. Likewise, we are always supposed to be in control of ourselves. Yet, when two lovers surrender their boundaries and melt into a single body of passion, they are anything but "in control." In the heat of love-desire, we are liable to ravish our partner or submit ourselves in a way that we would be hesitant to talk about in public.

Most of us have blissfully let go of our boundaries to some degree during orgasm or in the delicious ecstasy of emotional surrender in love. In order to explore the fullness of sexual intimacy, we must be willing to embrace the taboos of extreme pleasure which our society would rather not discuss. Even though most of us have a line that we don't want anyone to cross, we must be willing to explore the deepest hidden Masculine and Feminine desires for surrender in our heart.

If you are willing to give your true gift and express your true desires, you can create perfect intimacy, moment by moment. This kind of intimacy is something you do, not something you have. It is an ongoing practice of sexual union, emotional openness, and spiritual trust. It is a practice of love.

This is one way that third-stage intimacy differs from the psychological techniques offered by most relationship books which deal with our "inner child" or finally getting the love we always wanted from our parents. Rather than looking at how our past has resulted in the present state of our intimacy, the third-stage involves consciously practicing a new style of intimacy in this present moment, and thus the past becomes obsolete.

There is no reason to remain mediocre in our intimate relationships. Step by step, in Intimate Communion, we can breathe new light into our bodies, minds, and hearts, even to the point of unbounded joy. We can understand the stages of intimacy we have already grown through and those we have yet to grow through. We can honor and find humor in the attractive and potentially frustrating differences between the Masculine and Feminine ways of loving. And we can embrace the taboos of love that we secretly desire, so that the depth of our ecstasy in union is no longer limited by the "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" of our time.

This practice of third-stage Intimate Communion is not based on the sex roles of yesterday, nor on the 50/50 idealism of today. Rather, this new style of intimacy is a next step for men and women who are ready to yield their protected sense of separate self into the blissful force of unrestrained love--a step that liberates men and women from past and present confines by requiring them to surrender the fearful boundaries which guard their heart. By understanding the natural flow of sexual energy, and by trusting the inevitable stages in which love grows, men and women can relax into Intimate Communion, the next step in intimacy beyond the 50/50 Relationship.

[This article is adapted from Intimate Communion by David Deida.]

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