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Stuff You Really Need To Know!!

Watch Out! Boomerang approaching!

( Duck! )

Throwing a boomerang is a sport that can be done by yourself but it is much more satisfying if you are with a group of enthusiasts or have an interested audience. Here are some important things you may want to remember:

  • Always choose an area at least twice as large as the expected range of your boomerang.

  • Make sure that onlookers realize that the boomerang, while usually under some control, is at the mercy of the wind or a bad throw and may go way off course.

  • Never throw while another thrower is retrieving an errant throw and is unaware of your intention to throw.

  • Be extremely careful of throwing near a road or people who aren't involved in your activity.

  • Always wear some type of eye protection.

  • Sun protection may be important for your skin if you are spending a long afternoon in the sun.

  • A good cap, and good sunglasses (shatter resistant) may be good for your vision. Too much ultraviolet causes cataracts.

  • Don't forget to take cold water or your favorite beverage. You can quickly get dehydrated in the sun, even on cloudy days.

    The flight path of a boomerang changes constantly during a flight. Do not look away from a returning boomerang and expect to find it in the air again easily. If you do need to look away (you trip over your marker) glance quickly in the area you expect the boomerang to be. If you don't see it right away, don't stand there and stare! A boomerang returning at close to eye level is almost impossible to spot and will hurt if it hits you in the face. If you don't spot it immediately, assume the "ducked head position", turn your back, cover your head with your arms, and duck down. If the boomerang hits your back, you know it was a good throw.

    If you are with a group of throwers and hear the shout

    "Duck!!" or "Incoming!!"

    be sure and protect yourself in the same way with the ducked head position.

    You should watch the flight of your boomerang and if someone else is threatened with that flight it is your responsibility to shout "Duck !!" or "Incoming !!" to warn that person.

    The shout of "Heads up" is particularly inappropriate for boomeranging.

    Always have fun with your boomerang!

  • Thomas G. Conally, Flying Frog Boomerangs, 1998-99

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