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Viperine - The predator awakens 3.5/5

Reviewed: 2-8-08


1. Like a viper
2. Obsession
3. No longer kinsmen
4. Heartblood
5. Fire, wind and rain
6. Pure evil
7. Principles
8. Payback
9. Reptiles
10. Hunter's prelude
11. I am the hunter

It's hard to believe that 2004 was 4 years ago, but that truly is the case, and it's also when Viperine released their debut 'The predator awakens'. It's too bad that it took me this long to pick it up, but now is certainly better than never, especially because this is a really cool CD.

Viperine is made up of past and present members of Winterlong, including vocalist Hussni Morsare, who was the vocalist on Winterlong's debut 'Valley of the lost' (though my CD is printed as "Walley of the lost" - wtf?). He was very young at the time, and I'll perhaps shock you all by saying that Winterlong's debut is my favorite of their CDs thus far, due in large part to the fact that I like Hussni's rough (and slightly raspy) voice.

The band's heavy/power metal style is suited perfectly to Hussni's voice too, as there are plenty of powerful and extremely thick/heavy riffs, with a slight old-school vibe, and the tempo ranges from mid-paced to fast-paced. When I think about all aspects of the CD, the band that definitely sticks out as a comparison is Demons & Wizards, and fans of that band are urged to quickly pick up 'The predator awakens'.

Another thing I like is the CD's theme, taking a break from the usual fantasy stories, and picking the cool topic of chicks and reptiles instead (hehehe). The CD is very short, as 11 tracks are crammed into 38 minutes, but I actually like it this way, as it's a quick but fun ride of heavy guitar work and rough vocals. Recommended!




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