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Hope: Buffy Reflects.


I Save You: Buffy sends Angel to hell, when he comes back to she has to adjust to life, and stuff.
Letting Go: Buffy is back from the dead, and she calls Angel to help her out.
To Be Normal Again: Alternate Normal Again.
Whenever You Call: Buffy is sitting in the Bronze, and Angel comes.








Paige Darke

Untitled Series

Have You Ever Been In Love?: Connor and Angel have a heart to heart.
Reunion: Buffy shows up at the Hyperion, very scared and needing Angel's help.
Battles To Fight, Wars To Win: No Summary.
How Deep Is Your Love: Connor, Angel, and the AI team hunt for Paige and Buffy.









A Stitch In Time - Book One: The story of 104 years and five months.
A Stitch In Time - Book Two: No Summary.
Splinter: "Listen: there's a hell / Of a good universe next door; let's go." -- e. e. cummings, "1 x 1"





He Stayed: PWP, CWC ficlet.
Reflections: My take on why Buffy and Spike are together.
That Little Dash: No Summary.


Come Undone: Buffy decides the only person to help her through her ordeal and problems with Spike is Angel and she heads to L.A. unaware of his feelings for Cordy.
In A Perfect World: Buffy hasn't seen or heard from Angel for almost two years after their brief meeting (Flooded). After finding her claddagh ring, she decides to visit him...but finds he's not the same as he used to be...and he's with someone else.
Mind Games: Buffy has a run in with Angelus in the cemetery.
Soon, My Love: Angelus finishes his drawing of Buffy as she sleeps, then takes advantage of the situation.


Made By Love: Years down the line from the present, (ignoring Cordy's
ascension since I plan to) really pissed Oracles reunite Angel and
Ten Years Hung Over: Ten years from now Buffy goes to visit Angel.


Drowning: Buffy's POV.
The Light: This is my obligatory 'Angel after Willow's visit' fic


Slayer's Angel
Everything's Alright: Yet another rewrite of IWRY.


Spike's Slayer Vixen

Bloody Truth: Sequel To Bloody Valentine.
Bloody Valentine: This story has Angelus in it and is loosely based around Good Charlotte's "Bloody Valentine" hence the name.
Embracing The Darkness: This fic is an answer to a challenge from Jay.
I Wanna Be There: Angel goes to see Buffy after he gets his shanshu. This is from Angel's POV.
I'll Stand By You: Sequel to Stranger's In The Night.
Strangers In The Night: Buffy mistakes someone else for Angel and there is hell to



First Alternate: Angel's on the scene during Buffy's spell induced blunder at cheerleading tryouts.