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It's been called "the breakthrough musical for the '90s" by Newsweek. In 1996 it won a Pulitzer Prize for Best Drama and a Tony Award for Best Musical. RENT is a passionate collection of gospel, rock, r'n'b and countless other types of music within which a truthful, thoughtful plot resides.

Jonathan Larson.

My Adopt-A-Bohemian, Collins.

Have a look at my childhood dream - a dollhouse full of RENT characters!!

Idina Menzel, Broadway's first Maureen.

La Vie Boheme Translation.

RENT Purity Test: How obsessed are you?

Australian Cast.

Original Broadway Cast.


This is Heather, Guardian of the Souls of Departed Friends. I thought I could keep her here in memory of Jonathan Larson, and our beloved Angel Dumott Schunard.


I couldn't very well have a RENT page without Blythe, Guardian of Gay and Gay-Friendly people, now could I!!


Bring Me Home!

Thought & Picture For The Moment!

Les Miserables!
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