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Welcome to my Dollhouse!

Okay, dudes and dudettes, today I came across a smashing page that had all these ultra cool RENT dolls, that simply could not resist! Come in whenever you like and have a play. Only, please don't be like my brother and pull their heads off. That's just not right. Someone did that to Joanne and Maureen had to sternly say to her, "Don't lose your head!"

Okay. Sorry about the bad joke.

Here she is, the diva herself, Maureen Johnson! Isn't she stunning!?

Mark Cohen, complete with camera!

Here's Mimi, handcuffed to a lawnchair! Luckily for us she's fully dressed - no bubblewrap in sight!

Just for Mimi I added in Roger, though I have to say he isn't looking his best here, is he!?

Angel even brought along a spare wig, just in case!

Could Maureen live without Joanne? Really? Okay, here's the spiffy lawyer, all ready to set up Maureen's gigs with speakers. Hope she doesn't need Mark's help again...

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Alexi Darling from Buzzline! Gotta love this diva. Sure, she's a little trashy, but her heart's in the right place!

Okay, I know I don't have a Collins doll here, but the only one I found was being beaten up and that's just cruel!! So, you can check out my adopted Collins instead!

Get your own RENT doll at Cyberland!


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