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Some of my favorite links!


Boomerang Sites The online boomerang and flying toy superstore. We sell boomerangs and flying toys for all ages and abilities. Browse our selection, order online or call us toll free.

Pierre Kutek's elaborate boom site  More boomerang plans than any other site on the internet.

Gel Boomerangs  Mike Gel's great site for Boomerang information

United States Boomerang Association  USBA Homepage

United States Boomerang Association  Tournament Rules

Rangs Boomerangs, Australian made A very nice United Kingdom site.

British Boomerang Society  A great site with all types of boomerang information. A must see site.

Kendall Davis' Master Designs

Ted Bailey's home page.  More boomerang links than you can see in one day.

Whishhbone Boomerangs John Villagrana's boomerang site. Birch booms

Davroboomerangs   Boomerangs handmade in Scotland

SnapBee Boomerangs, world's most accurate indoor boomerang!

Pat Steigman's Boom Bag

Ricardo Bruni Marx's Boomerang pages in Brazil

Boomerang Passion Olivier Duffez's site,"BOOMERANG PASSION" in French with an available on page translator

A French Boomerang Site

Ed ter Laare's boomerang page, nice lookin' booms

Ulf Valentin's U.V. Lightrangs
Ulf Valentin's U.V. Lightrangs

Steven Graham's Boomerangs. Want a boomerang personalized?

Boomerangs By W.J.  

True Type Boomerang font zipped Download here.

Boomerang Plans

How to Make a Simple Night Boomerang  By Jimbo (David Martin)

How to Make a Boomerang  By Heikki Niskanen

How to make a boomerang step by step

How to make a balsa wood cross stick boomerang

My Cardboard or cereal box boomerang   links to other cardboard plans also

Bumerang Welt plans. Over 100 plans on line in German

Herman Peeters' Plans

Hopla Boomerang club plans  In French

More plans  some from the old French server we knew so well

Rediboom Plans

Gerhardt Bertling's Plans


Heikki Niskanen's Plan collection

"Boomerang Passion

Steven Graham's Paint stick boomerang.  Instructions how to build.

Tutukera !!! Web Site for boomerangs plans lovers.Welcome everybody.  Sorry only one star, page not kept up very well (ed.)

Woodworking Links important to Boomsmiths

Woodweb  A very important link for aspiring boomsmiths. Many, many topics on woodworking and finishing

UBILD A page with lots of woodworking links

Boomerang History Links

Rediboom's excellent history of Boomerangs

AboSteve's Boomerang History 101

An account of Egyptian history of the 6th dynasty There is a reference to boomerangs in one of the inscription translations. On your browser select edit: find in page, and type in boom to find it.

Pictures of the Egyptian Boomerangs

Gerhard Bertling's Aboriginal boomerang pictures

Pictures of the ancient Dutch boomerang

One page comment and picture on the Origins of the Boomerang

Another historical account of Boomerangs

Bruno Mueller's boomerang history.

"Boomerang Passion: Boomerang History."

A passionate history of Australian aborigines

Another web page with an abbreviated history

A non returning boomerang of oak found at a dig in Little Salt Spring, Florida. Go to edit and search for boomerang in the page.


History of Stephen Silady Australian Distance Boomerang Champion. AUSTRALIAN LONG DISTANCE BOOMERANG CHAMPION Born at Kotoriba in Donnellan to make a plastic boomerang which then became the first plastic boomerang.

Gel's brief history of Boomerang competitions.

Compton's encyclopedia Boomerang definition

Encyclopedia Britannia's Boomerang Definition

Non Boomerang Links, a place for artists, craftsmen and inventors

SHOPPING TARGET.COM  A wonderful directory of good websites to visit

 My affiliate bookstore

Arstechnica  Want to build your own computer? Start here!!

ASKME.COM  A tremendous resource of experts to answer any question in any field. You can sign up to be an expert too!

The Mad Scientist Network   Another "ask me" type page for all disciplines of science

Here is a "Reallybig" resource.   Everything you need for building a webpage.

Need Tools?

Didgeridoings A good starting place to explore the world of Didgeridoos

Cosmic Yo-Yo Here is a great compendium of Yo-Yo tricks

I love Fractals. Visit my very own fractal gallery

"Rec.Humor.Funny" Page

Alamance Community College

Web-Star Exclusives, A Really good page for eclectic information

Like Fonts? Here is a free font site: ACID FONTS

Tons of great email signatures!Tons of great email signatures!

50's Jukebox

A java applet of flying frogs My email address
Email me for broken links please

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