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Capsized Delusions: Angel has kept the Gem of Amara, instead of destroying it and goes to Sunnydale to pay Parker a little visit.
Closer: No Summary.
Just Across The Hall: AU fic. Everyone's human again. Another collaboration with Indie.
Making The Rent: Yet another AU. Everyone' s human. Collaboration with Indie.
Puppy's Revenge: Wishverse (AU) Based on "The Wish" (S3) except everyone who died in the episode lived except for Cordelia. This begins after the final fight in the factory.  Angel's soul is anchored in this one. 
Smooth Criminal: AU Fic. Angel's the bad boy and Buffy's the high school princess. Another collaboration with Tango.
Soul Vacation: Buffy thinks Angel has died in the End of Days.
The Reclaiming: This fic slides in during Season 4 of Buffy, after "The I in Team" and Season 1 of Angel, after "She."
The Taste Of My Blood: Set just after Graduation, Buffy makes some decisions that change her future with Angel.
Want, Take, Have: Wolfram & Hart have broken Faith out of prison to get her help to do a little damage to Buffy & Angel.
When Angel's Fall: A different spin on "The Gift".


A Different Beginning: What if Buffy had stayed in L.A. and didn't move to Sunnydale?


Betrayal: Spike tells Riley about Angel. Riley doesn't like it.
Chained To You: Buffy and Willow visit Cordelia in LA.


Afterlife: A plane ticket changes everything.
Amen: Buffy heads to LA with Spike for information from an old lover and stumbles onto more than she bargained for.








Venus Blue
Tonight And The Rest Of My Life: Takes place during "I Will Remember You." Buffy has fallen asleep after their marathon nookie-session, and Angel holds her, deep in thought.


She's Just A Pillow Away: Dark and deals with death. Buffy visits Cordy in the hospital.
Back When Things Didn't Suck: Buffy was in LA the summer after she sent Angel to hell, but a little time travel goes a long way. She meets a human Angel who isn't as innocent as he seems along with his evil father, can Angel protect her and admit how he feels? And who keeps killing people?
Delusions Of A Triangle: A twisted little B/A triangle. It's in first person the whole time.
Mix and Match: It has everything I love in a fanfiction ... Buffy/Angel+(us), sex, Alternate Becoming Ending (he doesn't come back), tiny dash of angst, time travel, evil Faith, a little AU, prom, a sweaty Angel, secrets, and a little bit of wish-verse. So enjoy...
Willow the Vampire Slayer: In a different world, what happens when the roles are exchanged and what happens when people aren't who they seem?













A Stitch In Time - Book One: The story of 104 years and five months.
A Stitch In Time - Book Two: No Summary.
I-55: Betrayals come in many forms. 
Splinter: "Listen: there's a hell / Of a good universe next door; let's go." -- e. e. cummings, "1 x 1"
The Quality Of Mercy: Just as Angel's putting his life back together, Riley shows up, falling apart. 



A Broken Hallelujah: Futurefic. “Love is not a victory march… it’s a broken hallelujah”.
A Reason To Drown: A chance encounter between Angel and Buffy raises old ghosts.
Anywhere But Here: Buffy and Angel do fluff.
Come Away With Me:  Smutty B/A fluff.  What?  You expected a plot?
Driving. See Coffee: Buffy takes a drive to see Angel.
Everything: Six years after she graduates from high school, Buffy and Angel fashion a compromise of sorts.
Hot Water: Angel, a bathtub, and memories of Buffy?  Yeah, yeah.  It’s a companion piece to “The Ritual” but without the angst.
Là et Ailleurs: Truth lies elsewhere.
Sounds of Silence: Some alternate scenes from “Hush”.
The Ritual: This is darkish and not angsty but there’s pleasure and pain.