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Almost Home: After Buffy goes and tells Tara about her affair with Spike, the Wicca finds out something deeply shocking.
Blood And Roses: What if Xander hadn't been staying in the hospital to watch over Buffy?
I Quit: What if Dawn died instead of Buffy? What if the Slayer made true of her
promise to Giles?
Love Of A Lifetime: Years into the future two "enemies" have an unexpected encounter.
Love's Gift: BtVS up to the scene in "Passion" where Angel climbs into Buffy's bedroom is a fair game. It slips into AU after that.
Not Anymore: Buffy had come to a decision. Giles is to find out.
Piece Of My Heart: Sequel To Love of A Lifetime. After his meeting with Riley, Angel has the next unexpected encounter
Take me to the Ice-Show: What if Buffy hadn't thrown those tickets her father sent her into the trash, and put them to good use instead?


Mending Wounds: Angel's a doctor. Buffy's his patient.
Sigma, Delta, Gamma: Buffy and Angel meet up in college.
Things Happen For A Reason: Angel is married. Something unexpected happens and everything changes.


JuJu (used to be known as Jennifer)
Don't Take The Girl: Song Fic.
Spring Break: Buffy and Angel meet in Cancun Mexico on Spring Break!!!!
Untitled: When Angel becomes human he goes to Sunnydale to see Buffy and gets a little surprise.



A Cup Of Coffee: Song-Fic, Angst. Buffy can't deal with Angel's rejection.
Again: Song-fic, Buffy and Angel meet again after several years.
Always: Buffy never returned to Sunnydale when she ran away and stayed in L.A. with Anne. After four years she meets the Scooby Gang, again.
Carissimo Padre: AU, On her 17th birthday Buffy has sex with Angel who she doesn't even know and gets pregnant. After 10 years they meet again.
Game Of Love: Buffy realizes that she just can't let go and goes to LA to pursue the love of her life.
Love At Work: Buffy and Angel are colleagues in a computer firm. AU, this means no demons, slayers or Hellmouths.




Katriena Knights

Hope And Light: Thoughts of two souled vamps.
Reunited: Cordy's recovery from the trauma perpetrated upon her in S4 leads to unexpected results.
Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace: Follow-up to Reunited.  Angel attends Xander and Cordy's wedding.
The Truth Will Out: Angel knows who the Beast's Master is.  So what do they do about it?
Three's Company, Four Is Tiring: Post That Old Gang of Mine. Angel repays his debt to the Transuding Furies.
Who Needs Sleep?: Returning to the fold of Angel Investigations produces an unexpected problem for Angel--Insomnia.

Happily Ever After Series

Happy Birthday: Buffy gets a pleasant surprise on her thirtieth birthday.
A Price To Be Paid: No Summary.
Special Delivery: Baby Giles is born, in the middle of a snowstorm, natch. Oh, and there's Lorne!
Shadows Of The Past: The Powers that Be claim the price demanded from Angel to save his then-unborn son. At the same time, a vampire nest in Dublin forces Buffy and Angel to revisit some of the darkest moments of their pasts.
Christmas In Vegas: During a vacation trip to Las Vegas, Buffy and Angel are reunited with old friends.  But all is not well in the Summers household, as the happy couple suddenly  find themselves in an unexpected squabble over baby names.

Soulbound Series

Prelude, With Tears: Angel finds Buffy at the Ice Capades on her birthday, and she's in a bit of a state.
Andante Con Moto, With Chains And Fangs: Wesley has found a way to counteract the curse, but Angel needs Buffy's help, of course.
Accelerando, With Peroxide And A Leather Duster: Angel has been de-cursed, but there's something very weird going on in Sunnydale.

Interstitial Angel Ficlets

Season 1
Welcome To The Hellmouth: Bits to go in and around, after, before or during episodes.
The Harvest: Second In Series.
Witch: Third In Series.
Teacher's Pet: Fourth In Series.
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date: Fifth In Series.
The Pack: Sixth In Series.
Angel: Seventh In Series.
I Robot...You Jane: Eighth In Series.
The Puppet Show: Ninth In Series.
Nightmares: Tenth In Series.
Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight: Eleventh In Series.
Prophecy Girl: Twelfth In Series.
Summer Break: Thirteenth In Series.
Season 2
When She Was Bad: First In Second Series.
Some Assembly Required: Second In Second Series.
School Hard: Third In Second Series.
Inca Mummy Girl: Fourth In Second Series.
Reptile Boy: Fifth In Second Series.
Halloween: Sixth In Second Series.
Lie to Me: Seventh In Second Series.


I'm Over Him, I Really Am: Buffy spends a night at the Bronze with the Scooby Gang.


Kelly Rowe

Ain't It Funny: Buffy is an FBI agent and is sent undercover to Sunnydale, years after leaving it.
Changing Faces: Buffy's been dead for 20 years, but a dream Angel has tells him something different. Has Buffy been reborn?
Dilemmas: Hank gets in trouble with his employers and runs to Angel for help.
One Of These days: Buffy and Angel were once partners (LAPD). Three years later something from the past is about to reunite them.
Shopping, Tantrums And An Orange Haired Barbie: Angel's worst nightmare comes true.
The Ghost: AU. Buffy is a ghost and Angel must help her prove her innocence so she can move onto the next world.
Too Strong To Break: Angel's POV on hell and what happened while he was there.








