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Wicca (Mex) - De cenizas y recuerdos 3.5/5

Reviewed: 11-1-12


1. Introduccion
2. Actus mortis
3. Chacal
4. La danze del dolor
5. La sombra del beso eterno
6. Usa tu voz, Sarah
7. Arrullando a los angeles
8. Lilith
9. Los olvidados
10. Panico
11. Alicia
12. El feretro

Wicca is a band from Mexico that was formed in 2007. They haven't released any demos or EPs that I'm aware of, so 'De cenizas y recuerdos' is their first release and it's their full-length debut. Their style is symphonic/gothic metal, and you've obviously noticed that they're a Spanish-language band. For the most part they're female fronted (by Nayeli Cornejo), but there are also male vocals (clean, death and black), and while Nayeli greatly dominates the vocal department, there are enough of the male vocals that I feel safe in labeling them a "beauty and beast" band.

There have been some outstanding Spanish-language female fronted (or "beauty and beast") bands coming out of the depths lately - Nostra Morte, Fortaleza and Angelida are the bands that pop into my head immediately. For those that are familiar with those bands, know that Wicca is not as folky as Fortaleza, and not as symphonic as Nostra Morte and Angelida. Instead, Wicca is darker and much more embedded in gothic metal, though there are still plenty of symphonic elements present, some choir segments, some piano parts, and there is also the use of a violin (courtesy of Abraham Ibarra), which is well performed and fits the band's style perfectly.

All wrapped up (and besides the mentioned Nostra Morte, Fortaleza and Angelida), Wicca is comparable to Odes of Ecstasy, Via Mistica, Tetriconia, Myriads, Tiarra, Even Song, early Tristania, Eeriness, The Sins of Thy Beloved, Luna Obscura, Vanguard, and so on. All of these bands can be quite dark, and that's what we get with this debut. As for the quality, I'd call this CD very good, and it's fairly consistent throughout, though a few songs near the end are a bit better than most of the others, and it's track 11 "Alicia" that sticks out the most as a highlight.

So what we have here is another promising Spanish-language band, and this CD is surely recommended to fans of Nostra Morte, Fortaleza and Angelida who can welcome a darker (more gothic) direction. For those who have yet to take the plunge into Spanish-language territory, all I can say is that if you're into female fronted (or "beauty and beast") symphonic/gothic metal, all 4 of the bands are of high quality and, in my opinion, some of the best in the style these days, regardless of the language.




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