Viper (Bra) - Evolution 2.5/5

Reviewed: 3-11-05


1. Coming from the inside
2. Evolution
3. Rebel maniac
4. Dead light
5. The shelter
6. Still the same
7. Wasted
8. Pictures of hate
9. Dance of madness
10. The spreading soul

Despite recording the brilliant ‘Theatre of fate’, Viper had internal problems after that, their 2nd CD, which caused singer Andre Matos to leave and form Angra, which went on to continue the direction and brilliance of ‘Theatre of fate’. It’s very strange that Viper’s main songwriter, Pit Passarell, stayed with Viper and, yet, the songwriting of Angra was much more in the vein of the first 2 Viper CDs that what Viper would go on to do starting with this CD. The reason for this was because Matos wanted to continue the same style as ‘Theatre of fate’ whereas the rest of Viper wanted a more raw, less refined sound.

‘Evolution’ is a very good CD; but you don't lose a talent like Matos without the difference clearly showing. Bassist Pit Passarell took over the vocals. He has a good, solid voice, but it is totally different from the soaring, operatic sound that Matos brought. In fact, Passarell’s vocal qualities are really no more than the average person who can sing in tune. This gives the band more of a bar band, average sound to them and provides the raw sound that Viper was looking for and that was clearly achieved by both the new singer and the songwriting. The songwriting is good, but is neither as consistent as on ‘Theatre of fate’ nor does it have the high points of brilliance. There are some excellent tracks on this CD including “Coming from the inside”, “Evolution”, “Rebel maniac” and “The spreading soul”, but for every one of those there is a mediocre track like “Dead light”, “The shelter” or “Pictures of hate”.

This is a good CD but you cannot help but shake your head when listening to this after listening to ‘Theatre of fate’. This is obviously the direction the band wanted to go in and you have to give them credit for following that path rather than just making a duplicate of the previous CD – although I would have much preferred 'Theatre of fate II'. Viper does show themselves to be a very legitimate band even after the departure of Matos, but the quality that put them over the top is now gone.




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