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Wildpath - Non omnis moriar 4/5

Reviewed: 3-1-10


1. Two broken candles
2. Unforgotten
3. Ballroom doors
4. Shadows dance
5. Grinnin' sanity
6. Facing fears
7. Ghost memories
8. Desire part I - Lust
9. Desire part II - Forsaken
10. Light heart
11. Secret's case
12. Cemetears
13. Non omnis moriar
14. Hall stairway
15. Sanctuary part I - The cathedral
16. Sanctuary part II - Death
17. Sanctuary part II - Revelations

I like Wildpath's debut 'Nyx secrets' a lot, so I was excited to receive their 2nd CD 'Non omnis moriar'. In my mind, there's nothing better than female fronted symphonic power metal, and this French band is definitely one of the best new bands in the style. For those unfamiliar with the debut, it's a fast-paced, fairly aggressive and melodic CD, with soft yet somewhat operatic female vocals. Overall, the band is similar to early Nightwish and early Dark Moor, but also Kerion and Auspex, 2 other new French symphonic power metal bands.

The most notable change between 'Nyx secrets' and 'Non omnis moriar' is that vocalist Caroline Michaud has been replaced by Marjolaine Bernard. However, the difference between them isn't major. In fact, it wasn't until after a few weeks of spinning this that I even realized the band had a new vocalist. They both have soft voices and are quite good. Marjolaine might be the better of the 2, but like I said, it's a very minor difference. Backing vocals (think early Dark Moor) remain a large part of the band's sound and I feel, just like with the debut, that it's a welcomed aspect.

Even though there are 17 songs on this CD, it's not overly long, as there are a lot of short (but great) instrumentals. The band is still fairly aggressive, and there are even some male death/black vocals that pop up a few times. Also just like with the debut, there is a lot of speed, and in fact, there's so much speed that unless you're a power metal fan, you probably won't care for this. Personally, I love the pace on both the debut and this 2nd CD, and for those who are big fans of early Nightwish and early Dark Moor, you'll feel right at home with this band.

All of the songs on this CD are at least very good, and many are exceptional. My favorites are the wonderful track 4 "Shadows dance", the extra-fun track 7 "Ghost memories", and the memorable track 11 "Secret's case". All of these songs greatly excel vocally, and they remind me of why I love female vocals so much. I must admit that I really dig the many instrumentals too though, so I guess the CD wins in all areas. I like the debut a bit more overall, but regardless, this is another excellent female fronted symphonic power metal CD and is surely recommended to followers of the style.




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