Vyndykator - Heaven sent from hell 2.5/5

Reviewed: 3-25-05


1. Eternal rest
2. Bloodstained gallows
3. Rot in the chamber
4. Tapping the vein
5. Mr Murder
6. Flight of the wombat
7. Deceiver

This preternaturally short (7 tracks, including one cover (Priest's "Deceiver"), one instrumental, and one intro) offering features Bob Mitchell from Attacker (prior to the comeback of 'Soul taker') and Sleepy Hollow, in a rather delightfully brutal iteration of the U.S. power metal formula, like Judas Priest (think "Island of domination" style) without the same coat of polish, slowed down Exciter, raspier Agent Steel, nastier Manilla Road, and early Mercyful Fate. Although there is some savage, thrashlike sections of speed, there is also a lot, especially in Mitchell's vocals, that goes for more drawn out, long note based writing. So this is not even, by virtue of its "power", the typical 100 mph type stuff, although it's intricate enough to encompass a variety of tempo.

Mitchell's delivery is even rawer and more savage than in his prior work, and just as shrill and piercing, but it still manages to, in its own way convey the requisite power and melody. The production, while of course a bit raw, as expected, still does the right things to carry through that sweet metallic burn rasp of the guitars. While it's not a style I'd want to listen to all the time, the fact that it manages to have some melody and represent traditional metal, while still having a decidedly vicious and aggressive thrust, and to do all this pretty well, makes this a smashing counter point to some of the more polished and melodic European power metal that dominates a lot of my CD cases.




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