Wolf - Legions of bastards 4/5

Reviewed: 2-1-12


1. Vicious companions
2. Skull crusher
3. Full moon possession
4. Jekyll & Hyde
5. Absinthe
6. Tales from the crypt
7. Nocturnal rites
8. Road to hell
9. False preacher
10. Hope to die
11. K-141 kursk
12. 6 steps
13. Method to your madness

The 6th CD from Wolf has the Swedish quartet delivering heavy metal with the subtlety, effectiveness, and purity of a razor blade.

Wolf’s brand of metal has always been as direct as it comes, a gloriously executed ode to the metal greats, and 'Legions of bastards' plays out like a mix of Judas Priest at their aggressive best, 'Defenders' and 'Painkiller', with a healthy dose of Metal Church’s 'Blessing in disguise'. And yet, while the band is unrelenting in sharp metal precision, they still manage feeling and effectively soaring melodies.

The production of the CD highlights its excellent, because the clear, razor honed sound emphasizes the great guitar cuts, the soaring, piercing vocals, and the devastatingly tight rhythm section.

This is obviously a band who remain fans at heart, concentrating at making great metal rather than experimenting with elements to prove how “mature” their songwriting is, and the listeners reap the rewards of great song after great song. “Nocturnal rites” comes together like a leather clad offspring of Skid Row’s “Piece of me” and Mercyful Fate’s “Desecration of souls”, while “Road to hell” begins with the feel of a Motorhead track before honing into their more refined metal feeling.

Not anything groundbreaking, nor trying to be, but a beautiful stab of glorious metal which is well worth picking up.




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