Wizard - Trail of death 4/5

Reviewed: 12-1-13


1. Creeping death
2. War butcher
3. Electrocution
4. Angel of death
5. Angel of the dark
6. Black death
7. One for all
8. Post mortem vivere
9. Death cannot embrace me
10. Machinery of death
11. We won't die for metal

Believe it or not, this is the 10th CD released by these German stalwarts of pure heavy metal. Their first releases in the 90s were a burst of Manowar-inspired true metal glory that, based upon the sad metal times, really stood out as a flame of hope. The band hasn't compromised their identity over that time, but they have polished and honed their skills to deliver a slightly more refined version of the same ideal.

Their last CD was a concept album based around a German horror fantasy series, and a couple of their best CDs were fully based on Norse mythology. This time around, the CD is a "concept" album in that it centers around the concept and theme of death, but in various aspects rather than around a central story.

Nothing on this CD will surprise or disappoint fans of the band. The band is largely intact, and when you realize that almost the entire band has been together throughout their career, you can understand their consistence. As always, the music is pure and absolute melodic metal, true as it gets in the spirit of Manowar and similar straightforward bands, which is something I love, but what makes it worthwhile is that its execution is sublime. More than anything else, the songs are captivating, powerful, well written, and they just have that Teutonic knack for writing song after song that grabs your heart and mind with the riffs, the pulsing rhythm, and the choruses, which range from thundering aggression to passionate emotion.

If you still love this genre of metal, then don't hesitate to buy this CD. If you're looking for something more avant garde or innovative, then you probably won't find what you're looking for with Wizard.




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