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Flying Frog

Tom Conally's Flying Frog Boomerangs

Member of
United States Boomerang Association

Welcome to my website.

My shop is in Burlington, North Carolina.

I can provide demonstrations and/or a talk on all aspects of boomerangs within a reasonable distance of here. I do not give a sales pitch, but would appreciate the priviledge of providing boomerangs to anyone who is interested.
I offer quality boomerangs at reasonable prices.

If you want to know more about me, check out my personal index here

Liability Statement

Please know that by buying boomerangs from Flying Frog Boomerangs, the buyer holds harmless Flying Frog Boomerangs and Tom Conally.
Throw at your own risk. You are expected to observe boomerang safety rules.
There is a reasonable expectation that the boomerang will return to you so please be careful.

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