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Wisdom (Hun) - Words of wisdom 3.5/5

Reviewed: 5-18-07


1. Holy vagabond
2. Reduced to silence
3. Masquerade
4. Wisdom
5. Victory
6. Take our soul
7. Sands of time
8. Unholy ghost
9. Wheels of the war
10. Wiseman said
11. Words of wisdom

Wisdom is a new melodic heavy/power metal band and 'Words of wisdom' is their full-length debut. The CD won't provide you with anything new in the genre, but it's well done and offers up similarities to bands like Burning Point, Excalion, Black Majesty and Inner Wish. I personally like these bands a lot and Wisdom fits nicely in the group.

I was a bit surprised to learn the band is from Hungary, as vocalist Istvan Nachladal has a somewhat high-pitched voice, maybe somewhere between a typical U.S. vocalist and a typical Italian vocalist. His accent isn't too strong either, so those who enjoy the majority of the power metal vocalists out there will be more than satisfied with his performance. Not surprisingly though, the lyrical content of the CD is based on words of wisdom, and the band even claims to be spreading "Wisdommetal". In addition, the CD sometimes feels like one of those Christian metal CDs, as there is a good amount of choruses in which all (or most) of the band members join in, almost like a small choir.

Musically, the band features 2 guitarists (Gabor Kovacs and Zsolt Galambos) and Mate Molnar takes care of the bass. Peter Kern on drums rounds out their line-up, so there are no keyboards on 'Words of wisdom', which leaves more room for catchy riffs and terrific guitar solos. Both are very present on the CD and there are a high number of upbeat and/or fast-paced songs too. The slow and acoustic oriented track 8 "Unholy ghost" (which has a wonderful chorus line) is the only exception.

It's difficult to pick highlights off of 'Words of wisdom', as all of the songs are consistently very good to great, and not one song is of lesser. So this is one of those new bands with all the ingredients in place and I look forward to future CDs from them. If you're a fan of any of the aforementioned bands, this will be plenty satisfying and surely a nice addition to your collection of melodic heavy/power metal CDs.




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