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Windrow - Dangerous game 4.5/5

Reviewed: 7-1-10


1. Never cry
2. Snake or shark
3. Afterlife
4. Glorious march
5. Go on the wind
6. Rotten world
7. Inside an angel
8. Dangerous game
9. Twilight in dark
10. Illusions

Windrow surprised me a few years ago with their excellent CD 'Trilogy', and now they're back with their next CD 'Dangerous game'. For those who missed my highly praised review of 'Trilogy', Windrow is a fast-paced and exciting Italian power metal band in line with Soulblaze, Ancestral, Seven Gates, Odyssea, Shadows of Steel, and certainly many other Italian bands. Since I've always been a huge fan of the Italian power metal scene, 'Trilogy' immediately became a favorite of mine, and I'm very pleased that they've released this new CD.

Vocally, the band returns with Pino Chirico, whose high-pitched and accented voice is typical of an Italian vocalist and I personally think he's terrific. There is one change within the band however, which is that guitarists Giuseppe Longo and Flavio Cicchetti are gone - replaced by Guglielmo Massimino. While Giuseppe and Flavio were amazing on 'Trilogy', I must admit that Guglielmo is a worthy replacement and his rhythm/lead guitar work is absolutely spectacular. In fact, I didn't even know Giuseppe and Flavio were gone until I checked the booklet a few weeks into spinning this CD regularly. With the guitar work being so fantastic on 'Trilogy', it's really wonderful that the high level of quality has remained.

Just like with 'Trilogy', 'Dangerous game' has a rippin' opener ("Never cry"), which instantly grabs your attention. The fast pace doesn't let up either, as the CD strikes with one speedy and truly killer song after another. Also, there are no keys! Yep, and with there being so many catchy rhythms and screaming guitar solos, the band definitely doesn't need them. Really, fans of fairly aggressive yet melodic guitar work would be greatly impressed by Windrow's musical side. The only song that's without speed is the slow track 9 "Twilight in dark", but it's strong (highlighted by Pino's passionate vocals) and provides a good break in the excitement before the CD closes with the extremely powerful "Illusions", which is the longest song on the CD and probably the best too.

As much as I love 'Trilogy', I think the band has provided an even better CD with 'Dangerous game', though the level of quality between them is small. The fact is, both are outstanding power metal CDs and are not only exciting, but also very memorable. Therefore, I highly recommend both to fans of Italian power metal and I truly hope the band gains the recognition they deserve.




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