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Winter Haze - The storm within 4/5

Reviewed: 10-1-10


1. Trail of the wolf
2. Eyes to the dawn
3. White witch
4. Deconstruction of mind
5. From here to eternity
6. Event horizon
7. Unme
8. Darker world
9. Innocent dream
10. Neverland

Formed in 2003, Winter Haze is an Italian band that finally released their full-length debut 'The storm within' in 2009. The CD's style is symphonic power metal with some neo-classical and slightly progressive elements (on occasion), and it's definitely a style I listen to constantly, so I was excited to receive this.

Beyond the musical style, the band is fronted by female vocalist Giorgia Marra, who isn't of the common operatic/soprano type (though there are a few moments of operatic vocals, most notable in track 2 "Eyes to the dawn"), and instead is more of an alto vocalist. Actually, her voice is somewhat unique and I personally consider her to be great and in a way refreshing, but I don't think her voice will appeal to all female vocal lovers out there.

For overall band comparisons, there are certainly many, but I'll simply say that they're obviously comparable (and inspired) by bands like Nightwish, and they also remind me of bands like Dawn of Destiny during their fastest and most aggressive songs. Truly, all of the songs on this CD are excellent, containing catchy rhythms, plenty of hooks, and it's overall a very smooth and consistent CD. It's enjoyable throughout, that's the bottom line.

At this stage in the world of female fronted symphonic power metal, there's really only one thing that can separate the many bands, and that is quality. Winter Haze is a high quality band in my mind, and along with the others out there, are a band that I can easily recommend.




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