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Because Of My Love For You: Angel responds to Buffy's letter.
Strangers: Set in an Alternate Universe, Buffy's just moved to New York, unaware of Vamps, her calling etc. She meets Angel. He's not a Vamp. but he's definitely something!
A Typical Afternoon. Honest: Plotless fluff in which Buffy and Angel try to spend the afternoon together, but find themselves constantly interrupted.





Even Though He's Bad: Buffy and Angelus collide.
Time Of Change: A musical box gives everyone a new perspective.


Afterwards: After the End of Days, Buffy and Angel find each other.
Never: Poem. Buffy reflects on her troublesome relationship with Angel and how she feels in Season 3.


Let Me Let Go: A song Fic.
Nobody Knows It But Me: Sequel to Let Me Let Go.



A Husband's Chance: AU. Angelus and Buffy=92s marriage is of inconvenient. But when Buffy have amnesia. He saw it as the only chance to be a husband he wants to be. But how would she react when she learn the truth of their relationship.





Advantage: Buffy and Angelus are actors, a very public dispute soon hots up, in more ways than one. Buffy works on a similar show to BTVS and lives with her co-stars, angel is a soap actor.
Can't Let You Go: Buffy and Angelus are getting divorced. Is their any hope for our favourite couple?
Inzi Sopra: No Summary.
Normal Again: What if Buffy being in an institution was the real world and the Jossverse was Buffy's creation. Can she ever become part of the real world again? If she can what caused her to create her dream world?
Second Chances: Set in Cordelia’s wish verse. Everything is the same except Buffy and Angel didn’t die and the master did. Everyone else who bit the dust (quite literally at times) is dead. Buffy is now the hard ass we all saw, can Angel give her a life back? 
Shadows Of The Past: Detective fic. Angelus is a detective, Buffy the psychologist sent to help him on his case. But there’s more to it than that (I’m not giving everything away you know!)
Silhouette of the Future: Sequel To Shadows Of The Past.
War Zone: It's Buffy's first day at a tough inner city school. To survive she has to make friends with Angelus. It's not as easy as it sounds!



Waiting For The Sun: Post Chosen fic, no spoilers.


Blame: Angelus comes back and figures his little Slayer has been up to some not nice things.






Thaw: AU Fic.


Once: Buffy is lured into a game of truth or dare



A Devil's Will - Chapter 4: Buffy is a bit under the weather, Angelus is going to use her condition to his advantage.
Bachelor: Angelus is a major playboy, will that change when he is given six months to find a wife?
Forever: It's a rewrite of the BTVS end.
Psycho: Song ficlet, song is entitled "Meaning of Life" by Disturbed. Buffy finds herself in a tight spot with her worst nightmare.














Another Stolen Moment: Short ficlet written to motivate my muse. Takes place after “Orpheus”, A:ts s4.
Scent Memory: Takes place 4 years post Chosen/End of Days.


Golden Girl Forever
The Perfect Life: No Summary.









Damage: Complete Alternate Universe.  Buffy is the rich-bitch spoiled-brat daughter of Rupert Giles, one of the richest men in L.A.  Things fall apart when Buffy realizes, much to her father's dismay, that she cannot neglect her life as the Slayer.  Rupert has spent years trying to keep Angel away from Buffy, but Angel has finally found the perfect opportunity to insinuate himself in her life.
Just Across The Hall: AU fic. Everyone's human again. Another collaboration with Tango.
Making The Rent: Yet another AU. Everyone' s human. Collaboration with Tango.
Smooth Criminal: AU Fic. Angel's the bad boy and Buffy's the high school princess. Another collaboration with Tango.


Isis Blue

Sweet Surrender: Angel comes across something that sends him after his mate.