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Vomitron - No NES for the wicked 4/5

Reviewed: 11-1-11


1. Filtered below
2. Contra
3. Blaster master
4. Kalinka
5. The legend of Zelda
6. Ninja gaiden: Acts 1-3
7. Troika
8. Double dragon
9. Bradinsky
10. Ninja gaiden: Acts 4-6
11. The Soviet mind game
12. Zelda 2: The adventure of Link
13. Korobeyniki
14. Castlevania

I must admit that I'm not really into instrumental music, but after learning Vomitron is the side-project of keyboardist Peter Rutcho from the fairly new and killer power metal band Armory (and after hearing short samples), I became interested and decided to try something different. I started by spinning the 's/t' debut from about 4 years ago; a CD with all original songs and a style wandering somewhere between progressive metal and heavy/power metal. There are plenty of moments of greatness on the debut, but the total running time is 75 minutes and I quickly found that it's a bit boring for me if I'm not in the right mood. At times I was reminded of why I've always preferred CDs with vocals, though metal fans who regularly listen to (and enjoy) instrumental music would probably like it more than me.

The 2nd CD 'No NES for the wicked' is a complete change of direction however. It's still all-instrumental, but all of the songs are video-game covers - mostly from many years ago, and it's a much more upbeat and exciting CD. A handful of the songs are less than a minute long, but the remainder all hover around 8 minutes long and totally capture the listener's attention. All of the songs contain catchy melodies, creating a thoroughly memorable CD, and it's become very addictive. There are obviously a lot of keys, both slow and fast parts, but putting this in one specific style/genre is hard. I do think though, that this will appeal mostly to progressive metal fans, or perhaps fans of heavy/power metal who like a lot of keys.

My personal favorite songs are track 3 "Blaster master" and track 6 "Ninja gaiden: Acts 4-6", both of which are melodic, memorable, and a big reason why I've constantly been spinning this CD. I really like the closer "Castlevania" too though, as it leaves a lasting impression that makes it hard not to start the CD all over again. Also keep in mind that this CD is grabbing me and I'm not even familiar with the songs (video games), even though I've spent plenty of days playing video games throughout my life. Basically, the songs aren't recognizable to me, so I can imagine that someone who is familiar with them will absolutely love this CD - it's at that high of a level.

So what we have here is an excellent CD that major fans of keyboard-oriented instrumental music must get immediately, and for those who want to try something new, this might be perfect. It's been something interesting and refreshing for me personally, and is sure to become a CD that I return to on a regular basis.




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