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Flying Frog Boomerangs
is proud to present guest boomsmith

Jeremy Smith, Grizzlysmith Productions

A boomerang in the sunset over Guymon Oklahoma

Click on each picture to see an enlarged version
Photos Jeremy Smith, 2000.
Returning Boomerangs with various traditional replica art, either central desert dot art, or Arnhem land art.

js36.JPG Didjeridoo, bullroarer, clicksticks, and boomerang.
Set of Clicksticks, bullroarer, and boomerang all painted in the central desert dot art style js282.JPG
js291.JPG Clickstick used to accompany didge playing by taping together or on didge to keep rhythm.
Bullroarers swung from end of string around in the air to create a whirring or roaring sound. Used during sacred ceremonies by older initiated males to warn females and younger males to stay away from ceremony. js301.JPG
js33.JPG Didgeridoo. A Musical wind instrument used in ceremonies, dances, and other gatherings. Central desert dot art.
Didjeridoo close up of end away from mouthpiece. js351.JPG

I make all Australian Aboriginal Artifacts and paint them in the traditional styles of the Central desert dot art or Arnhem land cross-hatch art. Boomerangs are of finnish birch 10 ply or Baltic birch 5 ply. Didjeridoos are Yellow mallee eucalyptus from Australia, and have been hollowed out by white ants. The didjeridoo mouthpieces made from beeswax of a local honey producer. Clicksticks are of American poplar timber. Bullroarers are made of exotic hardwoods from Africa, South America, Australian, and Mexico selected for there dense properties and unique wood characteristics. Bullroarer ropes made from hemp twine.
The name of my company is Grizzlysmith Productions.
I will be selling my wares as "The Boomsmith" with this schedule
March 3-4 North Texas Irish Fest. Dallas TX
March 10-April 1 Excalibur Fantasy Faire Smithville TX (near Austin)
April 6-8 Norman Medieval Faire Norman OK
April 14-June 3 Scarborough Faire Waxahachie TX (S. of Dallas)
June 30-Aug 26 Bristol Renaissance Faire Kenosha WI
All shows are weekends only
You may email me at

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