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Idina Menzel

When we RENT fans went out and bought the OBC soundtrack, each of us was struck to the ground after hearing the sensational voice of Maureen, aka Idina Menzel. Idina has that sort of voice, the sort that inspires and stays in your mind forever.

Idina has just released her debut album, Still I Can't Be Still through Hollywood Records, and is currently dating fellow RENT cast member, Taye Diggs.

Idina at the Tonys with Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Adam Pascal and Daphne Rubin Vega.

"Iíve been singing since I was born.
Itís something I do everywhere I go.
In the shower, walking down the street.
I donít need any impetus to do it.
I just sing."

~ Idina Menzel.

"My first performance was with my grandfather
when I was five behind the sofa with a sewing
kit as a fake microphone. We would put on
little shows for my parents when they came home."

~Idina Menzel.

Special thanks for info and pics from Andrea's awesome site and Erin's equally rocking one. For the latest and best on Idina, go check out her official site at Hollywood Records.

This is Timbre, Guardian of Singers and the Voice.

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