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Teresa Foxworthy's NOBLE WARRIOR Article

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Teresa Ann Foxworthy's LOVE'S NOBLE WARRIOR Article

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THE PATH TO THE BELOVED began as a solution for more fulfilling relationships. The worst loneliness, some argue, is being in a relationship with someone and feeling absolutely disconnected from this person, utterly unable to feel understood or cared for. What makes a relationship fulfilling today is quite different than definitions from the past, although great loves throughout history have shared the same qualities of this noble path. The human heart has the potential for rapturous unions, ecstatic experiences than attain transcendental states of being. But many scoff before ever even attempting to improve their current state of affairs. If you could enter a realm where relationships with everyone around you were elevated to a more conscious reality, wouldn't you?

Breathe into your heart for a moment, make it a full and deep breath...come on, try it...and notice how you feel...try it again, breathe deeply...exhaling all the way...inhaling again, relax...

How do you feel? Notice your body...your are they? Can your mind quiet enough to really notice? Are you connected to your soul? Can you feel your spirit connected to the universe? Are you living a life fully alive and present to the possibilities all around you? We are not sleeping in our beds, but are we truly awake? Life is for learning, are you open to a deeper understanding of what keeps you unfulfilled? The Path to the Beloved is a journey of the heart and soul. It begins in our bodies, for to journey we must be in shape. Are you really present in your body? Do you have compassion for your body? Your relationship to your body has a lot to do with your relationship to yourself and others.

Now, notice your heart and soul. Can you really distinguish between them? Do you feel deserving of love? Can you visualize the love of your life? Are you connected with the divine essence existing in all of creation? Can you feel the web of life? We are all inextricably connected and our feelings of loneliness are temporary lapses of memory. We may disconnect consciously or unconsciously, as may our current lover or mate. But, regardless of anyone's behavior, we may chart a course of empowerment, conscious enlightenment, compassion and love.

This is The Path to the Beloved.

Together, sharing our successes and challenges, we can make it a lot easier to progress on this journey. Just as we needed time and practice and support to walk and talk, to read and learn, we find similar benefits as we endeavor to create sacred relationship in our lives; first with ourselves and then with others...

Relationship can be a path to consious evolution. "What's your purpose? How deeply can you love yourself? Keep breathing...remember the light!" This verse which I wrote long ago, continues to illustrate the path to inner peace and harmony. As we balance ourselves, we can better entertain a loving and rewarding union between another's heart and our own. So often, men and women engage in merely physical or intellectual relationships. Before they even realize it, their hearts are begging for some rational attention. But how? How can we engage another to meet us where we long to be met when we have only been addressing a fraction of their full being?

Now, imagine being centered in a healthy body, with a rosy heart and a clear mind and spirit. Imagine attracted and selecting a similar partner to share and build a life together. Imagine being fulfilled and grateful for receiving the sweetest and most grounded love you have ever known. THE PATH TO THE BELOVED is more than a philosophy. It is more like a strategy to help you discover your full potential for a fulfilling love life. When approached as a spiritual practice, relationships are thus elevated to a new realm of activity. Instead of intimidating or problematic, they are now a true gift from heaven to guide us toward our own enlightenment. Deepening male and female differences can be ecstatic for successful relationships.

This is a path bringing together the 'noble warrior' and 'luminous goddess' motifs. As we move forward with our own development, we can create more satisfying unions with our chosen partner. First, we discover the love within our own hearts, we heal and prepare to meet our inner beloved. We create a direct link between our hearts and the source of all love and light. From here, we can better meet and relate to the human being in front of us. Women, deepening their feminine spirit and men, their masculine, come together on the path to the beloved find all the nuances and rewards of a higher love.

c 1992-2005 Teresa Ann Foxworthy/ All rights reserved.


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