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All boomerangs are affected by the wind, some more than others. Wind is the force that will bring your boomerang back to you or blow it away from you. You must learn each boomerang's characteristics and always be aware of the wind speed and direction. For right handed people, the boomerang is thrown usually between 30-90 degrees to the right of the wind heading. For left handed people, that is 30-90 degrees to the left of the wind heading See the Boomerang Manual.

Estimating the Wind with the Beaufort Scale
Learn how to determine the wind speed.
This Beaufort Scale is modified for judging the wind on the land.
Wind Speed Beaufort Category How to Judge the Wind
1-3 mph Light Air Smoke drifts. Wind cannot be felt.
4-7 mph Light Breeze Wind felt on face. Leaves rustle. Weather vanes move.
8-12 mph Gentle Breeze Leaves and twigs in motion. Light flags are extended.
13-18 mph Moderate Breeze Wind raises dust and loose papers. Small branches move. Flags flap.
19-24 mph Fresh Breeze Small trees in leaf sway slightly. Wavelets form on ponds and lakes.
25-31 mph Strong Breeze Large branches move. Telephone lines sing.

A tongue in cheek look
at the Beaufort windscale
modified for boomerang throwers

To convert windspeed from one unit
to another, go to this link
Wind speed converter

Summer can be deceptively hot.
Here is a heat index calculator

Get the current conditions from your local Weather section.
Then enter the values below:
Temperature (70°F - 140°F) Relative Humidity (0 - 100%) Heat Index (°F)

Note: The formula used to calculate the heat index gives only an approximation because of the complexity of human and environment interaction.

Credits: Javascript by Pat Barling from a Perl script by Tim Brice of the National Weather Service, El Paso.

Do you throw boomerangs in the winter?
Here is a wind chill calculator to determine
the apparent temperature on the throwing field.

Wind Speed (MPH) =
Air Temperature (F) =


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