Wayne - Metal Church 3.5/5

Reviewed: 3-8-02


1. The choice
2. The hammer will fall
3. Soos Greek cemetary
4. Hannibal
5. Burning at the stake
6. DSD
7. Nighmare part ll
8. Vlad
9. Ballad for Marianne
10. Mississippi queen

Well, David officially wins my "Dianno" this year, the award for the least originality shown by a former frontman, with a CD titled after his old band, with cover artwork copying the original Metal Church CD as well. However, the ironic breadth of this unoriginality came to me in epiphany, as he actually does, "Nightmare part ll". Now, doing a "part ll" song is obviously somewhat unoriginal anyway (although it of course could be cool as well), but then it struck me that he was sequelizing a title that I believe has been actuarially demonstrated as the used song title in all of metaldom. So, this pretty much demonstrates that Davey isn't taking any radical new steps on this CD. But does it work? Damn straight! I found this CD completely enjoyable and fun. It may not be up to the best old Metal Church, but it's at least solidly on par with the Reverend material, superior to 'Masterpeace' (which I didn't think was bad, just somewhat lacking in fire), and features a lot of tight, focused songwriting that makes each ditty a memorable winner. Songs like "Hannibal" and "Vlad" just work really nicely, as David shows he can really create some catchy vocal hooks and choruses, it wasn't long at all before the better material was embedded in my brain.

The down side of this CD is there's just too many mid-pace numbers, despite being well done, we could have used a better representation of faster numbers, like the great "Burning at the stake", which is a ripping number. The more mellow "Ballad for Marianne" (man, could never tell that's mellow from the title, could you?) works well too. The CD clocks in at well under 40 minutes, which for this type of material is just right!! This is not necessarily a fantastic CD, but it's good, solid, and just plain heavy metal, and I find it really fun and enjoyable.




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