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Anthony Warlow

Those who know me well, know that I am not a Phan, so using a Phantom of the Opera quote on my website (see the top of your browser!!) must be a newsworthy event. And I would only do it for this man. Anthony Warlow - musical theatre dynamo, opera master and general performance guru. He has proved himself in all fields of performance.

I first got wind of Anthony Warlow on the Les Miserables CSR recording, where he sang the role of Enjolras, knocking all Misfits dead with his "Let others riiiiiiiiiiiiiise to take our place, until the earth IS FREEEEEE!"

Anthony is perhaps best known for being the world's youngest Phantom, when he took the role in Australia in 1990, earning himself several Mo awards and the Advance Australia award. But by the time Phantom rolled around, Anthony had already established himself in the business through productions like Guys And Dolls, La Boheme and A Midsummer Night's Dream, where he made his Opera Australia debut at age nineteen.

Anthony as Papageno in The Magic Flute, 1999.

In May of 1992 Anthony made headlines again, for a different reason. Anthony had been diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer of the throat (of all the people to get cancer of the throat...) which caused him to withdraw from the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar (his role of Pilate was given to John Waters, who did an exceptional job. Still, he's no Anthony...). After the cancer was cleared Anthony's third album, aptly titled Back In The Swing, debuted at number 3 on the ARIA charts.

Following all this trauma, Anthony's career flourished, with his portayal of Henry Higgins in the Victorian State Opera's My Fair Lady, and the release of his album Midnight Dreaming.

Anthony continued to take on brilliant roles, including Archibald Craven in The Secret Garden (with Phillip Quast and Marina Prior) and a tour of The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber with Sarah Brightman.

Anthony with Sarah Brightman.

In 1998 Anthony played the role of Teen Angel in Grease and embarked on the critically acclaimed Main Event concert tour with Australian legends John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John. In November of 1999 he brilliantly reprised his role of Papageno in Mozart's The Magic Flute for Opera Australia.

Anthony as Teen Angel, and with John and Olivia in The Main Event.

Up next for Anthony is Tim Rice's Concert Spectacular where Anthony will front up Aussie rock group INXS for what will surely be an interesting concert series!

Anthony is married to Celia Erikkson and has a beautiful baby girl, Phoebe Rose. He is the national ambassador for the Leukaemia Foundation.

For more information on lymphoma, which Anthony suffered from, have a look at Yahoo's health page on lymphoma or the Lymphoma Research Foundation of Canada.

Anthony's Discography.


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