Viper (Bra) - Soldiers of sunrise 2.5/5

Reviewed: 3-11-05


1. Knights of destruction
2. Nightmares
3. The whipper
4. Wings of the evil
5. H.R.
6. Soldiers of sunrise
7. Signs of the night
8. Killera (Princess of hell)
9. Law of the sword

‘Soldiers of sunrise’ is the debut CD from Brazil's Viper. The band is heavily influenced by Iron Maiden and they are clearly going for that sound on this CD. There is even a funny story in the liner notes of the CD that says singer Andre Matos thinks a big part of the reason he was selected as the vocalist was because he looked very much like Bruce Dickinson. Matos does, indeed, look like Dickinson; he also sounds a lot like him other than having a voice just a little higher than Dickinson’s.

Although Matos would go on to star in Angra, the leader of Viper is clearly bassist Pit Passarell, who wrote or co–wrote every song on this CD. ‘Soldiers Of sunrise’ sounds exactly like what it is: the debut of a talented band. All the members were very young when this was recorded and the CD has a very inexperienced sound. There is one track, the title track, where they really hit the jackpot with a great song. The rest of the CD is solid, but unspectacular.

This is a very intriguing CD for a debut. It certainly has its faults; the sound is muddy and not very dynamic; the songwriting is also not dynamic, being fairly average for the genre other than the title track. However, when you consider both the age and inexperience of the band, it is very impressive and shows enormous potential for future CDs.




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