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About Me!

G'day! I'm flattered that you've come to visit my little page! I'm sorry there isn't much to see at the moment, but I'm sure that after a while it'll be full of life!

Okay, you know those annoying e-mail forwards? Well, I figured that'd be the best format for this page...

1. Name: Bob Smith. (Actually, it's Katharine.)
2. Nicknames: I only have have the minor nickname of Kat. Call me Kathy and you die.
3. Place of birth: Flowerdale, Victoria, Australia. Isn't that a beautiful name for a place?
4. Bacon bits or croutons: Bacon all the way, bay-beee!
5. Favorite salad dressing: None, I like my salad "pure!!"
6. Do you drink? Yes. Plenty of Poland Springs water! (The brand used in RENT.)
7. Deoderant: "Secret." I just discovered it and I'm hooked.
8. Favorite shampoo/conditioner: I forget what it's called. It has a P in it.
9. Have you ever been skinny-dipping? Nope. Why, is that an invitation...:)
10. Do you make fun of people? Only when they deserve it.
11. Favorite colors: Blue and red.
12. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Not that I remember...
13. Best friends offline/online: Offline, Dayna, online Ashley...or, I guess Dayna now!! Yay.
14. One pillow or two? One or I get a sore neck.
15. Pets: Not in this country. I miss my cat...
16. Favorite movie(s): Little Women (w/ Katharine Hepburn) and A Nun's Story (w/Audrey Hepburn).
17. Favorite type of music: Musicals.
18. Hobbies: Singing and driving people crazy with facts about musicals.
19. Dream car: Anything 4WD, preferably black.
20. Words or phrases you overuse: "That sucks."
21. Favorite food: BLTs!!
22. Crush: Anthony Warlow. Is that sick? (Seeing as I'm sixteen and he's...not!) Okay, Miguel Ayesa and David Campbell.
23. Most romantic thing that's ever happened to you: Getting a rose on Valentine's Day!! Awwww...
24. How would you chracterise yourself - romantic or non-romantic? Non.
25. Piercings or tattoos: Four earrings, I'll get a tattoo the second I find the guts. Not to mention the cash. And a design...
26. Do you get along with your parents? Yup.
27. Favorite town to be in: New York City ("I'm just a Broadway baby..").
28. Favorite ice-cream: Cookie Dough is a classic. But I just discovered Decadent Chocolate Fudge Crackle. How do you resist that title!!
29. Favorite soda: Pepsi.
30. What's your bedtime? Whenever I can't think straight.
31. Favorite scent: Ananya (Body Shop).
32. Favorite song at the moment: Take Me Or Leave Me.
33. Favorite website: This one, of course!!
34. Favorite subject at school: Drama.
35. Least favorite subject at school: Psychology.
36. Favorite sport to watch: Ice hockey.
37. Most humiliating moment: Would I tell you? I doubt it.
38. Craziest person or silliest person you know: Hah!Everyone!!
39. What do you look for in the opposite sex: A willingness to put up with me.

I'm an artist! Check out the fabulous alterations my best bud Dayna and I made to the Dawson's Creek cast (who we love, by the way!).

The New Dawson's Creek.

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