Fallen: How do you say goodbye to the one you love the most?
Whenever I Breathe Out: The nightmares are the easy part.


Maquis Leader

Angel 101: Demons, Souls, And Consciousness: No Summary.
Aucuns Regrets au Paradis: For Angel, the end draws near... (sequel to Regrette Rein)
Before I Wake: Confession is good for the soul...
Bring Forth The Night: As the sun sets again, Angelus puts the pieces together.
Chains Of Love: Can chains of love bind a demon's heart?
Don't Wake Me: Giles talks. And Buffy listens.
Free To A Good Home: It's time for Buffy's birthday once again.
Halloween Goodies: After the tricks come the treats...
Interview With The Vampire: No Summary.
Love In Vein: A captive audience learns about Buffy, shanshu, the truth, and much more...
Regrette Rien: In this life, which moment would you never change?
Revenge: Always read the fine print...
The Last Of The Spirits: What ghosts move in the shadows of things not yet happened?


Bonded In Life: Alternate GDII.
Christmas Confessions: Post amends.
Dream Of A Nightmare: Alternate BtVS 5 and Angel 2.
Finally Normal: Post BTVS Finale.
Resolutions: Buffy and Angel talk and some unresolved issues come up.
Righting Wrongs: Set within WSWB, closure kinda thing, entirely plotless, that aside. Basically, by the time Buffy showed up in school after pounding on the Master's bones the night before, she seemed... happier, to me, *too* happy. So this is my take on what might have happened that night we *didn't* get to see.

The Destiny Series

Ways To Say Goodbye: First In Series.
Hard To Tell: Second In Series.
Down To His Grave: Third In Series.
Believable Lies: Fourth In Series.
Buried Or Not: Fifth In Series.
Memories And Regrets: Sixth In Series.
Resolution Of Second Thoughts: Seventh In Series.
Home Again: Eighth In Series.
Endings And Beginnings: Ninth In Series.
Father And Son: Tenth In Series.
Destiny: Eleventh In Series.
Friends And Lovers: Twelfth In Series.
Complete: Thirteenth In Series.
Fear: Fourteenth In Series.
Dealing: Fifteenth In Series.
Father: Sixteenth In Series.
Him: Seventeenth In Series.
Implications of Lies: Eighteenth In Series.
Other Deal: Nineteenth In Series.
Friendship's Worth: Twentieth In Series.


Close Your Eyes: Buffy's POV post-resurrection. Angel and darkness and sex.


A Devil's Will:  What Angelus wants, Angelus gets.
His Thoughts: Meghan's 144 episode ficlet for the eppy 'Earshot'.
Interrogation: Angelus is in his cage- rewriting the whole gag me C/Aus scene with an actual plot following it too.
Orpheus the Awoken Dreamer: Angelus dreams of Buffy.
She Only Smokes When She Drinks: No Summary.
Spilled Perfume: Genies and vampires are immortal enemies, but what if they knew each other from before?
Straight Tequila Night: Sequel to She Only Smokes When She Drinks... one year later.
The Monastery at Dusk: Season 4 of Angel, what if Skip was good and persistent?
Year of the Monkey: Buffy's in college and Angel hasn't come back to her yet...
or has he?
Year of the Monkey II: Sequel to Year of the Monkey, what really is indeed going

The Penny Series

For A Penny: Well Buffy's like little here and before Whistler...
In For A Penny, In For A Pound: A couple of years down the road...
A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned: Hey Mr. Whistler.
A Penny For Your Thoughts: Hello Mr. Cryptic...
The Penny Loafer: He's soooo OWEN!
The Pointed Tooth Fairy And Pennies Under The Pillow: So Mr. Bond who are you really?
Death Of The Penny: death...
Penny Parade: Lonely Summer...
Penny Lie And Say You're A Dollar: He was her homecoming King... the bastard...
A Penny For A Rainy Day: It's raining, its pouring...
Pennies In An Open Palm: Goodbye Mr. Dark Avenger hello Mr. Scourge... that's Scourge with a capital 'S'.
Penniless: Mmmm fighting foreplay.
Penny Serenade: The headline reads... "Cupid's Couple Massacre"

Penny Anti Upped: Raising the stakes, err so to speak.

Penny Bank: He King Arthured the sword from the stone.
Half Penny: Damn soul. Buffy dead. Now this! Can't get worse.
Pennies From Heaven: 'Night came on, and a full moon rose high over the trees... lighting the land till it lay bathed in ghostly day. And the strain of the primitive remained alive and active. Faithfulness and devotion, things born of fire and roof were his... yet he retained his wildness and wiliness. And from the depths of the forest, a call still sounded.'
If I had a Penny For Every Time That Happened: You know they always say that they'll kill you or what naught but do they ever come through on their promises? No!
Penny Whistle: You're evil? No! I don't believe it!
Penny Red: Oh the connotations in the title.
Penny Readings: No Summary.


A Familiar Face: No Summary.