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La Vie Boheme

If La Vie Boheme left you in the dark, here's a quick and simple translation for you!

" huevos rancheros and Maya Angelou..."

Huevos rancheros is a very spicy Mexican dish including tabasco sauce and refried beans.
Maya Angelou is a writer, actor and civil rights activist, born in 1928 as Marguerite Johnson.

" Sontag, to Sondheim, to anything taboo..."

Susan Sontag is an essayist born in 1933. She has written several works on society's reaction to those affected by illness.
Stephen Sondheim is a musical theatre composer/writer who is known to be one of Jonathan Larson's greatest idols.

"...Ginsberg, Dylan, Cunningham and Cage..."

Allen Ginsberg is a poet of the late fifties.
Bob Dylan is a musician/composer born Robert Allan Zimmerman and eventually changing his name to that of the poet Dylan Thomas.
Merce Cunningham is a choregrapher born in 1919.
John Cage was an avantgarde musician, who once wrote a piece in which the musician is silent for more than four minutes.

"...Lenny Bruce, Langston Hughes..."

Lenny Bruce was the first person jailed for swearing in public in America. He was a comedian.
Langston Hughes was a poet in the twenties.

"...To Uta, to Buddha, Pablo Neruda too..."

Uta Hagen is a Broadway performer and teacher. She has published works on acting.
Buddha, or "the Awakened One," was a teacher that lived in 563 BC and whose teachings is now the religion Buddhism.
Pablo Neruda was a Chilean poet, won the 1971 Nobel Prize.

"...Gertrude Stein, Antonioni, Bertolucci, Kurosawa, Carmina Burana..."

Gertrude Stein was an American poet who lived between 1874-1946.
Michelangelo Antonioni and Bernardo Bertolucci are Italian directors.
Akira Kurosawa is a Japanese film director and
Carmina Burana is an opera.


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